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Planet Earth Weapon by Rosalie Bertell, ozone,haarp,chem trails,space war,van - 35:35 - Feb 3, 2007

U.S tactics to USE OUR EARTHS atmosphere for yet again more killing! Ozone layer caused by us and our underarm deodorant???? Yea right!!! More like the tons of Nuclear Weapons the U.S fired into the Van Allen Belts within 6 mths of discovering them!!!!! I guess because they knew man couldn't pass through them to get to the moon!!!!! This is a great seminar, it includes weather control, HAARPS, and all the nasty stuff the governments are doing to our planet! For more info. and videos on what's really going on in our world today, VISIT Everything from 9/11 7/7 conspiracy, paranormal, ufo, MK-Ultra, mind control, a truly MIND OPENING website. Enjoy

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"Im interested in recieving frequancy specteum results! SDR results are fine! Looking for peaks below 1GHz.. please get in touch!"
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Ed Gillham, Targeted Individual explains how to gather evidence

"I have a set of SDR peaks screenshotted <1GHz as that is where frequancy heterodyning must occur.. I have some very interesting results but where are we supposed to send them? I am interested in recieving similar?"
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Unlocking a car with your Brain - Sixty Symbols

Professor Roger Bowley unlocks his car from various distances, using waves from his key, brain and a big bottle of water. Visit our website at http://www.six...
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"Personal microchip jesus"
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Scott Hensler Visits Wayne Morin Jr 12 11 17 in Calistoga CA.

A real gem my brother in Christ Scott Hensler and I Wayne Morin Jr at my kitchen table my 1957 doing a Radio Interview for The Tin Foil Hat Club what a real ...



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