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At 4:04am on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
I got the bit of paper in the top right hand corner of the window wall off but it was a struggle though i did eventually win! i stuck it in the bin bag and sat back down to savour my victory with a cool bottle of water and the natural satisfaction of a bit of a job well done.

Well no i did it for two hours then came back down to check my emails then rethought how to get the grid pattern on the nomex cloth.

I bought some iron on transfer sheets where i can do the grid design on my computer then print it out. I then use the ironing heater i got to do this job in the first place.

I had not been able to use this method before because i became concerned how heavy the heater would be on the electricity i think because the nazis used that type of tactic where we can be overly concerned about normal things because they are mind&&ing us.
At 1:18am on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
sorry (((((( Gena ))))) hugs.

I wish i had said to my father i loved him before they killed him with cancer and emphasiema. that was after putting him through a very hard life where i blamed him for his apparant alcoholism and stealing and abuses of the family, i was not allowed to see then what i can see now so he died thinking i never had the time of day for him which was true though im not about to blame myself for the actions of the nazis.
At 1:02am on September 30, 2008, Ben said…
Hello Soleil you mean the scar on my head ?

Have you heard of this one for cancer soleil ?

"Black walnut hull tincture"

I read about this in "The cure for all cancers" by Hulda Clark.
At 10:10pm on September 29, 2008, Soleilmavis said…
Your problem in China Medical called carbuncle and swollen welling-abscesses, toxin sores. There are a lot of China Medicinal Herbs which are good for cure that problem. It may take a longer time that Western Medicines. But a lot of China medicinal herbs are also food and tea, they don't have side effects. Here are some China medicinal herbs which are good for that problem: (in Latin name) Wild Chrysanthemum, coix lachrymajobi, Anemone raddeana Regel, Trichosanthes Kirilowii Maxim, Brunella valgaris, luffa, iris pallasii fisch. var. chinensis fisch., lnicera japonica thunb., guel denstaedtia multiflora, viola yedoensis mokino, sedum sarmentosum, polygonumperfoliatum. but i think it is hard to find all these herb in your country, so you can take more luffa(vegetable), coix lachrymajobi, small red bean. They are good for your health
At 9:36pm on September 29, 2008, Ben said…
Hope your ok Gena, just had lunch with mum who wants me to get my room finished which seems to be a very strong wish to be honest so i dont doubt they are abusing my mums mind.
At 4:31pm on September 29, 2008, Soleilmavis said…
Dear Gena,
There are some herbs which are recommended by Red Cross China for cancers. What is your problem exactly? And China medicinal herbs cure deseases, also must go to see a Doctor. I only can introduce some herbs which can help with health, it is a long term protection and prevention for deseases.
At 11:55pm on September 28, 2008, Ben said…
The idea of giving my phone number is to let my friends leave a message anytime they like Gena. If what i have said has changed your mind no worries and i want you my friends to be comfortable too :O)
At 11:52pm on September 28, 2008, Ben said…
Yes I know Monika, she is one of the first people i emailed when i found out they brand people with thier own term ie (ti) for the abuses they commit on us.
At 11:40pm on September 28, 2008, Ben said…
I must add these actions were done by the nazi freaks from remote locations by abusing other people in the pub to come across to me as responsible for the abuses. again i now know it was never those people, all the abuses done directly to me are committed by remote electronic less lethal weapons or to third parties as outlined in my previous comment.
At 11:34pm on September 28, 2008, Ben said…
Yes email would be fine Gena thank-you :O)

Dont they force words into your mouth if you use the phone ?

Im sorry if this is inconvenient but i have not directly answered any calls for years now because they abused my relatives and friends who called using one friend by forcing her to phone giving the impression she was going to come by to collect me for a night out when she knew there was no way ever id have left with her to go anywhere because of these abuses, when i picked up the phone they forced words into my mouth as if i had prior knowledge of this fictional arrangement to go out and had agreed to it, they forced her to drive to a local pub called the pelham arms and tortured me with llws while forcing her to smile evilly as if gloating, they told her to take down her underwear and i was given the impression they deliberately broke her clitoris. i know they can fake these actions but they did not fake the torture they put me through as i was sat on a pub chair unable to move.

This is why i never directly answer any phone calls now.

I hope this does not upset you and please dont be scared because there is screening and it will work but it has to be developed with safety first in mind. No human being should be inside such a screened room without a shcumann resonance device because they would probably die if their device failed, hence a fail safe system is needed before we build them to live in them. a device with a low voltage battery indicatoror alarm would be sufficient for now.
At 10:42pm on September 28, 2008, Ben said…
Gena i have a new number because someone was abusing my old number.

About an hour and a half ago the nazi freaks forced my head against the thermostat on the landing hallway, it bled a little, i took some pictures and my mum "put the skin back down" to use mums own words. I would like to securely give my number to my friends so will happily do so if i may send it by slow mail. Im really excited because thats the first time i have seen a picture of you Gena, much better to be able to see who we are talking to :O).
At 9:54pm on September 28, 2008, Ben said…
Hello Gena i am very happy to be a friend thank-you for adding me :O)
At 8:58pm on September 28, 2008, Michael said…
we have a former genral in america whos nmae is michale aquino, he founded the house of sett, they worship santan and beleave in blood sacrifice, he also was in charge at the NSA, sevral other high ranking genrals are members of this dark faith.
they hold many technologie and authority positions.
they know we have discovered there intent, keep the faith good soldiers watching over the rest of us.
restore your faith, the light is blinding to them and they will leave you and avoid you.
peace to you and those you love
semper-fi the rest
At 8:44pm on September 28, 2008, Michael said…
It is true that they have many miss guided souls, but they have very few soldiers. I belave that they are led by those who follow satan and the dark intent.
the mere act of defying them in the name of god gives you strength and honor and nothing is more of a threat than love one to another.

the vernal equinox is one of there holidays and many humans get sacrificed during this blood offering, check it out and becareful during this time.
seek sanctionary in places of light.

peace to you
god bless
At 8:15pm on September 28, 2008, Michael said…
Yes, it has increased greatly since voiceing oppostion.
I thank god for my soldier skills

god bless
At 7:56pm on September 28, 2008, Soleilmavis said…
Thanks for joining Gena, I wish to see more of your valuable articles and researches in our forum.
At 7:43pm on September 28, 2008, gena said…
Hi all,

I realized I was a ti approximately 1 1/2 years ago and am working with Monika Stoces in addition to the other organizations around the world to try and get something done about this atrocity.

Be well

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