Letter to Mr. Noam Chomsky

Dear Mr. Chomsky

This letter aims to introduce you to the testimonies of a woman who is the targeted individual and to explain to you how different our experiences are, all of us from all over the world and how our only goal is - stop gang stalking. I am from Serbia and I am one of those who have been persecuted and belong to that world for political reason for 35 years. My older sun was also a targeted individual, who in his resistance to the dictatorial regime in Serbia was led to orchestrated suicide two years ago. My activity is related to the discovery and prosecution of his and our family’s abusers. I was always aware that I was the main target.

In Serbia, you are known primarily among citizens, not as a scientist, writer and researcher, but as a left-wing political dissident! I have to tell you that I believe that is difficult for a foreigner, no matter how and how much he was informed, to assess when and how he should support without regretting it! And the last I heard about you was a letter to Aleksandar Vucic on the occasion of the Institute of Philosophy. That is the absolute truth!

Today I read in the newspaper that a Serbian philosopher contacted you to inform you about the current situation in the country where I live! I know and testify that this is an enslaved country, occupied from within, a perfidious dictatorship that does not dare to clash its supporters against brave citizens just to preserve power, especially before the upcoming elections!

 I am one of those who sincerely   supports people who have taken to the streets and roads looking for the basics: clean air in often the most polluted city in the whole world, clean water, land without all kinds of waste and above all - laws, since the institutions of the system do not work at all! But I would add – stop gang stalking and we do not allow you to turn our children into slaves, you will not make our children robots! Serbia is a country that uses scientific discoveries to kill, torture and intimidate people opposing regimes, which directs bloody scenarios and great deceptions, since Goli Otok, a concentration camp in 1949.

 I just want to point out that we who live in dictatorial regimes as targeted individuals have particularly severe suffering, but it is also much easier to identify both our persecutors and principals!

I know that you know how the societies of Eastern Europe were unfree and how this area, the Balkans, was viciously destroyed during the wars, during the disintegration of the former SFRY, and that you have studied that.  If you or your friends and associates would be interested in our suffering in our own country and among our own people, you can find it at the following address!


I suppose that my brave fellow citizens will receive your support and thank you for that, and I am here, but I know that the struggle of us targeted individuals, which is the most important thing in the life of every child, woman and man, is – thorny!

I wish you all the best

Gordana Filipovic

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  • I'm so glad to hear that you received personal recognition from Chomsky of your son's death & his suffering & yours - that's excellent.
    Pitifully, Orwellian doublespeak permeates our 'progressive' media on the left & the little cracks need to become larger & louder. Pain is everywhere.
    Love & Peace ... imagine there's no heaven.
  • Hi. I just want to offer my support by further circulating this article. (Information is being shared).www.balkaninsight.com/2021/11/30/havana-syndrome-the-perfect-diseas...
    www.balkaninsight.com "Havana Syndrome The Perfect Disease for a Post-Truth World", written by Jonathan Ferra on November 30, 2021
    So sad & terrifying what's happening there - more madness. I was in Brcko & Belgrade in 1994 & can recall Susan Sontag making headlines in 1993 by staging "Waiting for Godot" in Sarajevo. She asked audience members to bring candles to distribute for humanitarian aid. Another memory is how Muslim women hid & carried contraceptives to help prevent rape.
    (Sarajevo hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics & Taiwan, first participated, as Chinese Taipei at these games. Another historic realignment ...I do not know what else to say).
    Please take care & stay safe.
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