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Comment by AtlantiTeo on February 6, 2011 at 4:04pm
World wide HAARP farms coordinates:

62°23'29.66''N, 145°06'58.47''W

Sura Facility
HAARP Like Facility
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
56°7'9.70''N, 46°2'3.66''E
56°08'N, 46°06'E

National MST Radar Facility
Andra Pradesh, India
13°27'26.68''N, 79°10'30.74''E

Jicamarca Radio Observatory
Lima, Peru
11°57'6''S, 76°52'27''W

Jindalee Operational Radar Network
Long Reach, Australia
23°24'S, 143°48'E
Leonora, Australia
28°19'02.5608''S, 122°50'36.4416''E
Laverton, West Australia
28°19'36.29''S, 122°0'18.84''E
23°39'28.9692''S, 144°08'43.5552''E
Alice spring, Australia
22°58'03.2196''S, 134°26'52.5732''E

Arecibo, Porto Rico
18°20'39''N, 66°45'10''W

EISCAT, Norway
69°35'10.67''N, 19°13'28.62''E

HiScat/Teracom, Sweden
55°49N, 13°44E

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my sufferings..a life of torchure, pleasure, and pain

In grade school it all started after telling on fellow students who were peeing all over the bathroom floor.  The bullying was daily.  I lashed out at myself, my family and they never brought me to see a psychologist.  Growing up in my younger days was confusing and painful.  Daily beatings, school bus harrassment, girls making fun of me, guys punching the crap out of me.  I had ellusions of getting revenge which became psychologicly and socially damaging to myself because i always knew theyre…See More
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"any body no were the technology equiptment being used to target us is kept"
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"or people yelling from cars..all passive magneto fields amplified inside you reaching out a distance"
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