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At 5:45am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

It is not easy to wish Merry Christmas and happy new year because all T.I. live a drama, a difficult situation, harassment and torture. All T.I. I'm a bit depressed, demoralized, tired,angryand for many years, they do not live a peaceful Christmas. From 7 years, I do not live a nice Christmas, Easter, birthday and other celebrations. I have pleasant memories of Christmas in my childhood. Now I live like a slave 24/7.

I hope this little thought, give a bit of security, trust and a little smile for 2015. We will continue to fight a common struggle against the common enemy. The war against the common enemy will continue in 2015. What is the last thing out of the Pandora's Box? THE HOPE. You do not lose hope dear T.I. ...

At 5:46pm on August 8, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

At 9:40am on May 17, 2014, Ramon Gonzalez Morciglio said…

At 11:58am on May 8, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

At 9:14pm on March 16, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…
At 12:00pm on July 7, 2012, AtlantiTeo said…

Hello Karen.


 Mark Zuckerberg admits in a New Yorker profile that he mocked early Facebook users for trusting him with their personal information ( August 10, 2010)

﴿▬▬( Video 04/dic/2011 illuminati and mark ﴿▬▬(

﴿▬▬▬( Video 2010 ﴿▬▬▬(

﴿▬▬▬( VIDEO 20 min : EARTH 2012 ﴿▬▬▬(
Maybe in 2015 we are like MARS. Thank you Illuminati,Bildeberg.

Our Information privacy or data privacy, have been used very badly by facebook. Engine is only an aggregato but for C.I.A. facebook is a business for Information privacy or data privacy worldwide. :-/
Now, Do you understund Our Information privacy?
Facebook is a business for to spy and add Information privacy in data base of service secrets !!!

Do You want to work for the CIA?

click here --->

Have you watched a documentary about STASI (Germany). Do you know what is STASI? Watch a documentary on the History Channel of STASI.

Change automatically wikipedia in your language or on youtube...

The methodology "Stasi" and "Factbook" of CIA, are similars -_-"

At 12:37pm on June 20, 2012, sherry bell said…

stay away from me Karen Dowe you are a suspicious person to me as all who talk crap to me !

At 12:36pm on June 20, 2012, sherry bell said…

correction i meant Karen not kelley !

At 12:31pm on June 20, 2012, sherry bell said…

What made you think the little guy was my son you make me suspicious of you i am Cherokee ,English ,Irish he, looks obviously Japanese or chinese so dont message me again Kelley you talk suspicious stuff to me here and on Facebook i dont know you from adam and i damn sure dontt

trust you 

At 6:34am on May 21, 2012, Ramon Gonzalez Morciglio said…
At 8:35am on May 11, 2012, Ramon Gonzalez Morciglio said…

At 6:36am on March 18, 2012, Cindy Munro said…

Hi Karen, I'm curious to know, if there is gang-stalking activity in Ottawa, if you know whether there are there many other TIs. I live in Nanaimo BC now, but grew up in Ottawa.

