Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

KEEP PROBES IN A BANK SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX AWAY FROM PERPS. Always use bleach to clean the Ball Mason jar and discard screens after each exam.


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Seek Light replied to CLS's discussion Gang Stalking
"Some people seem to know "who" and others of us do not. For me it is conjecture based on experiences, but that could also just be a deception. Trying to know "who" or "why" can get pretty convoluted, at least for…"
39 minutes ago
Seek Light commented on Sarah G Mitchell's status
"Do as much as you can unpredictably or in spurts. Maybe explain you like to do spur of the moment things to friends. Take new routes, don't be pinned down. Try to do what you like in small doses, as much as possible. Count what you CAN do as…"
42 minutes ago
Seek Light replied to CLS's discussion Gang Stalking
" What's that talk about "handlers" then?  And who wrote the programs? Someone had to "Tell" AI what to do to start it out. thanks "
47 minutes ago
Janus Zhengyi replied to Janus Zhengyi's discussion Freedom in the most unlikely places.
"THE PCP stands for PC PROGRAMMING. You have to PROGRAM ULTRA to get clean and sodomy."
1 hour ago
cat cat commented on Sarah G Mitchell's status
"The only way out is the rapture.  Prepare for it.  You do not want to be left behind."
2 hours ago
Ken Roylance left a comment for cat cat
"Thanks for the friendship and compliment. Being a TI for 7 years has given me a lot of time to analyze my situation. If interested, I have a site with more info:"
2 hours ago
cat cat replied to CLS's discussion Gang Stalking
"To CLS, I have the unexplained bump in the center back of my skull also.  I have had it appox.  20 years.   "
3 hours ago
Ken Roylance commented on Susie peris's group UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
"Governments have a history of abusing their citizens as if they owned them. I don't think this will ever change. What has changed are the methods they use. With technology they can now do it more discreetly and in ways that makes the target…"
3 hours ago



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