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Comment by Carrin Behr on September 9, 2013 at 6:16pm

Please watch this Big Al, it explains that computers are tampered with externally

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LaBrat replied to fin27uk's discussion Spiritual or Technology?
"'deca', i found something a little more your speed (since you still refuse to address my challenge above:)   Reply by LaBrat on April 11, 2015 at 8:47pm " 'deca' is not going to pull out that ten foot pole and…"
13 minutes ago
LaBrat commented on LaBrat's blog post Are YOU M-K Ultra's 'T. I. Poster Child'?
"sometimes it's the nice ones you have to watch out for - and, once in a while, it's just as well if you just can't tell!"
37 minutes ago
LaBrat commented on LaBrat's blog post Anthony Forwood versus Robert Duncan - may the real truth win!
"since the imposter and "ex"-c.i.a. hack whom eleanor white disclosed to cliff huylebroeck and other targets is using the alias 'robert duncan' declined repeated suggestions that he dare venture beyond the hospitable…"
1 hour ago
Bình Hà Thanh posted a blog post

Bạn Có Biết Những Điểm Đến Không Thể Bỏ Qua Khi Đi Du Lịch Sapa

Nếu bạn chưa một lần đến Sapa hay đã đến Sapa mà trải nghiệm hết thì hãy lập kế hoạch cho mình một chuyến đi du lịch Sapa đầy thú vị nhé. Điểm đến Sa Pa chắc chắn không còn xa lạ trên bản đồ du lịch Việt Nam.  Nơi đây ẩn chứa trong mình nhiều điều kỳ diệu của thiên nhiên với những thảm ruộng bậc thang hòa mình với sắc xanh của rừng cây, tạo nên bức tranh có bố cục…See More
3 hours ago
LaBrat commented on LaBrat's blog post Brilliant Analysis Buried Alive! (Scroll WAY Down!) :-)
"folks, meet jinoe/sourgraten/rfsynchopatemelody/thenewmind    he 'could' put all his scientific breakthroughs (if only they were even realistic) all in the same article and hope someone notices it, instead of spamming…"
4 hours ago
thenewmind posted a status
"they resonate off water and pipes, and air moving, we need to focus on resistors or de-resonators"
4 hours ago
thenewmind posted a status
"place spiral wind on faucets"
4 hours ago
thenewmind posted a status
"so new idea, the blocks i made were not completely effective, but try making a wind of copper wire and silver wire, spiral the wind"
4 hours ago



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