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singapore emp victim commented on Thomas Koh's blog post Singapore Mind Control Victim
"I am a lady Singaporean mind control victim, can I know your email address so we can connect and support one another since we are in the same country?"
26 minutes ago
God's Grace commented on Irvin's blog post No Title
"Hi Irwin, I'm also from SA, and have been a victim for 5 and a half to 6 years. You have obviously done your research on the mentalities that would involve themselves in such a program against yourself - remember, they are being paid to do…"
28 minutes ago
singapore emp victim posted a status
"I hope I can connect to more Singaporean mind control victims through peacepink"
29 minutes ago
singapore emp victim posted a status
"I am a mind control victim from Singapore. I am subjected to sleep deprivation , constipation , vomiting from my perps ."
30 minutes ago
Bill Perry commented on Bill Perry's blog post Sucked In
"     Well funded system or not, I'm not totally convinced it is hopeless, and we should just give up and endlessly suffer, or off ourselves for their convenience.  I have read accounts of people who have managed to…"
7 hours ago
cat cat commented on Bill Perry's blog post Sucked In
"Bill Perry I am sure there is a way to escape the program we were unwilling made a part of.  I think for it to happen you have to have very expensive technology and an insiders working knowledge of the program."
7 hours ago
livingtarget.SA01 commented on Bill Perry's blog post Sucked In
"All I know is that moving costs something, pers want a new unseasoned victim to move locations as much possible. Its the same trick the play on all victims and almost all will tell you, NO HELP, LOST CASH. RFID CHIP: lots of other discussions. Most…"
7 hours ago
AtlantiTeo commented on Sonar♦0's group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".
"@lez je pensé que si. :-) Je ne saisis pas les scammers :-? a) Peacepink est une petite communauté. Si scammers veulent voler, facebook est mieux. b) Nous sommes victimes. Nous sommes malades à cause du harcèlement, de…"
8 hours ago



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