I do not feel confident to share my name. But I am one of the thousands of people who are being tortured by directed energy weapons, V2K, gang-stalking and many other illegal methots. 

I am writing this because there is a chance I don't have much left for me, even if I'm still in my 30's. But it's okay. 

I just want to make sure I pass on some info that might help if you are suffering. First of all, just know if you are reading this, you are an incredible human being! What you are going through... NAVY training is kindergarder compared to it. LITERALLY!  You are probably (just like myself) being non stop microwaved, gang-stalked, shot in the head and orher vital organs, maybe they even actually tried to kill you... And yet, you are still here. I mean, hug yourself, you have no idea how atrong you are! So please don't kill yourself. We need you here, to hear your voice. 

This horrible warcrime against humanity has been happening to me give or take in the past 3-4 years. Only back then I did not know what it was. Based on my research which mostly based on the amazing work of Dr. Kathrine Horton (for extensive information and professional help, search her name on YouTube or visit www.Stop007.org) it's the Secret Services  who are responsible for this, but obviously military, goverments are involved too. 

I suffer from V2K (Voice to Scull or Voice of God) "technology" for almost 1,5year now. It is 24/7 , and these signals basically non stop telling me that I am going to die, my family will die and unimaginable stuff I won't even mention. Completely insane and barbaric. BUT. My advice to you, know that YOU ARE NOT your mind. You don't have to listen to them, they are just waves from a computer programme, an algorithm. Listen to music with your headphones in, listen to positive affirmations constamtly, so you balamce the nonsense. 

From the microwave attacks, there is not much you can do, other than sealing yourself with aluminium foil to protect your vital organs. 

With the gang-stalkers... DO NOT engage. But do not yourself to be terrorised, stalking is something you can take up with the local police (although they probably gonna dismiss it) but the point is that you add your voice to the cause so this horrible crime will stop at one point. There are so many good and helpful people out there. You just have to keep going. Think rationally. Protect yourself. YOU DO HAVR YOUR RIGHTS. 

Reach out for help, do research, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! There are people in VERY HIGH position who are fighting this. Find them! Start with Dr. Kathrine Horton. 

For now this all I could think of. Stay safe and positive. THERE IS HOPE! YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLY STRONG AND AMAZING PERSON! 

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  • Hey Stephen. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate sharing your experience with me. Yeah I know the “noises” bullsh*t they do. 🙈 And no, I didn’t have NAVY training, it was just a metaphor. :) Again, thanks for your honesty.
  • Hiya HereToHelp. I get very little V2K (thank God). The only time the do it to me is when waking up or falling asleep. I get very little gang stalking, just lots of strangers in honking cars and I get stalked in my home i.e I get harassed with noises and the noises react to what I am thinking about. So you went through NAVY training? I was a Soldier ( IRISH ARMY) from 2001 to 2006 and yes that training was a breeze compared to targeting. I get electric shocks and stings and things and I get induced psychosis (very mild and not extreme) . I get an urge to attack my loved ones, again the urges aren't powerful and I can control it or fight it.
    And no I would never kill myself. I have been going through this since 2006. Welcome to Peacepink my friend and I hope that we can all be free soon. I mean anything could happen, like the victims of the Stasi were freed when the USSR went bankrupt and their currency lost its purchasing power. Maybe if the same happens to the American dollar we too might be freed. Just a thought. Take care friend
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