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Do Smart Phones Control and Program the Human Race with Artificial Intelligence?

What is the relationship with the Artificial Narrow Intelligence systems in your smart phones, apps, and the human brain? Does the AI system manipulate, cont...

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Comment by dinelo amokounia on December 1, 2020 at 1:54am
This is a very grim future we are looking to...the truth of the matter is that the phone should just be an entertainment device and not to consume you massivly. Read books on statistics to have a mathematical approach and fina a good app like and stop denying that phones are innocent.
Comment by Jamie Denver on November 17, 2020 at 11:47pm

I can understand your meaning, but there has always been a part of people who were against any progress of technology. Surely there are always dangers behind every "invention" but in general the benefits are severely greater.. Artificial intelligence, through cell phones, or computers or anything else, has helped humans more than anyone could ever imagine, in science, medicine, even the every day convenience, but also it has allowed us to have so much fun and interaction from the comfort of our house. I myself love it when i get to play casino games online at the Best Canadian casinos, without actually having to visit a land-based casino, especially now with the global pandemic... 

Comment by Faride on November 2, 2020 at 8:07pm

Thanks. This video is quite interesting and I was able to appreciate your point of view. However, I can't help but add my two cents here. The point is that I am not against progress in principle. Yes, mobile phones have several vulnerabilities. However, for me personally, it does not matter. I am an ordinary person. I work in the office and then go home by subway and play slots on my smartphone - This is one of the handy toys, nothing more. I can't even install applications from Google so corporations don't have control over me)

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