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Comment by LaBrat on June 26, 2014 at 6:22pm

that's it for today, i must figure out how to separate the texts but i scrolled back and found where prince explained what he was saying to big l, the language barrier got in the way because he actually corrected the mistaken impression that his comment was intended to support the nameless individual in the transcript, it was actually directed AGAINST mr so-and-so -  hope we haven't lost her unfairly!

Comment by LaBrat on June 26, 2014 at 5:06pm

sorry so late, this for now  online 8 endless (ep) ti fi silvia orxan me  juha  david pearce day-old-sorrow, and big lebowski (ep not counted on her own screen) context (not sure yet if it goes back that far) she had been telling me that for the last week she had a bad feeling abut this site, she had said so earlier ("why do I always get a bad feeling now when I come here?   I suggested there seemed to be a war going on, two camps  there had been a lot of debate about whether some people were insincere to downplay gang-stalking since ep, big l and I had been challenged about this by 3 members estimating genuine gang-stalking to be 95%, 99% and 100% of 'perceived' cases of gang-stalking   (100% means it is ALL machine induced hallucination)   i asked ep if there had been a confrontation, she said yes    she is asking one member in particular (you WILL see the trancsripts) who had been on the page when pe commented (so it could have been referring to this member was her question but he asked him, not pe who was no there by then) about a comment prince enrage had made  there has since been an additional over-layering this time of the blog i'd been on but it's still clear enough    during this conversation i thought ep might be confused and side bar warned her (stupidly, because she had been arguing with him all week) and she assured me she was just seeing who's who      she quizzes the object of her enqueries re: prince quotes   personally I feel there may have been miscommunication about pe's intent   she then cites a reference to p. 19 of the 'gang-stalking assault?' blog where prince made the ambiguous statement   at some point later, trying to reconstruct, i posted "is anypone else having trouble accessing (the same) p.19 btw...   the context here is a bunch of references to perpish behaviour, you can read it all, then the pe quote   i wonder whether since he was not there at the time he might have got shafted but either way, when she was finished her fact-finding chat she told me it would be her last time here   i told her that i would miss her a lot (i enumerated qualities) and she asked me to keep and eye on the newbies (my term, i guess she'd read that bit from the 'one week war of words')  i said 'you bet' and she corrected that with 'guessed'   more excerpts:  she tells her correspondent she is "(blocked) paranoid" (blocked out but clear from later reference "not paranoid")  and "many things that frighten me here, truly" "i really have the impression to see perps everywhere"  the response is "personalities but I really don't see perps"  (she big l and i had been on him for days about discrediting us making him gave to be one see 'assault')  "(she names him) as I told to labrat, I feel that everyone test me here and I am not paranoid."  I just try to find what really happen here."     at this point big l says he thinks rf scanning is bs (at bottom of page19 he begins impressive and unanswered technical critique) and this may appear to be support for ep and me (and others - sue, etc) because this 'perp' accusing really broke out there (2 blogs, 'gang-stalking assault', 'ti goes nuts' i send this now and see if it's 'too big to mail', then...more from beyond the scrypt

Comment by LaBrat on June 25, 2014 at 9:06pm

in case i forget parts f it are obscured by other party's comings and goings, and a few lines actually get mixed together (overlapping in the same space) with mine and both are unreadable   but i can remember what they say and 'decode' it if anything is not clear to follow

Comment by LaBrat on June 25, 2014 at 9:03pm

i couldn't figure out how to clip it it, tried sending the whole thing but it's too big and they won't allow it    in about 10 hours my friend will be free and i can send it then but i can try clipping it now if you 'walk me through the steps' and show me what to do

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