Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Att:   Professor Nils Melzer (OHCHR- United Nations)

Special Rapporteur to the United Nations on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Australia- Human Rights violations and abuses under International Law (A/73/207).

I’d like to bring before the United Nations two cases of abuses by remote mind control using Electromagnetic technologies (Emf) or Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) with both originating in Melbourne, Australia. The common denominator, I believe the same party to be responsible for both, with the abuses being long term and psychologicallydamaging flowing on to impact and upon a person’s physical health, and they have gotten away with this for so long. Also, they’ve been using these technologies in Australia to “Spy” upon people, “self-proclaimed law enforcement, as a result people have died without a fair trial, suicides.

The first case is of Ms Soleilmavis Liu when she came to study at RMIT in 2001 where she was singled out, probably because she was different, Chinese. The second began in the mid 1980’s where staff at Melbourne market research company Sutherland Smith P/L became “guinea pigs” as part of a Human Experiment. I was one and I’ll cite narrations astold by co-workers who were subject to these same abuses. They are related with the second easier to prove throughcollaborative witness statements from all staff and interview of these directors Dr Max Allan Sutherland (Burwood East, VIC, Aust) and Mr Bruce Edmond Smith (North Caulfield, VIC, Aust) as to how and from whom they obtained thisendorsement and via this advocacy the directors had set themselves up as a policing force imposing upon society.

There’s a vigilante group in Australia that some do know about and nervously refer to as “God, or more commonly “Spies,” and they’ve been renowned for interfering in other people’s businesses justifying their intrusions as “Important Research.” They have access to one of the most portentous remote mind control technologies, “Lilly wave/ pulse,” that can do more than read minds, it can also implant any brainwave pattern or thought straight into skull (v2k) Also,with aides to world leaders being aware of the existence of these technologies, one of Boris Yeltsin’s trips to Japan cancelled due to fears that they’d hijack his mind, 1992, you’d imagine that intelligence services such as CIA, MI6, ASIO in Aust. would also have a vested interest in procuring theseweaponries, also …… who else? All parties that’ve been “found out, through whistle-blowers or insiders, use thesetechnologies very surreptitiously!

*Case 1:Ms Soleilmavis Liu, her abuse by remote mind control Emf started when she came to Melbourne, Australia, as a full-fee paying International student to study a Master Degree at RMIT. She has written to US presidents, the United Nations, and the like appealing for an investigation into her case and has published books outlining her experience of abuse, one, “Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp, - Kindle and Amazon, 04 Nov 2014.

Why was she targeted? Probably because she was different, from mainland China.
But, she’s been proactive about creating public awarenessabout these electromagnetic weaponries and has started a chat-site Peacepink@-
Ms Soleilmavis Liu is an academic of sound mind who’s reported hearing voices that others around her couldn’t hear, amongst other symptoms, and to try escape she’s travelled to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and New Zealand, with no recourse from her abusers.
However- she’s is recounting the same experiences as narrated to me by other staff of Sutherland Smith P/L, along with my own, outlined in Case 2, where all staff became part of a “Human Experiment, a condition of employment written in “fine print.”

*Case 2:Sutherland Smith (“SuS- Melbourne based market research company)

Directors:Dr Max Allan Sutherland (Burwood East, VIC, Australia)

Mr Bruce Edmond Smith Caulfield North, VIC, Australia)

Staff:Angus, Effie, Omnia, Megan, Peggy, Meghan, Stephen, Elick, yours truly.

