ICATOR INTERNATIONAL LAWSUIT & upcoming Radio Show with Melanie Vritschan
We are delighted to inform you that ICATOR are underway with an International Class Action.
We have a Belgium Lawyer who has found a way of including Victims worldwide. So all can participate if they wish to do so.
At this time we are raising funds for the legal fees. We require 15,000 Euros to start the Lawsuit.
Those with evidence can submit this and even those without evidence can still take part by submitting a Witness Statement / Testimonial.
It costs 100 Euros to submit either evidence or statements, and participants MUST become a member of Icator first which costs 60 Euros or 120 Euros to be a supporting member. This can be done via Bank Transfer or via the Gofundme link on our website - Icator.be
(Please reference any payments clearly and with your name)
The case is based in Belgium, so all Belgium residents will be classed as the Plaintiff's along with Icator itself and non Belgium residents will be classed as Witnesses. It is a Criminal case and there will be an appointed Judge to lead the legal proceedings which will include investigations where a crime is indicated.
The case is the first of its kind and should set a precedent for the future.
If the case were to fail in Belgium it would then go to the European Court of Human rights.
We require as many donations, evidence submissions and witness statements as possible. The more victims from around the world uniting for this cause the better !!!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself, or Icator directly - Melanie.vritschan.icator@gmail.com
An Icator letter is attached with further details and banking information.
Melanie Vritschan President of ICATOR will be on the Frank Allen Radio Show 17th December 2021 9pm USA Eastern time. 
Discussing the Lawsuit & how it will work, answering questions & and sharing some very exciting news regarding the lawsuit !!! We hope you may be able to tune in for the show & if not it will be recorded and put online afterwards. Please kindlt share this email & and information if possible.
Stay safe !!!
Kind Regards
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  • No problems ! Please share this information with as many as possible, all victims need to be aware
  • Great news! Thank you!
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