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Comment by AtlantiTeo on February 6, 2011 at 4:04pm
World wide HAARP farms coordinates:

62°23'29.66''N, 145°06'58.47''W

Sura Facility
HAARP Like Facility
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
56°7'9.70''N, 46°2'3.66''E
56°08'N, 46°06'E

National MST Radar Facility
Andra Pradesh, India
13°27'26.68''N, 79°10'30.74''E

Jicamarca Radio Observatory
Lima, Peru
11°57'6''S, 76°52'27''W

Jindalee Operational Radar Network
Long Reach, Australia
23°24'S, 143°48'E
Leonora, Australia
28°19'02.5608''S, 122°50'36.4416''E
Laverton, West Australia
28°19'36.29''S, 122°0'18.84''E
23°39'28.9692''S, 144°08'43.5552''E
Alice spring, Australia
22°58'03.2196''S, 134°26'52.5732''E

Arecibo, Porto Rico
18°20'39''N, 66°45'10''W

EISCAT, Norway
69°35'10.67''N, 19°13'28.62''E

HiScat/Teracom, Sweden
55°49N, 13°44E

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"@Chanath Christmas 2014 Christmas 2015. :-( The situation does not improve. We are always stalled. New victims arrive. In Europe we have political destabilization: "The Freemasons Worldwide group", "the Illuminati Worldwide…"
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""Tips and clues" 5. Focus on what they want u to focus on 5 senses. 5 fingers."
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"Like Mandela we will be free one day. Beautiful."
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"livingtarget, Yes I have the hard lump mass in my arm too.  It just popped up about 6 years ago.  I went to a massage therapist and they were able to reduce it temporarily but it came back.  The Perps just love zapping that mass, they…"
1 hour ago
Irvin commented on Jupirena Stein's status
"attacked as I'm writing. Check overloads. perpetrators in Physical control. Pc turning on and off = They feeding of ure anxiety. Seems ure perps are feeding big time. What I've learned is that it seems the level of attack is the level of…"
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Irvin left a comment for Jupirena Stein
"Lights switching on and off. I'm from sa and it seems there's an infrared signal running through the lights . every time I switch the light on the sat TV front panel flash, likevi were using a remote to change the channel. Emf can…"
2 hours ago
Irvin left a comment for livingtarget.SA01
"Hi. 10 years in the grave. I went to the police , a few weeks ago the newspaper quickly learned we are not gonna get help. I'm not gonna die doing research. They pissing on us and we believe its raining. The only way we will get justice high…"
2 hours ago
livingtarget.SA01 commented on livingtarget.SA01's blog post Breaking legs Off
"@cat catI think your guess re:cancer might be more right than just speculative.  In my case they hit my testicles really hard and its painful. Also at one point my right arm was attacked for such a long time that it had a massive hard bumb. As…"
3 hours ago



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