Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

President Clinton admits to mind control experiments

DOE Shield DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments: Roadmap to the Project
Building Public Trust

Use search words:

bill clinton Public Trust government experiments

Down down load this video and much more here:


RANDOM NOTES on mind control etc

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 228 for "MIND CONTROL" deprogramming techniques "how to" nlp. (0.17 seconds) og.view&friendID=13524445&blogID=8832529 4&MyToken=56b

mission mind control


Use Of Monarch Mind Control Methodology

Stewart Swerdlow




heavy rock stars frequency

Country western triggers in many of the words in the songs

charkas.. creating antenna that can be tape into exploited

"end time programming" maybe related to end game

1962 creation of mk-ultra mk-delta UBRELLA radiation electric shock.. standard psychology psychiatry para military devices and materials

monarch program sex slaves AKA presidential models human taper recorders spies used to download and install programming vai sexual activities

marlan Monroe a prisoner "blow it all open" before she was killed


mk draco



1951 project artochoke
sodium pentathol narco hypnotic interrogation drugs and hypnosis simultaneously bulbocapnine

1949 project blue bird
conditioning of personnel not to revel information if tortured in case captures they would not reveal information and memory enhancement


mental hospital Detroit psychiatric clinic mayo clinic NIH national institute of health

"new age" nuasiam

alien ginsberg

john lenon

Jim Morison

Alex Huxley

timothy leery NIMH funding mk-ultra

dr Albert Hoffman bezel Switzerland sandals labs ye fungus experiment came up with LSD 1938 CIA bought 100 million doses for experimentation test on military personnel and public

dr. ewan camarn canada 1940 1950s basis for monarch programming.. from Scotland worked in mental facilities.. electroshock entrain the mind through trauma break or fragments a persons personality MONARCH known for his brutality with his patents
energy (orgone)

dr. wilhem Reich 1920 - 190 50s oregone energy not available to the public considered to be illegal in the united states

Dr. George estrabrooks 1940s

dr watkins
induce criminal behavior in people through suggestions ... can't make you do something that is not within your patterning

mind control and programming through sexuality

trauma reactions classical conditioning, (repetition)

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