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TIs I said this yesterday. V2K is wireless hands free phone call. Now if you are on a call with a stranger would you trust them? No! NEVER!


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Comment by CLS on January 19, 2018 at 12:30am

Hello William,

You will never know who your preps are. They don't want to go to jail, so they will never reveal themselves to you. Second, the person talking to you via V2K is NOT the the person you think it is. They have voice cloning technology. They can talk like anyone. They also give you frequencies to enhance the thought to make you think that person talking to you is say George Bush. It is not George Bush or anyone you know or your neighbors.

What victims need to know is they are following a script. With V2K, they play good cop/bad cop. One voice makes you try to trust him against another voice. The truth is both voices are evil and should without serious thought trust them. Remember V2K is like a wireless phone call. Now would you trust a stranger who phoned you and told you to trust him or that he was a good person? NO YOU WOULDN'T. SO ALL VICTIMS, UNDERSTAND NEVER EVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!



Comment by William L on January 18, 2018 at 4:52am

I can sometimes identify who I'm talking to my perps want me to know

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