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Here below is a copy of an email which I sent to the Department of Justice of Ireland this morning 22nd November, 2021 and also a copy of the reply which I received back from that same Government Department as follows:-


gretta fahey <>

The system of legal ownership of the new roads of Ireland is not the same as the system of legal ownership of the old soon to be abandoned roads
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gretta fahey <>Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 10:58 AM

To Whom it Concerns,                        
The system of legal ownership of the old roads which are now being used by people  entering and leaving Castlebar is completely different from the system of legal ownership of the new roads and bridges which are now being built for future  use by people entering and leaving Castlebar.
  We, the people of Ireland legally own the old roads  and no one ever has the legal right to stop us  using them.   However, the new roads are  legally owned and controlled by corporate owners and they would have the legal right at any time in the future to force us to pay a toll if we ever wished to enter or leave the town of Castlebar.   They would also have the legal right to refuse to allow us to enter or leave the town of Castlebar, thereby making us lockdown prisoners in the town of Castlebar.   Further to that, when the new roads are complete, the old roads will be broken up with stone breakers and they will be covered over with sand and soil and trees will possibly be sown on the area where they once were.
Please refer this entire matter to local solicitors and barristers and do not refer it to state solicitors or barristers because  state solicitors and barristers may be  working in alignment with the corporate owners of the new roads and they may be unwittingly  working against the best interests of the Irish people.   I am not suggesting that they have evil intent.  I am simply suggesting that brain weapons have been used against them to make them less capable of defending our country than they once were.
Most of the resources of the earth are now owned and controlled by two mega corporations which are called Vanguard and Blackrock, and their share holders amount to approximately seven hundred men and women.    They are believed to be dark occultists such as Luciferians, Satanists, Ultra Zionists and some  other equally ruthless business men and women with no belief system at all.   They are known to control  the British Royal Family, The Vatican  and the United Nations.    They also own and control most of the main stream media and youtube.  They control all of the activities of the British secret police and possibly the secret police of the Republic of Ireland unbeknownst to even the official Irish government.  
  They are connecting the brains of unwilling and non-consenting men and women to the brain internet which is also known as the internet of bodies.   They achieve this by means of injecting nano technology into the bodies of their victims  and that nano technology then travels to their brains and becomes embedded there, turning the brains of their victims into transmitters and receivers of information which can be used to harm them.  The American Industrialist Elon Musk who is an agent of the Luciferians and who was groomed for his position as head of a major mega corporation has stated publicly that people can be connected to the brain internet without the need for brain implant surgery but with the need to insert nano technology into them through their veins.    Many Irish men and women including myself  have already been unwillingly and non-consensually connected by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy  to the brain internet but we can not provide any proof to the Gardai that we are connected to it so our situation has never been resolved.   If you continue to ignore our plight you and your children may some day be connected to it.
Please look into the issue of the legal ownership of the new roads around Castlebar before the old roads are closed down forever and please discuss it in the Mayo county  council chambers and please place on official  record accurate information about  where we the people of Ireland  stand legally on the ownership of the new roads around Castlebar which are currently being built.  Please make sure that  using of the new roads by the people of Ireland  instead of using the old roads does not change  the legal rights of road use  of the people of Ireland in any way.
If you require further information and proof of how the British Royal Family and the Vatican were taken over and controlled by dark occultists  during the Napoleonic wars and are still under their control  you will such  information in a book titled ' Royal Blood Lies' by  author, journalist and historian Susan Bradford and her website is
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey,  Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901
My mobile phone number is 087 1046096
22nd November, 2021.  

INFO <>Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 11:15 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am directed by the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, T.D. to thank
you for your email dated 22/11/2021, the contents of which have been noted.

However, as this matter is more appropriate to the Department of Transport,
I have referred your correspondence to that Department for appropriate

Yours sincerely

Mr Patrick McCabe
Private Secretary to the
Minister for Justice

From :  gretta fahey <>

Date :  22/11/2021
Subject:        The system of legal ownership of the new roads of Ireland is
       not the same as the system of legal ownership of the old soon to be
       abandoned roads
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Is le haghaidh an duine nó an eintitis ar a bhfuil sí dírithe, agus le haghaidh an duine nó an eintitis sin amháin, a bheartaítear an fhaisnéis a tarchuireadh agus féadfaidh sé go bhfuil ábhar faoi rún agus/nó faoi phribhléid inti. Toirmisctear aon athbhreithniú, atarchur nó leathadh a dhéanamh ar an bhfaisnéis seo, aon úsáid eile a bhaint aisti nó aon ghníomh a dhéanamh ar a hiontaoibh, ag daoine nó ag eintitis seachas an faighteoir beartaithe. Má fuair tú é seo trí dhearmad, téigh i dteagmháil leis an seoltóir, le do thoil, agus scrios an t-ábhar as aon ríomhaire. Is é beartas na Roinne Dlí agus Cirt, na nOifígí agus na nGníomhaireachtaí a úsáideann seirbhísí TF na Roinne seoladh ábhair cholúil a dhícheadú.

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