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Microchip Implant since childhood 人体芯片,自小受害 (Testimony见证)

Targeted Individuals maybe targeted much earlier in their life than perceived. 人体芯片实验受害者,遭害的时间点很可能比眼睛所看到的来得早。

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Comment by Antti Markus Kantola on January 9, 2018 at 2:58am

now i have new information. i write to you shortly. Its a technology for helping physically disabled people. so they can receive vision senses, and feelings from another walking man. Transforming little electric signals from brain and nervous channels to microwaves and sending them to another man via satellite. No computer chip in the implant. About 25 years old technology. Then the microwaves are analogically transformed back to electricity and continued to the physically disabled man to receive vision. They still stage the thing as gank stalking, because theres effect on attention usage with persons using this implanted device. But its just designed for physically disabled people to being able to see normal life. i can write you more later if you're still interested.



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