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UN Committee Against Torture resolutions on the following issues

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UN Committee Against Torture resolutions on the following issues

Time: June 15, 2014 at 6pm to December 30, 2014 at 7pm
Location: UN, Canada
Event Type: inquiry, and, investigation
Organized By: AI and CAT
Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2014

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Amnesty International statement to UN Committee Against Torture regarding torture with Non Lethal Weapons in Canada.

"The brief also outlines concerns about the infliction of torture or other ill-treatment within Canada, including ongoing concerns about the use of conducted energy devices( Non Lethal Weapons) and allegations of excessive force by police that have arisen in connection with various protests."---Amnesty International



UN Committee Against Torture Agenda: the use of Non Lethal Weapons in Canada and charges against torturers will be heard at UN.( hacked?)

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Comment by Nina Gonzales on November 7, 2014 at 3:24am

Things we can do.
1.)  File for Asylum with each and every country in order to get your case out there.

2.)  File individually and collectively as a group with the U.N. including all patents, evidence, and go there as a group to have our voices heard.

3.)  File with the Vatican regardless of your religious beliefs and affiliations.  Include all patents and evidence.


John Finch:

Melanie Virtschan:

Vatican Peace and Justice:

Use “Joann Spotted Bear” as an example of how she is having a voice and getting it done.

Comment by Robin Yan on October 14, 2014 at 9:56pm

Both WHO and medical experts confirmed that EMF ( or ELF) can be used  as weapons to attack human’s heart. Toronto Police, Canadian torturers have been using them to attack my heart in my home after I stood up for my basic human rights. I have provided  the related evidence with EMF meter readings and their severe changes in my home. Further evidence will be provided.

1. World Health Organization’s

Electrocardiogram changes, heart rate, and heart rate variability

In a series of studies carried out by the Midwest Research Institute in the US, effects of ELF fields on the heart rate in humans have been investigated. In a set of studies by Graham et al. (1994), subjects were exposed to different levels of combined electric and magnetic fields (low: 6 kV m-1 and 10 μT; medium: 9 kV m-1 and 20 μT; high: 12 kV m-1 and 30 μT). In the medium group a significantly decreased heart rate was observed, while in the other groups no change was found. In another study by the same group, six physiological parameters were examined at five sampling points with and without exercise (Maresh et al., 1988). During no-exercise sessions the cardiac interbeat interval was increased at two sampling points when subjects were exposed to 60-Hz fields. No other difference between the sham and exposed groups was found. A similar effect was found by another study of the same group (Cook et al., 1992).

2. Medical expert’s

Electromagnetic Fields and the Heart: Basic Science and Clinical Use HUMAN EVIDENCE:

Experimental PEMFs are found to act directly on the tissue of a beating heart. Medium powerline-type field exposure for 3 hours causes a significant slowing of the heart rate. EMF effects are related to changes occurring during the recovery phase of the cardiac cycle. Humans are more responsive to some combinations or levels of field strength than others.

Here are some safety standards or limits

“ Russian researchers believe 1/1000ths of mG (milliGauss) should be the standard.

  In the US, where the usual background level of 60 Hz magnetic field is 0.5 mG, most states have adopted a 3 mG cutoff point.

  The US Environmental Protection Agency proposes a safety standard of 1 mG.   Sweden has set a maximum safety limit of 1 mG.

  When electricians try to solve a magnetic field problem they do their best to drop the level to 1 mG or below (Robert O. Becker, MD, in Cross Currents: The Perils of Electro pollution, 1990)

  Dr Nancy Wertheimer, a PhD epidemiologist who has been studying EMF exposure for 20 years, suggests a cutoff point of 1 mG.

  Health studies indicate that electromagnetic fields over 100 mG can most certainly produce health effects. Fields as low as 1 mG can be dangerous if body exposure is for a long period of time. (1991)

  The state of Florida in US has set a 250 mG maximum on the edge of their power line right-of-ways. (1991)

  Several international authorities (such as International Commission on Non-lionizing Radiation and European Committee for Electro technical Standardization) have also set safety limits for public and occupational EMF exposure to 50-60 Hz.”

Canadian victim of torture

Robin Yan

Comment by Robin Yan on September 4, 2014 at 8:07am


Toronto Police , Canadian torturers hack me everything. This is the way they hack my letter to UN.!/photo.php?fbid=728238657243449&set=...



