Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Bioterrorism and fake Medical expirments from Scientists and Researchers have Killed over a hundred million people.

Take the weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus to the 10th to the 10th Power and it became AIDS. These news paper articles tells how the USA covered their Germ warfare up that they created called Fibromyalgia syndrome and Chronic Fituge Immune Disfuntional Syndrome and ME that was downgraded and Belittled because of Microwave warfare for over 70 years now. Judith Curran was only 42 years old and Dr. Death helped her Die because she was a targeted individual and being Microwaved like i was. The Microwave Directed Targeting not only multiplyes the weoponized Super Bugs it multiplyes the Pain all over the body also. Juidth Currin has to small children and her husband was a Phycairtist. Wonder who put her in the Program to be Eliminated. Beware of the New Strain's if the Weoponized Flu Super Bugs, as you will see that Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fituge syndrome was first called the Flu bug like Yuppie Flue. These Weoponized Mycoplasma and Viruses using Microwave warfare and Vaccines to Activate and multiplyes these Flues. The Scientists and Researchers have put a many of Fake name's on these Super Bugs that causes most all diseases and cancers and Heart failure and dementia Allshimer ADHD restless leg syndrome migraine headache digestive issues diverticulitis irrible bowl syndrome Brain Tumors. This turns your Frontal Lobes into Mush and this is to dumb down American Citizens and their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and for Crimes Against Humanity around the world. Very Secretive Genocide Program that the Deep State and Elites have carried out for 75 year's now. Why so many people and Children is dieing from the Flue Bug is they already have the weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus Inside their DNA and Cells and body fluids. All Humanity has this inside their DNA and Cells but it takes a Vaccine or Microwaves to multiplye these weoponized Super Bugs at a Rapid rate. Entire family's was chosen to be Targeted with Microwave Generators machines four Generations Ago. And today if you and family was put on their Hit List over 40 year's ago, then all your family members was left sick and Abease and dieing exspecially in America. Biological Warfare and Germ warfare and chemical Warfare and Microwave Warfare has been carried out around the world for 44 years that i know about when they gave me the weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus in 1974 CIA Military and Merrick Sharp and Dome Pharmaceutical via Big Pharma to make Trillions of dollars off of sick cripple disabled and Abease and dieing people around the world . I already posted the Harmonic Quad Five machine that is very good frequencys that Zaps all the Fungus and weoponized mycoplasma and bugs Mites Viruses and do on. It was all based on Electricity Inside the body. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fituge syndrome Drains your Cellular Batteries Down and Compromised your immune system. These weoponized super bugs are very Controlled depends if you're family was put on the dumb down sick and Abease and Elimination list decades ago. The Slave Laborers in Walmart Bogangles and Rite aid Dollor General and so on has these weoponized super bugs at twenty years old because these familys was picked decades ago. Everytime I see i always asked these young people Witch one in sick Mom or Dad or both and they always are either mom or dad or Grandpa or Grandma. Look for the Cloudy eyes and little brown spots and little brown moles on upper body. The Sparkle has left their eyes and the life is being drained out of their bodies. My twenty years old Grandson has this and it's inside his Nervous system and he has to take Melatonin and tea to sleep at night. His eyes have always been lite blue but they are not anymore from being Microwaved since Birth. They was my neighbor across my lake and Being a targeted individual and his family. They was completely destroyed and lost their home and Children for the Perps to get a Hundred and thirty thousand dollar home for 40 thousand dollars. And they kill their daughter at six months old, that was my Granddaughter in 1997. So since Deep State and Elites is above all Laws in America can't get a investigation started on my wife and six months old granddaughter and brother in law and other's. Just have to much evidence of how the Genocide has been carried out. This is the reason the Military release Declassified military documents on the Bio effects of microwaves to Heart Brain Blood and Nervous system was Non Lethal. Probably would be if all Humanity did not have the Deadly Weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus inside their DNA and Cells and Controlled and Activated and Multiplyed by Microwave warfare or like my Phycologist stated in 1999 in Federal Prison where I was set up and sent to be Microwaved for 15 months. V2K voice to skull my Phycologist stated it all carried out using Radio Microwaves and Hologram signals. They tryed to kill me in there and several times since then until they tryed to kill me in 2010 , my Medication was Altered from 2007 until 2010 and in April 2010 having Burns on my face and the right side of my head the size of a quarter beside my eye was sunk in for lack of blood flow. I could not breathe but very little and so week i could not lift my arm's to take a shower. Called three doctors and one was my Phycairtist and all turned me down for Medical Help. Dropped to my knees weeping and praying because I knew that i was about to Die. Looked up and read a big banner that said Get Off All Medication And You Will Be Alright. And today I am still fighting the Devil and my wife and six months old granddaughter and brother in law and other's did not Survive the Holocaust. My True Story and my research and studies after being sick cripple and Disabled for thirty five years Being a targeted individual.             Thanks and God Bless.

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More documents.


Documents on the weoponized Super Bugs that was downgraded and Belittled in the USA.

More documents on the Weoponized Mycoplasma and Viruses that is Controlled and Activated and Multiplyed by Radio Microwaves and Hologram signals.


Just hope and pray that President Trump will Drain The Huge Swamp and make America Safe and Great Again it's been 75 year's that they made a excuse for Exspirments that was actually a very Secretive Genocide Program.

Don't interfere with their Profits this is very Dangerous. They don't allow the simple and inexpensive cures in America, they usually run these out of the Country to Mexico. But they are five Europeen Countrys this was called the Board that was curing AIDS, Fibromyalgia syndrome and Chronic Fituge Immune Disfuntional Syndrome and ME and cancer over thirty years ago. Man in Europe was President and man in Germany was Vice President and so on. But they used alternative medicine like Ozone 03 Oxygen therapy and Peroxide Therapy infusions and Chelation therapy via EDAT infusions these was curing most diseases in three months. These was not Targeted individuals if they was they would have to build a Faraday cage and use the Ultimate Ground Shield from . Grounding outside of Home to a ground rod and the Silver Lined blanket puts silver ions in the body also. It is impossible to cure what they created in America if you are a targeted individual and being Irraicated with Radiation and Electromagnetic and Microwaves. Big Pharma and doctors and hospitals and Specialist and Universitys love those Profits. Money Is The Root Of All Evil. Thanks and God Bless.

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