brain to brain interfacing in combination with bio (1)


We have been injected by nano technology which self replicates and self assembles inside our bodies and brains. The nano technology inside us then generates an artificial energy field around our bodies which is then held in suspension by the bioengineers who conduct their evil work from unknown remote locations by wireless means, possibly many thousands of miles from the unwilling victim which they hope to bio-robotize. The bio-engineers then connect the artificial energy field which they have held in suspension around the unwilling to electrical energy within the home of the victim and in so doing they can then physically control the unwilling victim.
I am not entirely sure if this is how human biorobotization is carried out because the explanation was given to me by wireless remote means by unknown others who speak to me from unknown remote locations at a time in the distant past. Please make this explanation available to scientists who are researching how this extreme crime is being carried out.
I wish to add an entriely different story here but along the same lines as follows:-
A man names Jordan Bronson who suffered in the past from extreme electrical sensitivity has invented a bracelet which he calls the wonder bracelet which cancels out the problem of electrical sensitivity. He says that mobile phone signals and electrical atoms around us get absorbed into our bodies and cause us harm. However, such signals are very attracted to metal, aluminium foil and water. He states that positive ions will attach to copper and negative ions will attach to steel. He has made a very simple bracelet from a combination of copper wire and stainless steel wire which absorbs the digital signals and renders them harmless to us. He now can drive his car and live his life without being bothered by electrical sensitivity. Jordan Bronson has demonstrated in several online videos how we can make our own bracelets at home cheaply and easily. He even gives instructions as to what types of copper and stainless steel wire we should purchase and everything else we will need to make the bracelet which he calls the Two Metal Yang Portable Grounding Bracelet and which he also calls the Wonder Bracelet. Here are two links to two of his online videos and

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