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Powerful 3 Color Phaser Hit the Korean Missile Test??, 1582

Powerful 3 Color Phaser Hit the Korean Missile Test??, 1582 Since the explosion of Little Kim’s prototype ICBM, about 54 hours ago, I got an email from a sup...

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Comment by cat cat on Thursday

God's Grace, you brought up a good point.  "this needs to be exposed".  I have not posted in detail what all has happened to me or ones around me.  I do know this for a fact more and more people are waking up to "something is terrible wrong with the world and their bodies"  When your test results come back from the doctor and he ask you if someone could be poising you, you start looking for answers.  I am referring to a female friend who went to a specialist to find out why she was so tired and emotional all the time.  She was on the verge of losing her job.  The selenium level in her blood was 365 normal is around 150.  Her thyroid was way off and her hormones.  There was no way to fix her high selenium level. 

My point is GOOD doctor's know what is going on but afraid to say anything but among themselves.  Also, more and more alternative news all discussing the take over of the world by the rich globalist. 

I wish I could post the other very important info I have but do not want to get the wrath from the perps for posting it.  But do know this...........the "evil program" is well known and by people who can try to help.  But how do ordinary people fight a regime of pure evil satanist who can mind control anyone at anytime, hence how they have managed to turn somewhat nice people into their allies.

Comment by God's Grace on Thursday

Yes, they were furious after I posted this, and tortured me quite violently....they don't want the truth coming out.....but thank you for your concern, much appreciated.

Comment by cat cat on Thursday

God's Grace I am so sorry to hear about your cat.  The pure EVIL of this program never ceases to amaze me and not in a good way.

Comment by God's Grace on Thursday

Wayne, I've listened to this link right into 50, all very good, but it says nothing about these technologies, please could you be more specific about where I can hear this!! Thanks!

Comment by God's Grace on Thursday

Well, this morning, a black cat was found dead outside the gate to the entrance of the complex I live in, and my poor cat is walking around like she is in pain....barely moves from one spot, and hisses and growls if I try to stroke her more than once or something is going on!! This needs to be exposed.  Thanks Wayne for that link, much appreciated, hope you get some peace soon, and you too cat cat - you both have been such warriors on behalf of TI's - God Bless you both, and thank you for all your participation.....!

Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on Wednesday

Yes my Doctor has been very good-my heart speacilst . And I have talked to him about me being a TI and have asked many questions about my pacemaker and its vanuribality. He is great. Its the sleep depravation and the neruo REM and AI that the NSA and Mossad through the Michael Aquino I have to deal with.
In His Service
Thank you cat cat.

Comment by cat cat on Wednesday

Wayne, I will pray for you.  They are hitting me hard too.  They have been very vicious in their attacks like never before.  Not only physical but mental.  Shielding makes them made and they will get mean to keep you from using it. 

Wayne, do you have a good doctor?  Can they help you?

Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on Wednesday

Thank You Gods Grace. His State of the Union type address was even more powerful. He actucally spoke of technologies that have been used - and have been suppressed - and not for the good of all.

I will leave the link-
state of union trump

Go to 40-listen from there-this is were Alex Jones also I feel Gods Grace.
Pray for me everyone-my attacks have been devastating-my health and pig value and 2 pacemakers are on its last legs and my tormentors are hellbent on killing a white Christian male-who is born again.

In Jesus Christ Service
Remember Colimbine-all the people who died-and the Christians that did not deny their faith in Jesus Christ that Day.

Comment by God's Grace on Wednesday

I agree, and in his Easter speech, he also gave some indication that he knows what TI's are going through, imo, when he said that American's should know that 'We are fighting for you, to make America great again' he said it in such a serious tone, that I thought he was genuinely speaking to those who sent him hundreds of twitters on that open day, about what TI's are going through.....they flooded his twitter account with this news, by all that I've read.

Comment by brian bovo on Wednesday
I don't fall for shit.

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"PLEASE GET THIS INTO YOUR HEADS Everyone, otherwise you will end up like Myron May and other victims. The people assaulting you are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. They are trained to lead you down a path for example to suicide, mental hospital, or even an…"
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"You need to build a faraday's cage. I am getting one built of 1 inch thick steal. I will then add other material to it like copper foil on the outside, and rf blocking paint, velostat, or microwave blocking fabric. It won't entirely block…"
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Block your fridge, air conditioner

They use thermal and magnetic induction.I use canvas, and antistatic and cotton or polyester material. It may not stop totally but it dampens intensity.See More
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Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten. Come back soon.

2017.Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten.-         Pat B.The events that marked the beginning of 2010 boded ill for many in our community. Edmund Igberaese, a young male of African descent, began his account thus:“ My story begins in the United States. It is May of 2009 , and I wear a robe befitting a recent high school graduate. I am a 16-year-old boy of African descent so blessed with gifts that I managed to finish high school as 5th in my graduating class of over 400 students. I feel…See More
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"  You can see    The 2" electro-beam is 50uA (microamps)  This article may help you "Measuring Electric Current using  an oscilloscope, a generator for signal,…"
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"I tried this.  The borox mixed with water and used as a shampoo.  It really does do something.  The best way I know how to describe it is it slightly lessens the perps signal on you.   But it dries out your hair really…"
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