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Everyone do not get stockholmn sydrome for your perps. They give you those frequencies to make you like them. Do not like or believe anyth.


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Comment by CLS on June 21, 2017 at 11:37pm

Hello God's Grace,

Yes you are right, these people are LIARS AND FRAUDS AND CRIMINALS. If you trust a single perp, your life will be over. They are professionals at making you do something you don't want to do and it starts by getting you to believe their lie. They will play good cop to get you to believe them and get a relationship with them. When you trust them, they will give you advice that will cause you serious problems. They will even say "Go to the police". Yes it is benefit to you but actually you will look like you are schizophrenic to the police and it discredits you. The preps know this that is why they asked you to go to the police.  If you believe that person who says go the the police then he will give you bad advice that will cost you badly later on. However, it is a benefit to go to the police if you are a victim but you will be marked as schizophrenic by them.

Comment by God's Grace on June 21, 2017 at 7:18pm

CLS, you are 100% right, I have been using the same wording for a couple of years now....they play bad cop, good cop.....but they are ALL BAD.  They are being paid to disrespect your privacy in the first place....they are being paid to spy on you illegally, they ALL sit back and watch when you are being tortured, they all agree to block you from getting a job, and so it goes on....I had someone who called herself 'Charmaine' for a month or two (the stupid ones who haven't realized I know who she was still bring her up, saying 'Charmaine said this, Charmaine said that'), who promised me faithfully in November 2015, that they were 'onto' my perps, that they were just gathering enough evidence against them, and that I mustn't worry, because I would see that from December 2015, every bit of my targeting would ease off was extremely 'friendly' and wanted me to know 'she had my back'....I believed her, despite the fact I had been targeted since 2010 overtly.....well, in December 2015 the exact opposite of what she had promised turned in to the truth, my targeting doubled and then tripled, going into January and February of the next year, and I realized that this woman had been lying to me all along.....I then found out that this woman was no other than the sister of my main perp, playing a role as a woman named was a good lesson....NONE OF THEM CAN BE TRUSTED, they all like the money that comes with these crimes TOO much!! 

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Visualize Amethyst/Melanie Vritschan safe from false Psychiatric charges by Belgian Attorney General

Visualize Amethyst/Melanie Vritschan safe from false Psychiatric charges by Belgian Attorney General JIT: Visualize for Amethyst...
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