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Directed Energy Weapon Torture in United States 5


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Comment by Michel on August 17, 2013 at 5:14pm

Oui Lez, et ces groupes CRIMINELS (quels qu'ils soient) SECTES ou autres,  continuent en toute impunité à détruire le cerveau des gens avec certainement la complaisance de certains !!!

Ils portent  non seulement atteinte à l'intégrité physique des personnes mais aussi à leur vie d'une manière générale !!!

Comment by Lez on August 17, 2013 at 4:23pm

La torture du cerveau par ondes pulsées provoque  une souffrance indescriptible . Elle peut avoir des origines différentes dont celle qui est indiquée ici.

En France , ce type de torture est aussi entre les mains de groupes criminels et bien connus qui veulent donner l'illusion que l'armée est à l'origine de ce type de torture, pour mystifier les cibles et les faire se ridiculiser.

Une origine n'empêche, certes,  pas les autres. Mais le flou entretenu  avec la complaisance de ceux qui devraient combattre cette torture , fait vite  perdre le sens des réalités.


Comment by Kiara on August 17, 2013 at 2:02pm

yeah, who really gets it hard can agree to this video for damn sure!!!! It's my every routine as well, without a cap it's hardtly impossible ....but me lying down is the worsest part, best always to be on the move here...

Comment by Carrin Behr on August 12, 2013 at 6:37pm

I can completely relate to how this guy is feeling, I can totally relate to how incredibly mentally and physically tiring this experience is, as well as his symptoms, it is horrifying and he relates it very, very well on this computer.

Comment by AtlantiTeo on August 12, 2013 at 4:46pm

mercie Michel :-)

Interessant idee pour defense...

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Nick posted a discussion


I just wanted to say that everyone on here that is enduring this injustice to humanity should be proud of themselves beyond belief. The perps behind this want to convince you that you are nothing, that everything is isn't. They just choose that reality. No matter if you have been dealing with this for a day or decades, your strength is a driving force in someones life -- even if they don't know it. You are literally a guardian angel to the next would-be target of your perp. Though…See More
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Endless Pain replied to Kathleen Quintana's discussion Cyber-stalking and mind reading are just a cover for a Social behavioral Experiment.
"No, it's really what they are able to do, believe me, and at such an advanced point... It's exactly what happens in my case... I had the proof with the V2K I endure for one year now... They know ALL... They know even…"
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Jim replied to Kathleen Quintana's discussion Cyber-stalking and mind reading are just a cover for a Social behavioral Experiment.
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jinoe schmoe posted a discussion

what ive felt from interaction with implants

organ cutting simulationpain both aching and pinpoint burning, area burns as wellclicking in brain and vibrational bump patterns in and around earsarea in brain exploding-cold in brain feelingelectrical shock in many areas.ill leave you with hope.  I dont care if you think its v2k and it wont stop with medication.  I will tell you honestly.  Use soap with coal tar on your cheeks, brush teeth with olive oil mixed with dandilion root tea leaves and other tea leaves plus niacin leave in until you…See More
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Endless Pain replied to Richard H. Lovelace Sr.'s discussion THE ATTACK ON CHRISTIANITY AND THE LAMB OF GOD
"@David of Tomorrow I must be stupid but I don't understand this story of God killing babies... What are you talking about? Because all the crimes on this earth are commited by the Human Being, why it would be matter of a God's…"
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FULL NAME replied to Kathleen Quintana's discussion Cyber-stalking and mind reading are just a cover for a Social behavioral Experiment.
"Not that advanced but quite close, thats where its going.  "
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"david of tomorrow, ICAACT are the only ones that have tried to show/test/proove this "phenomen" with publicity and worldwide. They have their own ideas, maybe differ from yours but the goal is one, to proove that it exist…"
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Richard H. Lovelace Sr. commented on David ofTomorrow's blog post Hippi planes with Happy (chem)trails!!!
"The have had a cure for cancer decades ago long before chemtrails or nano even exist.DON'T BE DECIVED BY THE (DIVIL) . THANKS AND GOD BLESS !!!!"
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