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They have hidden the chloridic acid in the heating system, what people do not know and that from the radiators then comes out in the form of vapor not visible to the human eye. Chloridic acid is commonly sold light green but in the water of the plant it can be brown if little concentrated and confused with earth or black if very concentrated.

Chloridic acid gives the following problems:

Lack of thirst
Lack of balance
Heart attack
Liquid in the lungs
Difficult to urinate
Memory loss
Loss of concentration
Euphoria for the gas contained in it
Mental confusion
Absence of pleasure, of joy of living and feeling alive
View alteration
It doesn't feel hot and cold
Absence of sweat
Burning eyes
Odor alteration
No smells are heard
Stinks to the nose
Blood anus
Itching on the body
Change the color of the skin
With the air conditioner or common ventilation it sticks at certain points that are wanted of the skin as brown-colored scabs. These points are hidden under the clothes because in particular conditions they catch fire. Does not stick on hands, feet, neck, face. However, there are variants on the market where the color may be different and which may also stick to the face or other parts of the body.
As they are, they are very difficult to pull away, if they are washed for a long time, for example, under a shower, the color of the light green chloridic acid returns and they come off easily.
Physical tiredness
Males - usually hidden as caused by bacteria that are not actually there:
Prostate burning
Burning point of an erect penis
Burning to urinate
Lack of libido
Urine leakage
Females - normally hidden as caused by bacteria that in reality are not there:
Intimate burning
Intimate itching
Lack of orgasm
Unlubricated vagina
Urine leakage

Chloridic acid does not become steam if the temperature is constant in the environment. So you don't even have to use a fan in the house or else it gets lost in the environment and you breathe it.
Another problem is that it only needs to be heated to cause it to explode due to the gas contained in it. So if you continue to add it after a certain percentage heated by the boiler it explodes and burns the house.
Mental torture ceases if you are no longer intoxicated with acid.
If you don't believe that no visible steam comes out of the radiators to the human eye, then make yourself or put a perfume in the radiator system and you will feel that it is going to hitch around the house.

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The one who tortures you mentally respects a condition that I have understood, as long as you have acid torture you mentally. You are not intoxicated by acid, they no longer torture you. Trust me.

it's completely true, trust me. If you are no longer poisoned by chloridic acid you can return to life. that's what I hope too. It is not easy to clean up the system. I don't have someone to help. I have been mentally tortured for 10 years and also with chloridic acid, but you must distinguish mental torture from the problems that the chloridic acid gives to the boiler system.

Can you know why on the whole planet there is only me to tell you? Because others don't care completely. I have no illusions that they are all good and not all bad.
You give me the pleasure of saying if you understand and why, it can help others.

If you still do not understand that I am really helping you, I will post a picture of you with my green skin for chloridic acid placed in the radiator system. Colorless chloridic acid also exists, but green chloridic acid "that has certain characteristics" in radiator systems has been commanded.

I only had this photo where the green skin made for a sexual dating site is clearly visible. I censored the penis also because i fear that otherwise I will get it from the site where I upload it.

Franco, what language you speak natively?

Are you from Colombian too?

I haven't tried acid -- are you sure you are not being tortured by EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) in the Microwave Band of the RF (Radio Frequency) spectrum, perhaps via Satellite & cell tower delivery -- using the High Frequency Carrier Signal transmitted by (cell towers or satellites) to encode/modulate an ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) into the radiation path of the transmission & then target you directly through remote EEG (brain wave reader) & your unique brain "fingerprint"???

This is usually how NATO countries including the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, EU, etc.... deliver Voice to Skull & Remote Neural Monitoring systems.

OR you might have implants, "Smart Dust" RFID chips ..// Chemtrails etc. Portable ingestible aerosolized tracking systems...

I'm Italian, trust that there must be acid in your boiler system. This type of acid is sold in a light green color but inside the radiators it becomes brown if it is not concentrated, if more concentrated than black.

Unscrewing the radiator vent may be that you notice the clean water because the chloridic acid is deposited on the bottom of the radiator. You can see it from the boiler water outlet tap by emptying the system. Or after having emptied the system if you dismantle a radiator and clean it with a water pipe, you see how much black liquid comes out. That black is chloridic acid that has changed color.

I teach you another thing. If you feel tired because you have debilitated lungs try drinking liquid oxygen. Pure is dangerous and so should not be taken at all. It should be diluted with water to be absolutely safe. I guarantee you a dosage of 15 ml in 2 liters of water and this brand that I have used, which I know is good and reliable. 26asc 3D20140423084956%%% 26meid 3Db7af4a2df6444174983f297f835e90cb% 26pid% 3D100033% 26rk% 3D2% 26rkt% 3D5% 26sd% 3D112475288201 26itm%%% 3D223147712012 26pmt% 3D0% 26noa% 3D1% 26pg% 3D2045573 & _trksid = p2045573.c100033.m2042
You have to avoid that when you open it you get contaminated because for example I had used it at home and mixing with the chloridic acid that was in the environment made me feel a very bad stomach trouble. I bought it back and I always keep it outdoors and everything is fine.

You understand that if a person already has lung problems it is useless to take oxygen with a mask. I noticed that many hospitals do it. Drinking oxygen instead is very effective right away.

This type of acid is particular because it is vaporized through radiators and there is no burning sensation all over the body. In the male, for example, you can feel a burning sensation in the prostate just. But antibiotics are of no use, they may very well not be taken. Just drink lots of water.

Chloridic acid in radiators also contains gas. In practice, at a constant temperature in the environment, the acid and gas remain in the radiator system while the water comes out as invisible steam. So the acid is the gas stay more concentrated until the heating of the boiler causes the gas to explode and the house is on fire.
If the dosage was low, no explosion would occur but the various technicians were ordered to put it back even if they could lie about it.
Once you are sure that there is no more danger of explosion if you are unable to completely clean the radiator system, you can proceed with siliconizing the various parts of all the radiators to prevent the exit again. However, if the radiator system is still filled, the silicone can give way and must be reapplied.

The big problem is that you need to be sure of the places you go to. Because the technicians have deceived so many people all over the planet. And who can guarantee it?

I know that there are wars between nations, which is also why I chose this site. I do not benefit anyone at the expense of someone else and I can help you all.
For me there are friendly people in every part of the world, like the enemy ones.

If there are economic interests to sell useless drugs and in doing so keep a serious problem hidden such as chloridic acid in radiators or other substances because they do not demonstrate a minimum of intelligence and reinvent a new product that is honest?

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