Case #2 would be easier to prove as there’s a common denominator! Possibly by way of interview of the directors as to how and from whom they got their endorsement, together with witness statements from staff who’d all reported experiencing the same types of abuses (v2k) and I was the last to join in 1988.
Market research companies are a “dime a dozen” sodirectors sought advocacy from a body that all staff referred to as “God which is also a party who has access to remote mind control tech in Australia (so far narrowed to Lilly wave/ pulses)
As told on commencement, “If you leave you’ll be admitting your guilt!” So when I resigned I was labelled “paedophile, this despite having not slept with an underage girl to date. This was the practise of extortion that the directors were using as a hold over staff, by labelling them with an “It or tag.
But even though I’d handed in a written resignation to Bruce in 1988 they were to try and get me back into the employ of “SuS all the way to 2001. But, after realising that I’d kill Bruce if we were forced together this body referred to by as “God were to continue with the same all the way into my current employ, 2021, to continue their “Important Research.
This entrapment, and the exploration into the human mind was highly invasive, a breach of decency, privacy, and abuses under International Law (A/73/207) They’d also forgotten basic psychological principles as they explored one’s past, thus keeping one locked in the past, reliving old pains, preventing a person from moving forward and getting on with their life.
Additionally, endorsement had been given to two corrupt directors and they’re only now finding out that the directors were extolling a practise of extortion/ blackmail as a hold over their staff. This practise of extortion along with (v2k) enforced by this “God resulted in staff protecting themselves thru “Chinese Whispers” as they had nobody external to the company to turn and talk to about these happenings, or to seek counsel.
The company had sought a high public profile, all hard-sell, claiming to be an Australian Institution, a multicultural pitch with staff from different backgrounds, that they’d help staff reach full potential- How? ….. Though a practise of extortion!
Stephen had taken holidays and tried to escape, upon returning whispering to me “They’ve got something. No matter where you go “God will get you.”
Stephen and Elick were narrating their experiences of being abused with by “voice to skull- v2k” mind control technologies (similar to that of Ms Soleilmavis Liu, above)
Additionally, staff were cautioning me, not just about abuses by this body referred to by as “God, but I was also being warned about the two directors, Max and Bruce.
My only respite came after a referral to a respected psychiatrist Dr J Moon who was known by Menzies and had cared for one of Australia’s most popular prime ministers, I wasn’t coping. He hadn’t liked the idea of “human experiment” and went to lengths even putting his reputation on the line in an attempt to get me away from this, but, something illegal was aired in 1991 that’d almost caused a race riot and undermining Dr Moon whilst I was under his care. This body referred to as “God had enabled this corruption. My only respite whilst under Dr Moon’s care lasted from 1991 up to his passing in 1995 when they decided to “go over his head” to continue with the “SuS- “Human Experiment.
1995- My attempts at self-funded study were trashed as the only option that they were giving me was to return to the employ of “SuS. My study at Murdock Uni, Perth, was cut short with Murdock Uni student counsellor Libby recounting, “I’d find it easier doing this “it or label back in Melbourne, go back to “SuS.
1996/ 1997- again, while trying to do something with my life they interfered, another attempt to get me back into employ of “SuS, and they had me reliving a heartbreak from my 20’s, but this when I’m in my mid-30’s, which had me suicidal. This was my first conscious awareness of “voice to skull- v2k being used on me. Of course this made the learning of new information impossible.
Attempts to get me back into the employ of “SuS were to continue up until 2001 with them finally giving up realising that I’d kill Bruce Smith if we were forced together.
Considering the experiment to be a success as other “SuS staff who’d been subjugated and conditioned were behaving as to be expected they came back to continue these abuses into my current employment, all up lasting from 1988 to 2021.
Additionally, when I became annoyed the abuses became worse they’d v2k to wake me in the middle of the night as threats. Other staff at “SuS were subject to the same subjugation from both this body using remote mind control as well as these directors.
A common theme with this “exploration was to keep me living in the past whilst they explored my past and my present to find out why I didn’t have any of these paedophilic tendencies as alleged by Bruce Smith, additionally, people have died without fair trial, suicides.

FINALLY: An overview of the Emf believed to bewidely used, Lilly wave/ pulses, its first known use by US military during Gulf War but it’s also been used by other parties such as US Govt, DARPA, Antifa as mind control armoury. This particular waveform is now used as safe electro-stimulation in neurosurgery as microscopic studies to date show this biphasic pulse doesn’t damage neuronal networks as did previously used waveforms.

