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LaBrat posted a blog post

custer's last stanza

"oh wait!  we CAN all live in peace and harmony   we were wrong - this land IS big enough to share   oh PLEASE - NOT my golden locks!! unhand me you filthy savages  men!  rally round!   men!  car 54 where ARE you?"   as the rest of the world watches this sorry drama wind down to the empire's new closing time, it's time to look around and count your friends   STUPID white men   off you go, now!  disperse to the foul winds emanating from your 'deep south'   hats off to all the good, decent white…See More
2 hours ago
LaBrat replied to Nick's discussion Perp
"yes, all true in my limited experience and awareness - except that mine is SO clever he managed to fake having been chagrinned speechless when i told him that someone near and dear to him (whom he's since lost - good for her!) was the one…"
2 hours ago
jinoe schmoe replied to Nick's discussion Perp
"From what I've heard and experienced their couldn't be a human beyond monitoring connections and blinking lights doing the v2k its a system that triggers harassment based on blood-brain levels and location, as well as body movement. A…"
2 hours ago
LaBrat replied to kas's discussion Human Subject Experimentation Federal Regulations in the group UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
"freedom's just another word for nothing left to bet   except for my life, which is in my case always a bit of a 'gambol' anyway - but no takers on THIS one, cedric!   i call these fools the 'occidental…"
4 hours ago
LaBrat replied to Nick's discussion Perp
"beautiful, baby!   you couldn't PAY me to sit around like a petty adolescent voyeur wasting my time trying to 'intimidate' someone because they feel differently, think more clearly, HAVEN'T sold away the last of their…"
4 hours ago
LaBrat left a comment for AtlantiTeo
"my symptoms are so mild (except g-s) that i didn't much care till my g-f got burns etc too   I have a lot to learn and you are helping, thanks again! "
5 hours ago
Nick replied to Nick's discussion Perp
"Also, if you are on this site every day, regularly -- i would say it would be healthy to not post/read/ respond as much...get outside, do things, workout...while talking to each other helps greatly, we also need to LIVE. There are probably more…"
5 hours ago
Nick posted a discussion


I haven't been on this site for a very long time and don't know when I will be next but wanted to post a few things: 1) for those of you who believe a machine is talking to you all day every day, i don't agree with that logic whatsoever...i believe that this technology allows for your perp to speak to you while doing other things...Why would there be humans involved whatsoever if a machine could do it? Do you think that this technology which is beyond advanced, is the only thing on the planet…See More
5 hours ago



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