 Canadian victim of torture



 Robin Yan


Comment by Robin Yan on August 5, 2014 at 9:28pm

“In shopping malls, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers hide in garment racks to attack me with TASERS…”





Toronto Police, Canadian torturers, my neighbor (one couple supported by them), who are living in my condo, listen and read carefully and clearly as follows:



After I contacted UN,



No matter how wicked you are now


When I hold one kettle of boiled water, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers hit my condo’s ceiling or roof just over my head. Others I can’t say in here.




No matter how mad you are now


Toronto Police, Canadian torturers hit my condo’s ceiling and roof through the whole nights. My neighbor hit our neighboring and drilled something on our neighboring wall daytime.




 No matter how atrocious you are now


In my home, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers attack and torture me with Non-Lethal weapons ( mainly attack my head), with Sonic Weapons ( Acoustic weapons), with Heart Attack Guns, and administer poison with intent. In shopping malls, they hide in garment racks to attack me with TASERS to make me unable to walk or fall down.













Canadian victim of torture



Robin Yan




They will hack what I provide as evidence in the first time after I post

Comment by Robin Yan on February 4, 2014 at 8:38am

After UN contacted me, please see how Toronto Police, Canadian torturers are torturing me. Please see this video below. If you can't open it, please leave a message.



Comment by Robin Yan on December 13, 2013 at 10:33pm

Dear UN CAT:


CC: To whom it may concern


Here is one receipt of my fax to you. I also sent it to you by email. I don’t know if you received it. Through fax and email I forwarded two letters to you.  One letter is :UN Committee Against Torture, my name should be on it

Another one is: To UN Committee Against Torture Agenda 48#, Canada


 They are all located in this link:


1. UN Committee Against Torture, my name should be on it


2. Updated: To UN Committee Against Torture Agenda 48#, Canada 



3. UN Committee Against Torture “resolutions”, my sufferings, CCLA’s    

stance, UN’s stance r...

4. History      of Torture


In the meanwhile, please see how they hack my link in which I keep my letters. “Torturers, hands off my letter to UN CAT”



Thank you.




Best regards,

Robin Yan

Comment by Robin Yan on December 10, 2013 at 10:20pm

Dear UN CAT:


CC: To whom it may concern



This time, with Toronto Police report shared by the Government ( at the bottom of each page, the link address), I allege Toronto Police and their superiors commit torture, murder, and crimes against humanity. I reported the use of Non-Lethal Weapons to Toronto Police after I consulted my family doctor several times and after a series of medical check. From the highlighted statements, you can clearly understand as follows.


  1. “Subject but he had been to his doctor and had been told to      move out.”
  2. “He also supplied an information sheet on “Sound as a Weapon”.”     
  3. “He speculated that the rays might have been nuclear in      nature.”
  4. “The Subject related what seemed to be a totally implausible      situation.”!/photo.php?fbid=597005033700146&set=...



In addition, after seeing my family doctor’s advice and judgment, the involved Toronto Police officer stated in my family doctor’s office as follows:


“We really appreciate what he provided to us. And we think everything he reported is true. We work a lot than you think, even we are still working on it till now. Your neighbor is not the person who can commit this kind of crime. We didn’t find anything about it.”



Thank you again.



Robin Yan




Comment by Robin Yan on July 24, 2013 at 10:59pm

1. UN Committee Against Torture, my name should be on it

(Please see how many  important links have been hacked and filtered.)

 2.Updated: To UN Committee Against Torture Agenda 48th, Canada 

3. UN Committee Against Torture "resolution" ;My sufferings, CCLA’s stance; UN’s stance

 4. History of torture

Comment by Robin Yan on January 2, 2013 at 12:16pm

Mr. Attorney General of Canada will respond to UN committee against torture 's serious concerns and other international human rights groups'

Comment by Soleilmavis on May 24, 2012 at 5:16am

My case has been brought to Amnesty Ausytralia by a supporter in Australia who is a volunteer of Amnesty. I don't know whether they can do something, but I think they have regarded it as serious matter.


Even I am one of the very few who have facts and evidences to proof the abuses and tortures of mind control technologies. I was controlled by remote mind control and voice to skull technologies and I was brought inside USA Embassy in Hong Kong.  I have been working hard to call to public, and I have gained some supporters who believed in my story, and who were willing to spread my story to public.

I believe that we are walking in the right way to stop such horrible abuses and tortures.

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