At 8:35pm on October 11, 2011, sandy j wood said…
I think it would great to talk  to eachother about our own experiences. just let me know when u want to talk..Im not always on this link but i will keep an eye out so we can talk.Wish i had more time to be on this link, but i am doing alot of research and studying its seems the only person i can depend on is myself to represent my family and take this all the way to expose the pieces of shit that have been trying to break my family up!!!
At 5:03am on August 18, 2011, KL said…
Hi, thanks for writing, and thanks for your offer of friendship and support. Can you tell me a little bit more about what's going on in your situation with terrestrials?
At 3:56am on August 18, 2011, vincent james miller said…
con't from vince , to karen...that all the people that fought and died for us , sacrificed for all for  nothing, which means'' hitler'' was right after all. to me this is absolutely unexceptable and undeniable , and should be the foundation  of what or fight is about. we all have got to get together on this and expose these sick, evil, twisted,deranged, immoral nazis before more are made victim. it's hard to believe that in this millenium we are regressing . this is the most evil form of attack as we know in this day and age and it will take a lot to conquer. i just hope we can...
At 3:28am on August 18, 2011, vincent james miller said…
hi karen , it's vince , please tell me about  the law or bill that you have mentioned. i have no clue what it is about. also if you should go to court i would very much like to participate. i would at least be a witness to electronic torture . my worst fears are that i'm being set up to hurt my wife so they can lock me up or shoot me. the little puke conveyed to me that i will be going down this fall ,(09-11).there are so many ways they can get to me but this is the one that scares me the most. i feel like i am being turned into a manchurian candidate, only i don't have an implant and they don't have to sneak me off to a secret place. the only thing i can do is try and get the word out which is not very easy as you well know. what ever happens in the future only god knows, so like i said what do i have to lose. i have got to take the offense, at least i can get some attention to the right areas. maybe someone will come along and pick up the ball where i left off,if i can't compete my attack..... what ever happens people,'' get the word out'' this not illusions , but what is really happening , and yes this is a really is a sick screwed up state of affairs especially for our so called country, canada ! the people that run this country have sold us out for power , wealth ,and the elite (fasism). this in the very essents means that the whole ww2 effort was all in vane.....con't...
At 2:31am on August 18, 2011, vincent james miller said…
hi karen, i'm glad to hear from from you only i'm sorry because of the circumstances. we live 45 mins. west from london ont. the stalkers here are out in full force as well. i have been set up by the rcmp to be targeted and i know who the perp's name is, which i don't think i should devuldge on this site without solimavis's consent. i can tell you that this sick twisted,demented,form of human excriment,nazi f'&#! works in the cbc, and the whole of this company knows this . anyway he selected one of his underlings to have the honours. i also know what this little nazi puke looks like and the next time i see him i'll do more than just look. as far as my stalkers go, i believe they for the most are military. i say this because this started in nova scotia with a ex military guy by the name of cecil who i befriended and then came to know that he had been abusing 1 or both of his daugthers. so i gossiped to another person and it got back to cecil. i also had run ins with the rcmp prior to this and they used cecil  to gather intel on me, which i didn't know at the time. all i know now is the cbc ,rcmp,and the military are all connected, oh, and the opp,not to mention that most defiantly the government as well .it just amazes  me how many people know what's going on and it is still such a secret. but i think this will be their down fall because when i make a move which,i will have to because i got nothing to loose, i got a lot of names to throw around. karen if you have any knowledge of of rcmp and or military involvement thats where to strike back because they are all sick evil nazi hipocrites with no credibility. the cracks are already there we just have to hammer away at them and they will get bigger. please let me know a little more on your situation. also i am being constantly attacked ''24/7''( 9 for 5 mths.) subliminal mind control. please let me know more of your situation and solimavis would you please comment as well.
At 8:03am on August 9, 2011, KL said…

Karen, I don't know your age, but there is a place called Brennan house in Hamilton, Ontario that is a place to go to start a new life for people 16 - 20 years old.

Director: Loretta Hill-Finamore
Phone: 905-308-8090


At 5:11am on August 9, 2011, KL said…
Hello, I read a few of your posts, and it sounds like you are living on your own, and don't have a lot of support? When you talk about the pressure you are under - sometimes we can get so caught up in a world, that it seems so big - we can't see beyond it - that there are other places - other life styles.  Maybe the chaos is familiar from childhood.  If you leave the chaos you will feel the grief of having been abused - boredom.  You will find that you have to draw on strength that you didn't know you had.  You are in a big city, and the world you are living in does not exist in the small towns, the people are friendlier there - more supportive.  Also, you talk about not being part of mainstream Religion - you may want to out:  - this is the website to the Baha'i Community in your city.  The Baha'i Faith is the newest world religion.  I am a Baha'i, and the stalker in my life is a Paranoid Schizophrenic Sadistic Psychopathic Nihlist Buddhist person - and his persecution of me is a hate crime because of my Faith. - like the jews who persecuted the early Christians.  If you study the teachings of the Baha'i Faith, it may show you a different world than you have previously been exposed to.  The Faith is founded on freedom from prejudices of all kinds, the equality of men and women, and many other principles. They are working to build a spiritual environment in the midst of all of the degradation of this world.  They have study circles that teach about the Faith and how to become active in it, and create a new life.  The Faith provides a blue print for living a sane and healthy life, and gives guidance of a kind that most parents didn't have.  I found my faith in God in a small town where the people supported one another, that is why i mentioned it.  I think it would probably be best for you to completely relocate yourself away from the people who are trying to harm you and use you.
At 11:10pm on April 16, 2011, andrew scott said…

i would like to talk to you in the chatroom and have a live conversation,andy


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