Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

5 .Rinse the bloody probe on the screen. With the 420 scope detect the probe on the screen .Photograph the probe .Send photos to Congress


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LaBrat commented on Sue's blog post hi everyone
"welcome back, sue    good thoughts right back at you! :-)"
31 minutes ago
damian degoede posted a blog post

we are the enemy

Until we take control of our own lives, we will never have the power to control the world we live in. Freedom is not giving it is earned, we simply cannot find ourselves at peace unless we find the courage within ourselves to fight against what in our hearts we know is wrong. Stand up, fight for your freedom. You may be suprised to find that peace was always what our enemies wanted, they just needed some poor soul to help them find it. ROBERT NEUSLAND knows what it means to turn a conspiracy…See More
54 minutes ago
David ofTomorrow commented on Sue's blog post hi everyone
"Thanks for sharing Sue!!ive been there myself. I was drinking a half gallon of rum every two days. I gave it up and now spend my money on the gym! I feel worlds better, and have much more strength with which to battle the enemy with. I hope you keep…"
1 hour ago
LaBrat commented on Sonique's blog post No Title
"d.o.t. is saying that "we should try to be more like them" is not a "proposition to 'become the enemy'"    well, i think that part was clear already:  tom's just saying we…"
1 hour ago
Sue and Janus Zhengyi are now friends
3 hours ago
Sue posted a blog post

hi everyone

Im on the library computer, just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone, hope youre all doing well and wish you all a merry (or at least untortured) festive season. The reason i have not been here for a while is im an idiot. The last 3 months Ive fallen badly into habitual drug abuse. I dont know if its the stress of being targeted or the mind control itself....prob both. Anyway i keep pawning my computer and stuff to get money for drugs....told you im an idiot. Anyway last few days Ive been…See More
3 hours ago
David ofTomorrow commented on Sonique's blog post No Title
"I think the intent of the statement is that when one comes to understand the psychology of the enemy, one can properly profile that enemy, as well as their organizational structure. It was in no way a proposition to 'become the enemy'. At…"
5 hours ago
LaBrat replied to Cedric's discussion Good news are on the way in the group The Ed Snowden group.
"i'm sure old madeline had a much more equitable distribution of russia's resources in mind   not that we'd need an electronic ouija board to figure THAT out lol!    just imagine if there was a…"
6 hours ago



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