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At 3:21am on October 14, 2008, Jennifer said…
Hello. How's it going? I don't care if they kill me at this point. I will be a martyr. I will fight for what I believe in. I had a dream last night about me forming a group to fight this thing. That's one of the only positive dreams that I have had lately. ..
At 2:24am on October 13, 2008, Jennifer said…
Hello. I have made contact with Mr. Robinson. Also I have done a phone interview with the Edge. Currently I am working on contacting the House Representatives in Michigan. We have to win this thing to stop others from getting hurt. I will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means giving up my life.
Please email soon.
At 6:23pm on October 12, 2008, gagiu iulian laurentiu said…
Hy,this is gagiu iulian laurentiu.I want to ask you something.Can you contact me os my private e-mail(
At 3:48am on October 11, 2008, Jennifer said…
Hello. I am a victim. I want justice and I will win.
At 8:41am on October 10, 2008, nancy debrier said…
thanks for the compliment--he comes annually to the senior meal site where i get reduced price lunches
At 8:39am on October 10, 2008, nancy debrier said…
not that i am aware of and i tend tonot be as cynical as u folks are---perhaps because i am somewhat of a closet activist--can follow orders fairly well but when it comes to thinking "beyond the edges" i get fearful as i hv bi-polar as chronic condition and rely on meds to keep me somewhat stable...
At 1:17am on October 10, 2008, nancy debrier said…
hi --where inny r u--am in columbus, ohio--dont know enough about mind control to believe it or not--i don't own a car now--get around by public transit and w help of friends
At 10:25pm on October 9, 2008, 寒冰 said…
Please read my blog.Thank you
At 9:15pm on October 5, 2008, Ben said…
They suppress the qualities we naturally have they cant take away those qualities unless they kill us, they cannot take anything away from us without taking our lives. the qualities that make us the decent human beings we are cannot be taken away Gena.
At 9:55am on October 5, 2008, beth tioxon said…
hi dear,
i hope that whatever made you a victim would vanish into the night i wish you peace and freedom and a wonderful existence. you have a glow so i know you'll be alright. nice to meet you.

At 12:36am on October 5, 2008, Ben said…
oooopppppppss i should say the second link is for fybroid tumours.
At 12:35am on October 5, 2008, Ben said…
Hello its me again

< does highland dance>

Again i hope this is useful :O)
At 12:00am on October 5, 2008, Ben said…
And i mean so called conventional doctors who do nothing to help us get the best answers by saying "anyone who has not got the knowledge or courage".

I hope i have not offended any of my freinds

( you have to know me much longer for that!) :D
At 11:49pm on October 4, 2008, Ben said…
Hello Gena

Im sorry to read you have a problem with a cyst, i found this online and hope its of use to you. dont listen to anyone who has not got the knowledge or courage to simply point you in the right direction at least to try to help you.
At 9:22pm on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
Mums about to help me out wiht the wall paper stripping after a couple of hours or a few i will try the transfers onto the nomex cloth, i know it probably sounds im going from one to the other at times but it is what they do and how they put us across at times making it sound far worse. be back in a few hours :O)
At 8:30am on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
Gena goodmorning
I saw your thread about carbunkles ?

I domt know enough to help but i do know its rare not to have a natural answer to most medical problems that often means surgery was never needed. Heres a good website "www.thehealthier" Also " Dr Johnathon V Wright". This doctor is usually against most forms of present day drugs treatments and is all for natural answers. I hope you find the answers you needed Gena.

If you take a look
At 5:10am on September 30, 2008, Soleilmavis said…
I mean, carbuncle, swollen welling-abscesses, toxin sores, they are a same big group problems, no matter inside the body and outside the body. it is because the organ cell or skin cell are not normal,mostly because toxin in the body (i think in western , most doctor will say it is virus) . China herbal medicine can release toxin, or kill virus and keep health,
At 4:41am on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
On ebay weedblock of 100 GSM ( grams per sqaure meter i assume ) quaiity can be bought at 100 metres per roll by one metre wide. but the deals offered vary a lot so its best to check it out.

I will be trying it for the room and the shed next.
At 4:34am on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
Before i say anymore please dont do this unless you have a personal or room or home sized emf schumann resonance device because anyone who does is seperating themselves from the earths natural emf fields and could die, death could be very fast if they have a health problem to start with.

Sorry i should have said weedblock may be a cheap way to insulate a room from natural electrical flow. if the electrical component of a transmission is blocked and providing there are no large metal objects or metallic surfaces in the room or home then the emfs will also be blocked, again its extremely
dangerous to try this without getting aquainted with this technology and the neccessary safety measures.
At 4:18am on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
Gena what do you think of "Weedblock" ?

Weedblock is used in the garden to prevent the growth of weeds, but its porous to let air and water through.

So my next question is how does weedblock work if it does not prevent water getting into the soil where the weeds may grow ?

My guess is that its an "insulator" it prevents most of the earths natural electricity from running though the soil.

I cant be sure yet but i have seen documents where plants have been placed in very deep shaft like holes where they had no sunlight at all and they grew with no problems.

( this also means farming could be a great deal more efficient than it is now so the human race does not have to starve anytime soon)

I must head into the kitchen for a bit of cooking >>>>

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