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Nita A Farahany has published a widely available book called "The Battle For Your Brain, where she claims that our thoughts can be easily read now. Furthermore, A new artificial intelligence system called a semantic decoder can translate a person’s brain activity — while listening to a story or silently imagining telling a story — into a continuous stream of text. The system developed by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin might help people who are mentally conscious yet unable to physically speak, such as those debilitated by strokes, to communicate intelligibly again. The study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, was led by Jerry Tang, a doctoral student in computer science, and Alex Huth, an assistant professor of neuroscience and computer science at UT Austin. The work relies in part on a transformer model, similar to the ones that power Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.
I am a non-consensual subject of remotely conducted brain research and I have been so for more than twenty years. You can find more information on Nita A Farahany and all of the above information on brain reading capabilities at the following online link
This morning, 16th May, 2023, at 5.30 am G.M.T., I was woken up by means of a wirelessly and remotely conducted attack on my genitals. I experience such wireless remote attacks on all parts of my body and brain on an ongoing basis. I am a sixty three year old single and celibate woman and I live alone. I am afraid that children are being attacked in a similar way and their parents may no nothing about it. Ricardo Delgado of www.laquintacolumna has proven that most but not all injections which we receive now contain graphene oxide which is being used as a brain to computer interface so that we can be physically, mentally and emotionally controlled by wireless remote means by unknown criminals. For further information on graphene oxide inside our bodies which act as brain to computer interfaces topic please read information found at the following online link:-
Graphene active sensors have demonstrated promising capabilities for the detection of electrophysiological signals in the brain. Their functional properties, together with their flexibility as well as their expected stability and biocompatibility have raised them as a promising building block for large-scale sensing neural interfaces. However, in order to provide reliable tools for neuroscience and biomedical engineering applications, the maturity of this technology must be thoroughly studied. Here, we evaluate the performance of 64-channel graphene sensor arrays in terms of homogeneity, sensitivity and stability using a wireless, quasi-commercial headstage and demonstrate the biocompatibility of epicortical graphene chronic implants. Furthermore, to illustrate the potential of the technology to detect cortical signals from infra-slow to high-gamma frequency bands, we perform proof-of-concept long-term wireless recording in a freely behaving rodent. Our work demonstrates the maturity of the graphene-based technology, which represents a promising candidate for chronic, wide frequency band neural sensing interfaces.
During the past more than twenty years as a non-consensual remote brain research subject I have experienced unknown others reading my thoughts and responding to them in real time, forced muscle movement, immobilization of a selection of my muscles, electric shock, pain, sudden feelings of extreme heat, sudden feelings of extreme cold, sleep deprivation, remote control of my facial muscles, me being forced to speak words and whole sentences and swearing out of my mouth that have not been generated by me, remote electrical stimulation of my genitals and groin, remote stimulation of areas inside my body, remote stimulation of my peripheral nervous system which makes me feel as if someone is touching me, forced virtual reality experiences as if I am at a strange location where there are other people talking to me and they are dark places which I dont wish to be with sinister types of people I don't want to talk to. I have also experienced being unable to feel certain parts of my body on a monentary basis. I don't know who is conducting brain research on me and I have never met any of them but I have seen people in my back garden and in the farm yard of my home at dusk when it would be too dark to photograph them or to identify them later. I once attempted to tell my story to the local Gardai but they forced me to attend for psychiatric evaluation and I interpreted this situation as the loss of my freedom under the control of psychiatry if I continued speaking about this topic so I said nothing else about it at that time.
Psychiatric patients are unwillingly confined inside psychiatric hospitals by psychiatrists because of the refusal of psychiatrists to face reality and to accept that Remote Neural Manipulation is in widespread use against their patients. Other than the extreme no-touch torture symptoms their patients are experiencing they are all perfectly sane. Psychiatrists holding back the whole world from solving the crime of Remote Neural Manipulation by their stupid and selfish behaviour
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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