Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I organize a survey on

The goal is to find out what you believe, not what you can prove.

It takes about 40 minutes to complete.

Recently Dr. Lorraine Sheridan published a study which is very negative for targeted individuals. Her study is based on things that targets wrote in 2004-2005 in a free text box in a survey on She says that gang stalking is delusional in basis, that our claims should not be investigated and that we should be sent to psychiatry. But she doesn't say what targets believe. She just didn't investigate. My survey tries to find out.

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Consider the fact that they might be the most influenced group of all. Thats the only way they know it and have experience it, deeply convinced in it, with a good reason. Proper, softer way of interaction has to be found and implemented to approach.

hmm just came across this

Psychological Warfare in the Second World War

"Psychological Warfare is the systematic process of influencing the will, and so directing the actions of peoples in enemy and enemy-occupied territories according to the needs of higher strategy."

The utilization of propaganda against enemy weaknesses led to a new concept of psychological warfare as the "fourth arm" of warfare, requiring its own element of research, strategy, and action against the enemy. War is often viewed as "mechanical approach" to human affairs based on the development of a powerful and efficient war machine. Psychological warfare attempts to subvert the war machine through attacks on the individuals within the system, undermining political ideologies through personal motivations. Psychological Warfare focuses on destabilizing the enemy by taking advantage of the most personal characteristics of human life in a scientific manner. Emotions that are often considered the worst and most vulnerable parts of human nature--such as fear, hate, deceit, pain, humiliation and loneliness--are systematically exploited until the enemy is too demoralized to continue resistance.


deca said:

oh here we go again another member spamming links to Anthony forwoods loner blog posts ...that is well known for being a troll and has been banned from peacepink for spreading slander ....

I just can`t take anybody serious when they believe and promote his crappy blogs...and I never heard of Anthony forwood before coming on peacepink ...strange


ONE Baby step I might pass on to you

is u might want to try researching whether some site you vet is giving us the 411 or just giving us some skewed theory molded in which to support their own personal opinion or belief before u use it to tell others they r wrong.

Your fightgs link takes us to their "Here are a dozen reasons why it’s obvious that FFCHS is a...."  blog page

U KNOW WHAT IS OBVIOUS, Nevar,  their 1st sentence in their 1st reason doesn't hold water.  

  He or she might be anonymous but many of us TI's have chosen to not be anonymous n choose

to stand naked on Facebook of that is our name n we r TI.

TRUTH is a TI named Ken Rhoades paid around $10,000 out of his own pocket for the billboards n FFCHS I think paid 10%.  Toll free numbers are not expensive n might add maybe $25-$50  to monthly bill.  N Derrick's office is his living room.  Disinfo is all around us n usually wrapped up pretty if u don't bother looking too close @ its underbelly.

  But for me,  if we can't trust their 1st reason out of the gate of OBVIOUSLY THEY DIDN'T RESEARCH so  not much reason to think they did  their homework in which to support the rest of their reasons. 

OBVIOUSLY just cuz some blog supports one's personal opinion or belief doesn't  automatically make them the more credible source to believe.   but that's just my opinion.

N I'm not saying I know for fact they r not disinfo, I just pray they r not leading us down the wrong path cuz if they r there is a special place in hell for deceivers like that.


1. While most victims of gang stalking generally try to remain anonymous, and generally lack the financial assets to fight back against their stalkers, FFCHS seems uniquely blessed with the money to pay for billboards, a toll-free phone number, and an office – and they are not shy about posting the names and email addresses of their board members.

Nevar Starling said:

May I respectfully recommend the following baby steps:

1. Give some consideration to addressing Julianne McKinney's point ("Overt" harassment - remember?), initially raised on page one - and subsequently repeated on pp. 2 and 3.

2. Look up the definition of "spamming". (You might ask someone to explain why AF's articles on the cult-like operations of FFCHS are directly relevant to your groping misuse of the word "cult" above, while you're at it.)

3. If you are going to throw around accusations like "troll", you might hope to attain some provisional plausibility by actually identifying some (one, even) of these "slanders" you refer to - otherwise you are behaving exactly like one yourself, couching your uninformed opinion in vague and consequently entirely meaningless generalizations.

4. Until you address the points raised above, what you can or cannot take seriously must be regarded as an amusing form of light entertainment. The fact that you are attempting to deny the reality of gang-stalking is suspicious enough.  Let's start with baby step number one:  do you even know who Julianne McKinney is, or are you just making stuff up as you go along?

5. "Loner blog posts"?!  I wonder if you realize just how ridiculous you are making yourself appear by saying this on Cliff's blog - have you not read his article exposing FFCHS as a "disinfo front group"?

deca said:

"oh here we go again another member spamming links to Anthony forwoods loner blog posts ...that is well known for being a troll and has been banned from peacepink for spreading slander ....

"I just can`t take anybody serious when they believe and promote his crappy blogs...and I never heard of Anthony forwood before coming on peacepink ...strange"

(This person's unawareness of valid information which does not conform to his narrow confirmation bias should not seem so "strange" at all to anyone familiar with the concept of denial.)

Cliff Huylebroeck, the link to your website cited two comments above is not accessible through searches of key terms (including your name and title of the 'A dozen reasons...' article).

yes because his website not a real Wikipedia its just a "look a like" one  that he alone upkeep's and decides want to put on it

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