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Nick Fo replied to deca's discussion How many Ti`s do you think there is ?
"Yes according to deepthoughts recent article it speculates this programs never been just an advanced torture program, but something with the ultimate goal of taking complete control of the whole human race by an a.i. by using "TI's"…"
5 minutes ago
LaBrat replied to Cedric's discussion Washington Post-Snowden: NSA employees share intercepted sexts in the group The Ed Snowden group.
"ed-'it', maybe?  or possibly cedric's all fatigued from posting all those hilarious pix on grubby-ellen-robert-gord's lawsuit 'discussion' lol!"
18 minutes ago
LaBrat commented on LaBrat's blog post how NOT to look like a perp while trolling!
"metric clay have you noticed that you have started posting a number of video's consecutively the last few nights i have posted?   it's probably coincidental and if it stops i'll be sure to take it the right way!"
35 minutes ago
LaBrat replied to deca's discussion how many people have been physically assulted by a perp/gangstalker ?
"david of tomorrow claimed: Look, you didnt have a lobotomy.  And you didnt have secret surgery for an implant.  Youre not a TI your scizo go try and tell your little tales to some otger group. PS., youll notice that no one gives…"
43 minutes ago
LaBrat commented on Susie peris's group UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
"hi sophie     you are imho quite correct - others here (including, if memory serves, carrin from s, africa) have indicated suddenly hearing such thoughts and even finding themselves prompted to experience or…"
1 hour ago
Sophie Paulin commented on Susie peris's group UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
"Hello KQ, There is definitely a racial overtone around the mind control. Have you been on a program, which picks up your thought and do a mind lock against your will. It is really annoying. It can drive you crazy. A thought is prompted and then you…"
1 hour ago
LaBrat replied to deca's discussion How many Ti`s do you think there is ?
"it may only be an informed estimate based on the research that tracy does mention (which i would be willing to settle for, especially since statistics would likely be systematically repressed as mentioned…"
1 hour ago
Organized Stalking Chennai City replied to OS Chennai's discussion ORGANIZED STALKING IN CHENNAI , INDIA
"Please visit my YOUTUBE Channel 'OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity' to see videos showing evidence of my Electronic Harassment and hacking. Do visit the PLAYLISTS section of the youtube channel to see Dr John Hall interviews and Celebrity…"
1 hour ago



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