Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Cyber-stalking and mind reading are just a cover for a Social behavioral Experiment.

People please think clearly on this no one person or group of people have the time or resources to mind read and cyber-stalk your brain 24-hours a day. Please read MKULTRA and the Milgram experiment. What you see as harassment is called black psychology and the goal of mind control isn't to read thoughts it's to control your behavior the last time this experiment took place it was funded by the CIA which currently has an annual budget of $14 billion dollars. These experiments were performed on Canadians and Americans. The psychology is the same the technology being used has advanced. Some of the theories behind this technology have been around since the 40's . Heddy Lammar actress and mathematician  discovered the tech we now use in blue tooth in 1941. The cost to produce the technology used and the ability to miniaturize it has been here. Your $50 cell phone has more power and memory than a computer that took up the size of a room about fifty years ago.

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this certainly seems to be the case, Kathleen, there are many tricks to make it look like innocent people are involved (eg. dubbing comments onto the end of real local conversations to make it look as though people are talking about us etc.) and, where real actors DO appear, it can be something of a test    it may feel something like: "finally I have a chance to sink my teeth into this nebulous phenomena, to actually get my hands on one of them..."   but really it's just another opportunity to be set up and caught exhibiting 'crazy' behaviour, maybe get drawn into a violent confrontation that even if you survive it, you will have acted out in front of THEIR witnesses   if one manages to resist these moments, to "keep strong", that will help when it goes back to just LOOKING like a whole perp-fest  

brenden that is certainly the impression i get from the literature    although there are always accounts of outsourcing to 'private' concerns to evade direct responsibility, such disseminations might be self-serving    some agencies, as endless pain indicates, seem to prefer anonymity     btw your "I could be wrong..." is a phrase that (for my tastes) is rarely over-used and automatically strengthens almost any hypothesis  
BrendenOsuchowski said:

LaBrat - yes I am.  I am confident it is government security agencies behind the veil of this, remote neural intervention going on in the world, that other entities claiming to be are simply putting up a front.  That being said, I could be wrong, but I just don't think so.

Thank you for your replies - you make my life meaningful and worthwhile being able to share your ideas, even as the NSA confounds my thinking and clarity, just a little earlier as I would have liked to better think of a reply.

Brendon they are outsourcing just like they did before but it is the CIA funding this experiment just like before, Please read the MKULTRA, MKDELTA, MKSEARCH, MKNAIOMI, and milgram experiments. If I thought I could be wrong I would state it and have in different discussion... Please all of you read my other discussions have your TI friends read them I feel we need to be on the same page. One thing I will state a little more clearly is my point on mind reading in regards to childhood memories. They are not mind reading us. Is it possible with technology to have reached the point of down loading memories, possibly.  However is it definite that hypnosis is a tried and true format of un-locking childhood memories, YES! It is currently used and has been for decades in psychology would you remember that, NO.

My other discussion was on CIA spyware being used for mind control.  Read it PLEASE and tell me what you think...

Lebrat I agree I have had that done to me they are trying to instigate situations and that leads us right back to the definition of mind control- to get people to do say feel and think things they normally wouldn't.   (as well having you fight with family and friends creates division, distance (drama) for YOU there by cutting you off from your support group your community).

LEBRAT just re-read what you wrote... that was just by luck that situation. DO NOT ENGAGE THEM. I did because I did not feel threatened. DO NOT put yourself in a situation for conflict. Do not go out of your way to track them!  DO NOT ENDANGER YOURSELF OR YOUR FREEDOM.... they have set me up for arrest and it was the worst thing that ever happened to me.  ----All I did was take notice that he used his credit card.

Sorry Lebrat I should have been more clear, but damn I was excited tangible proof that could be tracked! DON'T ENDANGER YOURSELF!

I hope I do not come off mean or arrogant to anyone my personality is just as strait -forward as possible. I want us all on one page on this I see that as our only way to get this experiment ended seek damages for liability and truly be free.

Some one mentioned today about putting together a questionnaire. EXCELLENT IDEA! I was going to start one myself but I'll admit I'm visiting family and writing from a motel.  But yes yes yes yes! We need to do that but we must contact him I think simple answers as possible dates esp. when the voices started some continuity to all our stories.

thank you very kindly, Kathleen, for your concern as well for being responsible - i've gaffed a few times here already (lol!)     but no, you write well, and your clearly benevolently intended line of reasoning was not in this case misplaced    perhaps not so strangely, i in the meantime was genuinely considering  asking that you YOURSELF be more cautious  with (presumably) random traffic incidents, on a 'just-in-case, you-never-know' basis!     i assure you that i have (finally) progressed beyond the 'ok I've had enough bring-it-on it couldn't get any worse and if it does I'm past caring' self-defeatism that was indeed a (needless) threat to my overall wellbeing     these days i try not to get any more reckless than that "the company loves misery!" line...
Kathleen Quintana said:

Sorry Lebrat I should have been more clear, but damn I was excited tangible proof that could be tracked! DON'T ENDANGER YOURSELF!

Kathleen what do you mean by being drugged? Do you mean remotely or physically? Also I think that yes they can read our thoughts because they will tell me exactly what im doing or seeing in real delay

I still disagree you should read "My Story" I discuss it. The goal of mind control is not to read minds it is to get someone to think do and act on things they want you to and eventually think you thought of it yourself. Have you ever heard of subliminal messages? Do you understand their effects on the brain... it's a trigger. I studied many years of marketing and understand this pretty well. Why is Mc'Donalds food wrappers printed in brown and why are brown and orange usually used in fast food bags and wrappings the human brain see's that color and becomes hungry. Subliminal messages are in every single advertisement you have heard read or seen on tv. In paper adds everything can be used the reflections in water ice cubes etc. In fact Absolut vodka is famous for their adds two I know of is one with a girl in a color block dress that say's Absolut if you look closer one block of to the side says Ima and the word slut is apparent made from the Absolut letters as well another is of Absolut reflected onto water but if you read the reflection it says just drink. On t.v. it can be as simple as product placement during your favorite show or sneaky like a single word on the screen between two frames of a show or commercial you consciously don't see it but your eye's seeit and sends the message to your brain. In audio it's a word or phrase edited between sounds you don't consciously hear it but your ear does and sends the message to brain and your brain reacts. What I think they are doing is a subliminal message below what you interpret as sound but what your ear picks up as spoken language and sends the message to your brain. Not even .5 of a second later they are reiterating the same message louder and at an audible level to concrete the message to your brain. What is appearing to people as "MIND READING" is a way to trick the brain into thinking by subliminal messaging that the message is a thought but your conscious mind is interpreting this as mind reading. IT IS NOT MIND READING IT IS SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING. Which is in deed be a very, very old and effective MIND CONTROL TOOL.  

Those aren't even your own thoughts. (It's an experiment in mind control) At this stage of the experiment The subliminal message of things or ideas would be simple like an apple then they say "you want an apple don't you?" and you think yeah I was just thinking that! (OMG my minds being read). Like I have said in my previous statement this is them building on old Nazi mind control experiments they haven't stopped and won't stop this won't be the last time this experiment is run, and altered and things that don't work taken out and new ideas tried until it is seemless and we all think what they want us to and in the end it won't be about apples....

Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.- Goebbels Minister of Public Enlightenment, NAZI Germany.

I never once thought my mind was being read have always known it was subliminal messaging because I understood subliminal messaging in advertising. My only question was on the past I still never believed it was mind reading but I thought perhaps these experiments began in childhood but hypnosis explains perfectly how they would have had access to long term deep memories.


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