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On a bitchute channel called Frequency Wars the presenter Tim Ray interviewed world renowned weapons expert and weapons inventor from Gateshead in the United Kingdom Mark Steele. Mark Steele spoke about the dangers of 5G combined with what is known as the covid-19 vaccine and he said the following:-
Metal particles are being sprayed into the sky and they create a reflective surface in the sky. Electromagnetic frequency weapon signals are then bounced off the reflection which is created by those metal particles and the bounces back to earth allowing the users to be able to see people over long distances and to then attack them with directed energy weapons. If those people who are being attacked in this manner have no metal particles in their own bodies such as Tungsten or aluminium they can not be seen clearly and can not be attacked very effectively. However, if they have already been injected with what is known as the covid-19 vaccine, tungsten and aluminium will have been introduced into their bodies which will allow their attackers to see them clearly and then use directed energy weapons to attack them in various ways.
Mark Steele then went on to explain that 5G is focused energy similar to the light which comes from a flash light while 4G is unfocused energy similar to the light which comes from a light bulb. When you walk away from 4G energy it no longer has any effect on you but if you attempt to walk away from 5G it can be focused on you so it is difficult to escape from it.
In spite of the fact that we are being assured by members of governments that non-ionizing radation is totally harmless Mark Steele strongly disagrees with that because non-ionizing radiation in the form of light radiation can be focused into a lazer and then used to cut stainless steel, which is only one example of how dangerous it is.
Mark Steele also explained that we all have natural radiation coming from our bodies but those who have been vaccinated are radiating poisonous radiation through the bodies of non-vaccinated people who stand or sit near them and both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated will become ill because of this situation.
Mark Steele went on to explain that the blue face masks which have been imported from China are laced with an extremely damgerous cancinogen called etheline oxide which kills rats at 800 parts per million. He said that the British police were forced to wear these masks so now because of this many of them have joined the protestors who protest in the streets of London. He went on to say the one million people marched through the streets of Longon in February 2023, protesting against their treatment by the cult who wish to control the world but that that particular protest was not mentioned by the main stream media in the news medias.
Mark Steele also explained that there is now a radio frequency identification tag on the english twenty pound note so that it can be remotely detected while in the pocket of the owner of it. He also explained that in the future most if not all household items will have radio frequency identification tags which will allow others to scan our homes in order to ascertain what stock we have inside them.
Mark Steele wento on to say that when 5G was first switched on in South Korea it caused five cities to catch fire. The transformer boxes in the houses and ohter buildings burst into flames. It was then realized that in order to use 5G from human depopulation purposes 5G would need to be made to use less frequency in order to be able to kill people without harming the infrastructure. For that reason, what is now known as the covid-19 vaccine was created. What is known as the covid-19 vaccine is being used as a vehicle to increase the toxicity of the 5G network so that very little 5G can now be used to kill people who are vaccinated without harming the infrastructure around them. The cult who wish to depopulate the world can not afford to burn out electrical grids anywhere in the world because their weapons need the energy from the electrical grids to work.
Mark Steele also informed the viewers that quite a number of what are known as the covid-19 vaccines are placebos because the cult does not wish everyone to die at the same time. However, if you go on to take a booster vaccine in the future it may not be a placebo so he advises against taking any further vaccines.
Sorbitol opens up the blood brain barrier allowing nano technology to travel from the body to the brain according to Mark Steele. He also informed the viewers and listeners that the weapon which is 5G combined with an injection was developed in a weapons lab at Fort Dietrich and it was then taken to another weapons lab in Wuhan, China where it was further developed. However, he claimed that the base scientific patent for this weapon came out of the Pirbright Institute which is located at a 7,000 acre military base in Porton Down which is ten miles north of a city called Salisbury in Wiltshire in England. I believe that those who control and run the Pirbright Institute at Porton Down should be legally investigated as a matter of urgency. Please find that interview between Tim Ray and Mark Steele at the following online bitchute link
Mark Steele is a British engineer, inventor, patent writer and weapons research scientist. He has written an extensive biography in the introduction of his February 2022 report on 5G in the context of nanometal-contaminated vaccines. His biography includes:

“Cyber Command USA had been made aware of my expertise and specifically requested my advice with regard to an unusual 5G antenna design deployed across the USA. I have been extremely fortunate that most (but not all) of my research and product development work has been carried out outside of the Official Secrets Acts (OSA) legislation. I have acted as a witness and provided statements in several court cases, exposing the lack of any credible evidence that the 5G light-emitting diode (LED) network and planned neural connection to the 5G grid are safe. This includes nano metamaterial technologies that are contaminating vaccinations, that are not legal or lawful, and that breach a number of international and domestic laws.” For further information on the work of Mark Steele please read this article by Rhoda Wilson which can be found at the following online link
There are many types of directed energy weapons including ones which are powered by radio frequencies, lasars, ultra sound and hypersonic sound. They are being directed at individual men and women in order to hurt those men and women in various ways. They they are also being directed at large groups of people including most if not all elected members of any government provided all of them are in the one location at the same time. The brains of our senior politicians have been severely dampened down by means of directed energy weapons at this time because they have never warned the public about the existence and widespread abuse of those directed energy weapons and also they have never had a public discussion about the current capabilities of directed energy weapons at any time whatsoever. We must now face the fact that our elected politicians are cognitively impaired by means of directed energy weapons and we must find ways of protecting ourselves from directed energy weapons ourselves because we certanily won't get any help from our governments. Please share this post widely so that others who have not been cognitively impaired by means of directed energy weapons might find a way of telling us how to eliminate the nano technology out of our bodies and brains and might also find a way of having the spraying our the skies over our heads with metallic particulates also stopped. I have written to my own government many times over the last number of years and I have sent those letters by email, regular mail and registered mail and I don't know if they ever receive any of them and I dont know if they are even able to understand their contents because I believe that their intellectual capabilities have been seriously dampened down by means of directed energy weapons. What is to be done to solve this major problem.
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