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Mind Control Tactics Used on Us - Matrix Deciphered Part 2

In our continued discussion of Robert Duncan's book Matrix Deciphered we talk about the exact tactics being used today by various governments & intelligence ...

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Comment by deca on August 10, 2020 at 5:19am

First is just a dumb way to deploy nanobots as most will just go down the drain or be blown/washed out to sea ...there a big difference between nano particle and a nanobot(plus nobody's ever found any nanobots) .... next there just more plausible explanations …weather modification …or part of EW electronic warfare ....RADAR shaft or obscure optical satellite surveillance ..... next they have basically figured out what Morgellons is anyway it seems that the belief been hijacked and used as psychological warfare (using primal fears/phobias of creepy crawlies /chemical attacks etc) and heavily promoted on the alternative media for years and used as misdirection

Comment by deca on August 10, 2020 at 3:56am

I was enjoying this until it went into "nanobots" ...theirs too much misinformation speculation about nano/chemtrails/Morgellons ...

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YOU WONT HAVE AGENCY OVER YOUR OWN ACTIONS WHEN YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET OF BODIES.The Internet of Bodies is a system which is endorsed and backed by the World Economic Forum where your brain and central nervous system will become wirelessly connected from internal implants to a supercomputer and a network of computers by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy. Data will then be stolen from your brain and body and sent to a central location where a large number…See More
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"Folks "WW3" on purpose might just begin. Welcome to the Russian Federation."
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"Who Polices the Police? Thank God Almighty because crimes are unimaginable. Brain control is 1 aspect. It worst than it appears!!!!"
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"Cops are oblvious and horrors are happening. Jeffery Dalmer with top secret tech. Cattle mutilations are whistleblowers. Nazi KKK brutal."
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"Its scary. Child mutilation and gluing. Top secret medical glue. They are white men/women monsters. You cant imagine. Jeffrey Dalmer"
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"Divide & conquer. India/China China/Tibet India/Pakistan Israel/Iran North Korea/South Korea Ethiopia. Brain control white supremacy."
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"I know everything. Brain control is 1 aspect. They have what you call alien tech. Walk into your home and rape you unconsciencely. Nazi KKK."
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