Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Positive I.D. is a subsiderary of Applied Digital Solutions and their technology is being developed by Destron Fearing. These are enemies!


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LaBrat commented on LaBrat's status
"the saddest clown in the whole (Whitehall) circus is the one who doesn't when he's being - REALLY FUNNY!   hey, you with the big mouth! (yeah, YOU know who you are, no matter HOW many aliases you hide under)   according…"
24 minutes ago
LaBrat commented on LaBrat's status
"NOW your story is that you DID apologize 'again' after the 'misdeed' - in chat room while I was away?  and RIGHT after i'd complained about losing access to main room chat as soon as i mentioned the sneaky…"
34 minutes ago
David ofTomorrow commented on LaBrat's status
"It is apparent that you misunderstood. These people will introduce themselves inside your mind. You will experience a new perspective on life, if you live. Suicide will become an option for you. I really dont like you. I really think you are…"
42 minutes ago
LaBrat commented on LaBrat's status
"(a) while they're in town i will invite 'them' (if they dare show their faces) to meet the two witnesses to the events i described which you attempt to mock  (b) you mean, MORE insane, don't you?  …"
49 minutes ago
moxiaomo posted a blog post

What design car circuit protection devices need to pay attention?

The new infotainment systems and navigation systems can provide more content, allows you to experience higher quality audio and video programs, and improved connectivity personal communication device. To meet the high data transfer rate to meet the current requirements for communication, such equipment should be protected against misuse because customers, and the risk of environmental damage caused by power supply fluctuations. is a web…See More
50 minutes ago
LaBrat commented on LaBrat's status
"tell them for me that i have only slightly more respect for stooges of cowards than for the cowards who send them in their place   everybody knows what i can do and NOBODY wants to come quite close enough to find out in person  …"
1 hour ago
David ofTomorrow commented on LaBrat's status
"What I am going to ask them is to give you three months of thecworst of what ive gotten. If you dont commit suicide, you might not be sane afterward. At any rate you will quit rambling about stupid shit like pole peekers and snowshoers.…"
1 hour ago
Tracy replied to deca's discussion How many Ti`s do you think there is ?
"said very well David.  and subtle targeting occurs, people never know, it depends on going against 'system' or protocols that are being executed.  implanted moving to not needing to do it as much or badly with brainmapping…"
1 hour ago



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