But- “Lilly wave/ pulse” can also be used as remote mind control arsenal by getting underneath operations of neurons via electromagnetic waveforms of radio/ microwave frequencies, an Emf that can be used remotely, readily transmittable by satellite. There’s no longer a need for electrodes as radio can penetrate the skull and impact on the dipolar water molecules surrounding brain cells causing them to resonate with surrounding molecules also resonating at certain frequencies. Lilly wave/ pulse is biphasic (+’ve Zero ... –‘ve) the Zero required to give neurons time to respond to the first impact before then being suggested again,as realised by Dr J C Lilly. This has the effect of pushing theions or charged atoms that carry ionic electric charge within neurons in one way, then after a brief rest, push in the opposite way, then leaving the ions in their former places, thereby stimulating the brain’s neurons. By this inducement itcan not only read a person’s thoughts, which can also be achieved thru fMRI, but it can remotely implant any brainwave pattern or thought into skull (v2k) via radio, thiscan induce dreams, force speech, pipe voices into brain, more.This is the technology being used in Australia and I’ve been threatened if I published, and more.

Additionally, brainwave patterns the electromagnetic fields resultants of ionic electric current transfers within neurons are singular to every individual so now a person can be picked out in a crowd or tracked in a desert, anywhere a radio wave can go, rather similar to how WiFi reaches the designated laptop/ iPhone via unique IP address.

Even with best intentions the use of remote mind control is psychological abuse at its worst, apart from concerns on invasions of privacy and violations of law on Human Rights. Additionally, victims who are consciously aware, as some remain oblivious, are too afraid to speak about theirmaltreatment fearful of ridicule, so the damage caused remains “bottled-up” and psychological wounds fester.

These abuses are only just coming to light with classactions is progress against European Govts, hard to prove, yet the best way forward is for there to be open discussion and public awareness so that politicians who make legislationstake this seriously and impose sanctions/ regulations on usage of…

United Nations Report-: Accountability for Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment/ Punishment

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Only thing can stop mind harrassing speaker is another speaker

What you need is images and voices. you can put voice and images in 10 hz frequency with the help of 2.4 ghz frequency modulation. You just have to install Matlab software. And then install Matlab EGG lab software. This is the software which converts images and voice in to brain data. This is free online research software.
Combining images,voice in 10 hz with 2.4 ghz will interfere any mind reading but it should not be encrypted or coded signal. Just open signal.
What you need is helmet like bike. With three layer inside.above head
First above head plate is negative
Second plate above negative is positive
Third cotton cloth

1 St layer above it 2 mm of magnetic steel with negative charge connected.
2 nd layer above it should be your positive signal which you created.with combination of 2.4 ghz and 10 hz infra sound.
3 rd layer 5 mm of cotton wet cloth.
After this connect small speakers of mobiles which are available In market at cheap price. To your negative and positive plate.
Each speaker you can connect at distance between of 5 cm to 3 cm. Use sound only of extreme low frequency which is between 50 hz to 30 hz to activate speaker. This sound won't her anyone.

Don't keep constant 10 hz vary it 5 hz 10 hz 12 hz etc.
You should know about sound barrier. I don't mean sonic boom. When two speaker place facing each other playing different music. You will see neither speaker sound crosses another after certain distance. At certain distance you can observe both sound crashing each other creating some kind of invisible wall. This has to be observed in between speaker. Speaker has to be mounted at shoulder height.
Before giving wi fi signal to mic connection it has to be converted to negative signal for which you will be needing NPN transistor or you can directly imput this to aux connection which is made for positve.
But speaker method works. Those tiny mobile speaker has to be mounted on positive plate and other end end has to be connected to below
negative plate.
Good quality thermal camara shows from where they are shooting extreme heat

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