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Close Range Neuroweapons / Psychotronics / Mind Control With Dr James Giordano

Topics (based upon social media statistics from my personal page and with the help of a colleague): 1) Description of psychotronics and other mind control ap...

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Comment by deca on October 18, 2020 at 7:15pm
I have a few problems with this …..first he tries to make out that the government/military etc has to do ethical research and there to many safe guards in place to do unwitting testing on humans ….but he does admit that they have done so in the past mkultra etc. but have learned there lessons so they can't do this “on the books”
next he try to claims that none state actors like “biohackers” could do it but there devices would be short range
but the TI community is claiming that its a black project (because they can't do the research legally) plus they can do this at distance and would need the infrastructure and capability far greater than the capability of some local hobby group etc.

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