Just a reminder from someone who is experiencing day to day attacks, pathetic V2K algorithm by little sad nobodies and other forms of this nonsense... DO NOT TAKE IT!!! There SICK CRIMINALS basically took your innocence, they are KILLING innocent people every day!!! Men, women and even children. And the most diagusting thing is that they are so sick, they are even enjoying it. They are barely humans anymore. They try to dehumanize us (😂) but they are the mindless, controlled puppets. They need to be stopped! I would never advocate for any form of violence but it's  NOT just about you. Being silent, suffering in silence is not a solution. I am sorry to say this but the attacks will not stop and they will just get worse. No one knows about one case, where these attacks would have stopped. This is not to scare you, and please don't kill yourself if you are depressed, quite the opposite. WAKE UP! Step out of the "victim" role, and do EVERYTHING in you power you can. Keep putting preassure on your local authorities, keep sending emails, letters to Human Right organisations, the more they get, the more preassure there is on them. Search for Dr. Kathrine Horton on YouTube for detailed info, how to proceed legally. Also, if you are comfortable, make a video and share it on YouTube so you can use it as proof and so we know you are out there. DO NOT make it easy for them! If you don't act, their unspeakably crimes will not end. If you are scared, get very angry because what they have done to you! They are driving nice cars and spending money they earn on YOUR suffering and pain! Are you okay with that?! PS. if you looking for media support, an idea: VICE. They have done a video/documentary about the world of gang stalking before. Take care, be safe, but DO NOT TAKE IT! These sick animals are so brainwashed that they actually believe that they have the right to do all this to us, and they are more than everybody else, but they are nothing more than sick psychopaths microwaved to the point where there is barely a human being in there, a sadist criminal getting off on innocent people's pain! YOU DO HAVE YOUR RIGHTS AND YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF, NO MATTER WHAT! 

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  • Contacting VICE NEWS is an excellent suggestion. I think Soleilmavis Liu should be the correspondent & I hope she follows up.
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