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At 3:35pm on December 27, 2020, xixi said…
Hello Born in an Adair Force Thanks care about my life.many years pass by , attack still works to my time , even it made heavy problems to me then ever , recently months , recently year it back to me at night to deprived my sleep , I often sleep only one hour or two hours or lose sleep all night , so I had to listen MP3 at night to protect my sleep a little longer then no listen anything ......many change with my life , my parents has already leave the world, some reason cause me to move the another area to live but attack still follow me .they threathen me and they also said that they plan more problems stolen my health and destroy my life till they “feel ok “.I had to struggle with this very worst attack every day ,it is really terrible attack in the world , it a little luck thing that I often remind myself to be more positive attitude to stay with negative world . I prayer fair back to stop secret war forever and I hope that you and every Ti Has better new year to go through each obstacles. Much love to you and to all Ti .yours friendly xixi
At 8:13am on December 27, 2020, Born in an Air Force "hospital" said…

Hi xixi,  I remember you and your background there living with family who doesn't believe.  I totally understand; my family is the same and I had to live with one of them for over a year recently.  Their lack of faith and accusations are such a sad part of our lives.  I have no one for the most part, so I can't always stay in touch because I have to support myself with no good support system.  I don't know when I will be on this site again but I wanted to say hi to you.  You were loyal but I was incapable of maintaining friendship due to survival issues.  Lots of love, you female friend Airforceborn.

At 4:41am on December 19, 2016, silvia miras sanchez said…

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At 12:36pm on June 27, 2013, Rev.Overton gave xixi a gift
At 8:45am on May 9, 2013, Soleilmavis said…

Thanks for sharing posts in peacepink on facebook and twitter.

You also can register account in linkedin, google+ and many other blogs and websites, but sharing our informations to other forums and groups, more people would read the valuable information in our forum and pay attention to the abuses and tortures of mind control technologies.

At 4:37am on April 14, 2013, The Rose - Sharon Poet said…

PLEASE HELP SUPPORT A Newspaper that's Exposing Our Plight:…

At 12:00am on April 7, 2013, The Rose - Sharon Poet said…

If you'd like to help bring public awareness to these crimes against humanity please help support this news paper:

At 2:56pm on March 10, 2013, tanstaafl productions said…

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At 9:57am on November 27, 2012, denny32 said…


just wondered as i looked through your posts,does your family believe you?,have you told them?its pretty much too hard to make other people believe,my little sister bless her,use to come round every monday,had a great laff,just one day with my sister,then because i was telling her about things,she got that fed up that we hardly speak as she said if it was true,why me,what makes me so special,now i aint been nasty but been tortured to death isnt what i would call funny,just wondered about your family,mine dont believe and cant blame um

At 5:30pm on October 12, 2012, Born in an Air Force "hospital" said…

XiXi, I'm changing my online name from Jane Doe to Born in an Air Force Hospital.  You can call me Born for short if you want.  I tried to send you an explanation but I can't tell if it went to you.

At 8:46am on September 11, 2012, Annie gave xixi a gift
Thanks Xixi for showing compassion and empahty for our dear TI friend Sean and his death, He manage to take a bachelor in biomedicalengineering, trying to find answers, then they murdered. him/Annie
At 5:56am on August 05, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ gave xixi a gift
TO YOU MY FRIEND – Proverbs 27:17 Iron Sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. (United We Will Have Victory).
At 3:00am on July 29, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…

Thank you so much.  I hope so much that you capture faith in God, who is always there and who loves you so much.  God is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  He will never forsake you.  The Bible says that if you call upon God, He will save you.  When in trouble bring it to mind.

At 11:36am on June 27, 2012, egyptarian gave xixi a gift
At 1:24am on June 24, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…


I ENJOYED HEARING FROM YOU.  GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH.  Remember what I came to know through the Bible.  Jesus was not a liar.  He told us we would have trials, tribulations, and persecutions.  This is because we would.  We have them.  THE PERSECUTIONS and such.  But that does not mean he does not love us or is not with us.  He loves you so Dearly.


At 8:42am on May 11, 2012, Ramon Gonzalez Morciglio said…

At 12:54pm on March 12, 2012, Born in an Air Force "hospital" said…

Xixi, I hope this is the place to reply to you.  My computer skills are down right now.  I moved to a new place to live.  It is better than the old one.  There is Internet here, but I don't know if my landlady house manaager can see my posts or not.  Hopefully not, but I have to be general until I understand how much privacy is here.  My sleep was bad last week, but a little better now.  Thank you for the red ribbon.


In my culture, red symbolizes the lost blood of people who died in service to protect others.  Last week, I went to two funerals.  One was for a police officer who served well for over 20 years and died naturally.  He personally helped me against the bad people one time.


The other funeral was for a police officer who was murdered while patrolling the streets to keep them safe for others.  He was a good officer who loved the people and everyone loved him.  Except the bad person on drugs who suddenly shot him with a gun at a traffic stop.  The bad man later committed suicide, so the only justice here is for God to do. 


I read in the news this week that Chinese officials made a good decision about the procedures for some "house arrests".  The news said that the government is trying to  be more compassionate in their notifications instead of being too fast and sudden.  Is it okay to mention that to you or is it better not to mention politics?


Thank you for keeping in touch.  I am not as available as before.  The computer is borrowed, little laptop, and the position uncomfortable.  I don't have room to set up my own computer.  When I met you at first, I was sailing the Internet, flowing and going almost every day.  Everything was good with the computer.  But, now it is harder.  You sound great!





Thank you for the New Year greeting.  Happy New Year to you, too.  I hope we have the best year possible, considering the circumstances we are under with the technologies and our minds. 

At 8:01pm on February 24, 2012, SheriGrutz said…

I'm able to survive because the pain isn't constant, but when it does hit me, its so bad I can barely stand it.  Mainly times lately it has been a sexual attack followed by torture.  Thanks for asking, I appreciate your friendship.  Sheri

At 7:33am on February 18, 2012, SheriGrutz said…

Thanks for your kind words.  Its hard to contain the pain exactly, I wish there was relief.  Be well.  -Sheri

At 8:50am on February 14, 2012, Annie said…

Xixi, thanks for the ribbon:) Hope  you are ok. Take care of yourself/Annie

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