Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Ed Gillham, Targeted Individual explains how to gather evidence


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Comment by God's Grace on June 22, 2018 at 7:37pm

Rich Peel, Contact, they should be able to help you! 

Comment by Richy Peel on June 22, 2018 at 7:37am

I have a set of SDR peaks screenshotted <1GHz as that is where frequancy heterodyning must occur.. I have some very interesting results but where are we supposed to send them? I am interested in recieving similar?

Comment by Ms. Kris Durschmidt on June 18, 2018 at 1:38am

Thanks for your info., see my evidence: Dr. reports and Private Investigator reports!!  I'm at KDurschmidt on Youtube Channel.  Ms. Kris L. Durschmidt...507-823-4373, Russell, Mn.  Thank you...Call if you want or need to network to win or if I can help!

Comment by God's Grace on February 22, 2017 at 4:08pm

Amen to that sister Sarah!!

Comment by Sarah G Mitchell on February 22, 2017 at 2:39am

Thank You God's Grace, we are all in a battle to save our lives, it is a very sad and difficult time, when a family can not even lay down in their own bed to sleep, without the fear of being tortured by directed energy weapons, scalar attacks gwen pulse weapons, or AI artificial intelligence planting horrible and sick disgusting dreams, or using filthy language, or locking your mind in a trap situation, it's mind control slavery, the sad thing is our Government has allowed this diabolical plan to enslave the population, and to bring in the New World Order, the Beast system, it is here and now, I tell my family get ready, be prayerful, study the word of God, pray without ceasing, cry out to God, turn away from sin, prepare, the New World Order and the mark of the beast is coming, and those who refuse the mark will be targeted, that is you and me already because the Beast already knows, but for those on the fence, hurry turn to God, learn the word of God, do not put your heart in the things of this world, as it is going to end, the beast will be so horribly terrifying man will die from fear, that is scripture, we are on the edge of the most diabolical time ever recorded in history of mankind. Please Pray for all mankind. Satan has come down like a roaring lion to devour and destroy, he has a short time, and it will be horrific. The Lord is with us, he knows all they do, he see's them in their hiding places, and reveals their evil, he is with us and will never forsake us our abandon us, we will watch as these things unfold, and he will strengthen the righteous, and give power from on high, with his word, he will deliver us out of the hands of evil to a place of safety.

Thank You

Sister Sarah In Christ Jesus Holy Name.

Comment by God's Grace on February 21, 2017 at 10:30pm

Thank you Sarah, you are a blessing to the TI community....God Bless you and your husband.

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Torture prevention audio using bit shifter and room correction

I have been able to control the system that tortures me using my computer, bass boost and room correction. The bass boost option in the sound settings is only on some systems and you must disable the high range setting first to see it in options, which is replaced by bass management if it is not disabled. Then using a bit shifter and room correction along with an AM Radio that picks up the computers sound at about 1400hz, a victim will be able to stop mist attacks.First startup the bit shifter…See More
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"The CD is free BUT you have to give a donation , that reminds me I have to send one."
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"Dipti, I find by understanding this is an old Frequency War (1939) that got hacked in CYBER is just mind-energy catching.   IF you can,KNOW YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT-BELIEVE...ALL THE INFORMATION IS PROPAGANDA_NOT…"
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"Are there any demographics of those enduring, or Helpful hints on proper livelihood and communities that understand the science?"
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"HI Dipti...I am "critical" event in 2014, too.  Other evidence shows the technology used prior in paranormal and such. In U.S. yet visited India and Nepal. Blessings to your inner peace.     carrie (TX)"
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