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hassan replied to bestofcomputer's discussion Why all my emails sent 2 months ago remain all unanswered ?
"bestofcomputer, r u pointing at organizations like ICAACT, FFCHS, EUCACH and labelling them of "NSA and CIA subsidiaries", "traps for new TIs"???? my opinion: those organizations help victims and educate people on this…"
1 hour ago
zakstev replied to Soleilmavis's discussion COINTELPRO
"Yes and I especially value Jon Rappoport's contributions in many areas. Websites like this one need to be on guard for a secretive but large association known as 'Skeptics.' Their agenda is to subvert and destroy all counter-current…"
1 hour ago
bestofcomputer replied to bestofcomputer's discussion Why all my emails sent 2 months ago remain all unanswered ?
"ok, thanks. Now I want to give you this information : these are the only replies that i got quickly to my last mail to these organizations : 1/ first reply : " Hello,     On behalf of ICAACT.ORG we would like to thank you for your…"
2 hours ago
ben peoples posted a discussion

animal noises

anyone here get people  making animal noises around their homes or while you are out and about? i have people barking at me.making cat meow noises at me and walking around my house at night making bird or owl noisesSee More
2 hours ago
tanstaafl productions left a comment for LaBrat
3 hours ago
LaBrat posted a blog post

Doctored Filler and 'Targeted Info-tainment'

Did Nick happen to mention those documented Gov't v2k-tech Cointelpro operations accidentally leaked by Julianne McKinney*?Hearing VoicesNick says he hears voices in his head, almost every day, that demean him and threaten him and his family.  "[They say] 'We're going to beat you,'" he says. "The voices have told me I should kill myself, which is not going to happen ... They say, 'We put poison in your food,' and that they have a predictor machine that's capable of letting them know my…See More
3 hours ago
tanstaafl productions replied to tanstaafl productions's discussion Flying Saucers
"marq@tanstaafl projections typed: i refuse to ignore the argument that broke out, here, but i won't involve myself or pick a side.  i'll simply point out that it SEEMS that people at this site get  off on being divided and…"
3 hours ago
Soldier Of Christ replied to Soleilmavis's discussion COINTELPRO
"These are websites that explain the reasons for electronic harrassment and the only way out to those who…"
3 hours ago



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