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At 3:43pm on June 28, 2016, Sue said…

Just know that your experiences are the same as all ours here. Sad but true yes but youre not alone.

At 6:25am on June 27, 2016, Sue said…

Yep youre experiencing the exact same symptoms as all of us here. Its just that we all have different ideas to who our perps are.

At 4:19am on June 24, 2016, cat cat said…

Vicki Shelton: ditto to your post.  The world changed and forgot to tell the worker bees.  Just like a poorly run government entity!!!  LOL.

At 12:22am on June 24, 2016, vicki shelton said…

No problem and I honestly have no way of telling who is really going through what on the internet. The fact that this technology has been highly developed and not only out there for anyone with the money or connections to get hold of but that by using things as mentioned such as the Patriot Acts in the u.s. is allowing all manner of bad things with absolutely no oversight. I'm guessing the u.s. is not exclusive in this albeit maybe better than some. We are the first state in the U>S to allow it's state police to legally drone up citizens. Since this seems to be the new Silicon Valley this way for drone companies on both sides of the border I'd say we're all in big trouble whether we are chipped, v2k'd , stalked, e harassed, mail, phones, identities etc. The technology along with no oversight because somewhere someone is profiting hugely is just a set up for bad bad and more bad. 

Our system does little about identity fraud and scams saying continually there are too many to deal with so basically they aren't trying. This just opens the flood gates for all types of targets in my opinion. 

You may be on a list purely for research but there is profit somewhere for someone

I get my own stuff and although it may not be what some of you are going through on here and I thank god for that but it's a damn stretch year after year to keep trying to fight with nothing that which is destroying you purposefully.

I will just pray for everyone on here and with no particular religion as even if they're one of the morons at the other end hopefully prayer will work on their slimey souls.

Btw not in Seattle joined this in response to Dougs posts.


At 4:43pm on June 23, 2016, Sue said…

Yes Linkin park was the first band l noticed were singing about us. At first l thought they must be on oir side but l changed my mind and thought they are doing it to mock us

At 4:36pm on June 23, 2016, Sue said…

I read your list of symptoms on your list and every single one is experienced by Tls here. The clicking in the ears you describe is what Tls call v2k. Wayne morin from here was talking about a movie called CELL that came out recently and it has storyline around being a Tl and experiencing this clicking. The pains you describe are common to most of us. The visual images inserted in yr brain l and others here get them often. The brain reading is something we all here experience. The ppl in public who can read your thoughts and who follow you and make signs at you, comment on thoughts youve had....l get all that and so do many others here. There is lots of information online about it and most of us believe these things are done by sickos using very sophisticated technology. There is proof of information of the government having these technological weapons called direct energy weapons (dews)- and they are capable of doing everything you describe. The harassment by ppl in public we call it gangstalking and most of us here get it. The brain reading is called remote neural monitoring. So what l dont understand is why you think your case is so different when your symptoms are all the same as ours. The only difference l can see is that you believe its the psychiatric industry doing this to you. We all have different ideas of who our perpetrators are but most of us agree that the government is involved and government departments. So why do you feel so alone? You are a targeted individual like us. You believe you are implanted. Some believe they are, some dont, some like me dont know. So dont feel like such a loner madminster. But can l ask what has made you think psychiatrists are doing this? I got forced into a ward at the start of my targeting and the psychs harassed me but l dont believe they are my targeters. What makes you think everyone is a psych?

At 4:15pm on June 23, 2016, Sue said…

What do you mean by surgery? In person or remotely with technology?

At 4:03pm on June 23, 2016, Sue said…

Hi madminster

Yes most of us here know that the perpetrators can see what we see. They comment on it to me via v2k (voice to skull) which is where they can talk to you inside your brain. I dont know if you get v2k or not. Not everyone does. Madminster what is happening to you is the same thing that is happening to all of us. There are just many different variations of it being used on each Tl (target) coz we are all targeted by these psycopaths. For you its psychiatrists targeting you. I believe you. For me it is not psychiatrists, it is satanic psychopaths. We all have different perpetrators but it all comes from the same source.The government knows about our targeting too madminster. People are talking about it, there are organisations around the world helping targeted individuals and trying to draw attention to this crime. You are not alone here at ppink. We are all going through similar things to you so dont feel you are so alone. We are in this together. God bless

At 4:40am on June 23, 2016, Sue said…

Yes madminster they can see everything l see through my eyes. Most of us here experience that. They can also talk to my brain (v2k) and insert visual images into my mind. Your situation is not different to the rest of us. "Perps" is what we call the ppl torturing us....short for perpetrators. In your case your perps are psychiatrists. About the implants. Everyone has a different opinion as to if they are implanted or not because if you do some research you will find a lot of what they do to us does not require implants. I personally dont know if lm implanted or not.

At 4:33am on June 23, 2016, Sue said…

Like the hollywood movies? If these ppl know so much why dont they go and do some human rights activism instead of singing about it which is never going to help us.

At 8:17pm on June 22, 2016, God's Grace said…

I don't think these musicians mean to mock, I think they are bringing out some of what is going on, in the best way they know how 

At 7:32pm on June 22, 2016, Sue said…

Sorry madminster l didnt mean to offend your choice of music. If it comforts you thats terrific. Ive noticed many lyrics in music about the Tl situation but l dont know if its meant to comfort or mock. If they know so much they should do some human rights activism on our behalf as they are famous and ppl will listen.

Madminster l dont understand why you think your situation is so different from the rest of us. You are a targeted individual like all of us here. Your perpetrators maybe psychiatrists. Mine are occultists supported by government. We may all have different targeters but we are all subject to the same virtual prison. What do you find so hard to understand about what we talk about here?

At 3:37pm on June 22, 2016, Sue said…

Yeh cat cat, its just like the hollywood movies....they advertise what they do to Tls but unless you are one you dont get it. There are other songs lve heard with mention of this but sort of in riddle-like fashion. If you dont know about it youd never get it. Metallica and many hollywooders/or rich and famous have sold their souls to satan so they get the inside info on the tortures and corruption in this world. Its like making fun of the situation. Ppl like the music...they dont realise theyre listening to brainwashing evil.

At 7:24am on June 22, 2016, cat cat said…

Sue, your comment makes a lot of sense and I never thought of it in that way.  I can not listen to them anyway, not my cup of tea.  LOL.

At 4:16am on June 22, 2016, Sue said…

Madminster bands like metallicas lyrics are about us because they know whats going on. They are not singing about it because theyre on our side. They are part of the evil global elite who know about these tortures. If they were our friends they would come out and talk about it not sing about us in riddles.

At 11:37pm on June 21, 2016, vicki shelton said…

Just wondering why being an american would somehow exclude you from this type evil.

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