Any suggestions?

Hello fellow TIs.. I am being tortured 24/7. I simply cannot take it anymore. I am thinking of going to the doctor and having him/her prescribing me something for stress and more. Who is in my shoes and getting medical help? Any suggestions on what works best in mellowing someone out?

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  • Hi Rita lm sorry to hear youre still in so much pain. Im on anti depressants 20yrs and they dont do a thing. I was forced to take anti-psychs for a while and they made me super depressed and unmotivated. I dont recommend them for a Tl. It sounds like you need an anti-anxiety. Google benzodiazepines. Theyre a group of anti anxiety meds of different strengths. I take valium 5mg. Some will argue that theyre addictive but for me l can go without when l dont need them and ld rather be addicted to tabs anyway than drugs like l was. The only thing is sometimes docs dont want to prescribe them coz they can be addictive. But if you tell them you are having major anxiety attacks these are the best meds they can give you.

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