Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

5 .Rinse the bloody probe on the screen. With the 420 scope detect the probe on the screen .Photograph the probe .Send photos to Congress


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"There is possibly some truth to some of the honest practitioners. I think chiropractors have a noticeable benefit from the first treatment. They have been traditionally not been as recognized. Then there are nutritionists. Doctors get about a…"
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"to be honest I not really had much time to play around with it ...a colleague was documenting some samples for another TI but they only had a mini microscope ...I looked at getting something better ..and something that could be hooked up to the PC…"
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"Quick question, what is your opinion on live blood analysis? Just asking as you have a microscope there? Live blood analysis may be highly beneficial and has some correlation with rouleaux problems and dirty electricity, so I'd like to look…"
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Our Story Matters

"again I don`t know much about their case ,just came across the video the other day....but I do think they have set a good example ....on documenting things , keeping there life together , researching/educating themselves, getting experts in then…"
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some of my gear
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"DOSSIER CONTRÔLE MENTAL : MKULTRA – MONARK – La Psycho-Technologie pour les esprits"
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"Anthony F - just to reiterate that I have almost the exact same experiences that Sue has, in many ways, including the v2K - it frustrates the living hell out of me that people who have not personally experienced v2k where these people talk to me ALL…"
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