Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Cyber-stalking and mind reading are just a cover for a Social behavioral Experiment.

People please think clearly on this no one person or group of people have the time or resources to mind read and cyber-stalk your brain 24-hours a day. Please read MKULTRA and the Milgram experiment. What you see as harassment is called black psychology and the goal of mind control isn't to read thoughts it's to control your behavior the last time this experiment took place it was funded by the CIA which currently has an annual budget of $14 billion dollars. These experiments were performed on Canadians and Americans. The psychology is the same the technology being used has advanced. Some of the theories behind this technology have been around since the 40's . Heddy Lammar actress and mathematician  discovered the tech we now use in blue tooth in 1941. The cost to produce the technology used and the ability to miniaturize it has been here. Your $50 cell phone has more power and memory than a computer that took up the size of a room about fifty years ago.

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Katherine,  do you get v2k? This is basic to mind reading. It's a two way information highway. The perps have proven this to many of us. Just because you have not knowinly experienced this does not mean that you haven't had your mind read directly. 

I know for a fact that the perps can read your thoughts up to 3 seconds before you realize that you are having that thought. It is quite disturbing to hear them tell you your own thoughts, then you think them yourself. I have come across several TIs that have experienced this, but only a few. 

David of Tomorrow - My perps, the NSA do that - I know it as they know what I'm thinking or about to mentally say before I say it.

I think that often the perps use the louder more noticeable things like v2k to distract us from the subliminal attacks.

in order to learn how to influence behaviour, they had to track neural actions until they could compile a vocabulary of equivalences (signals that represented through association) particular thoughts and even emotions, which, by reversing the sequence, they are able to induce thoughts and feelings and behaviour or even transfer between people   there is no question that the goal is control - but from the point of view of military strategy, the best way to do this is by knowing your enemy    (they've demonstrated they can do it with patent applications and have quite deliberately demonstrated this power to many t.i.'s here - given the ability, why WOULDN'T they?) you will even hear of 'miraculous' roadside brain surgeries performed by completely unqualified persons, who have been 'downloaded' the skills and experience remotely    (I think it might be interesting to follow up the victims rescued from these very occasional instances and see what happens with them ie why such lengths were gone to to keep them here)    what david is referring to (I assume) is the one where they monitor the involuntary throat movements occurring pre-speech, as the thought formulate and organize themselves   the point Jason mentions about it being a.i. is very important, as the consequences of improvements to the machine's power (it programs it'self' now) is beyond imagination    'time-travel turncoat' Stephen hawkings recently describes a.i. as the biggest and last mistake we'll ever (get to) make     the machine is constantly refining its 'grasp' on all our minds (so experimentation will always be part of it), and the most effective suggestions they can induce will be those that do not completely repress but rather recuperate the inner dialogue already going on: to establish the context that will give their commands meaning and relevance

also, as to david's last point, i have wondered whether (similarly to how intermittent reinforcement is more powerful than either positive OR negative stimuli) the interplay between conscious and unconscious awareness can have stronger results than either alone  (and whether this wouldn't involve a careful mix/playlist of satellite and/or implant input...) 

La Brat, i was familiar with subvocal speech when the perps first started reading my mind. I thought it was subvocal speech. They said it was not,  then proved it was not. They likely read the EM charges that result from the synapses of our brains firing. Since it takes an ongoing process for a thought to occur, this would explain how they can read what we think before we are aware of it.  I say they read thoughts and not subvocal speech because they specifically separated the two with the machine. They were able to play back both of them simultaneously in a way where I could hear them both through v2k. What they are able to read includes more than the words. It also includes thoughts such as body movement. For instance, if you are subconsciously thinking of hand gestures or facial expressions when considering what to speak, they can tell you these beforehand as well. They have also shown me that they can read involuntary body functions as well. 

Yes v2k is one sure way to prove they are reading our minds, a two-way interaction between minds and I am in no way responding to what they have subliminally given me because often my thoughts anger them. I know they are my own thoughts because the perps dislike me having them. Also the interaction is too fast for them to be feeding it to me subliminally. It is a real-time conversation. I know when they feed me a thought because it is generally something to their liking or that which they agree on. Another way to tell is your own thoughts are constantly progressing. When they feed you a thought it feels like it jumps into your brain out of nowhere. I can tell the difference between my own thoughts or them messaging me.

in saying this I know they do subliminally affect our thoughts and behaviours but this seems to be a broader action not in direct conversation with them.

right, from "3 seconds" i'd hastily assumed you meant just the sub-vocal reading     well your experience sure makes them (the separate signals) easier to distinguish    from a scientific viewpoint, if I (had sold my soul and) were running this experiment/program/w/e, I would not have wanted you to hear the two tracks at once (hence possibly recognizing the strategy and spoiling its chances) - but then I'm not so supremely confident that the machine can factor out all of our resistance     most likely I'm just not willing to admit to myself how irrelevant our 'inputs' into this exercise may really be...

The perps are powerful. 

I believe that they are using quantum computers and possibly quantum information exchange. I have noticed the delay in satellite communication in the media. There is no delay with the tech the perps use.  When(if) humans are involved,  the information produced by our minds travels through the machine,  through the human perp's mind, then back through the machine to us. They can do this from a distance, and within the few seconds it takes us to complete a thought , they can process the information we generated and come up with a logical modification to your thoughts that fits their egenda, then reinsert the thought you had with their modifications by the time you expected to finish your original thought. 

I want to reply tonight but I'm on a road trip so when I have time I will sit and put together a thoughtful response. We do have to eventually agree on a few things just to get an investigation started. I know it's the CIA I think we can all agree on that... I think it is nanotechnology and that works on the molecular level so I truly believe when what another person said about using our own neurological system to induce the pain swlling and the muscle jumps and twitches. Mainstream medicine already has nano- implants used for muscle control and nerves that will send messages to the prostetic limb so again why would the government have something way beyond even that. Some people state something about an energy beam but it is short range.  If we are already entering the arena of nanotechnology in mainstream medicine why would they use something that ties them to your general area. nanites are smaller than a dust particle and could just be injected. (that's how it happened to me, and I met her 1999 when she drugged me and when I started hearing them in 2012 she is the one who checked me in as a guard then said goodbye as an inmate and was also the one that drugged me in my twenties. They made sure I new who they were and who they worked for.)

btw for all those who DO feel a 2-way secret 'radio effect' i invite you to consider (and improve as you see fit) my 'top ten reasons mind-reading/programming "CAN'T" be happening (title 'why 'syn-tel' is literally 'unthinkable') addressing the serial denial this issue generally tends to inspire   for example once i finally did (make myself) learn to see that the situation was always with me, i had to marvel at my continued ability to wake up fresh each day WITHOUT that realization to guide me along    even with people (as i say) quoting in my face thoughts i'd never vocalized, i would still begin each day (and often STILL do!) with a fresh 'innocence' kind of like that scene where mr. 'ed-tv' first wakes up a little randy till he remembers the camera...although i do start the day slowly i now prefer to attribute this effect to being mentally 'flashie-thing-ed' a la men in black (rather than accept that i could be so repeatedly oblivious) kind of self-serving reasoning, in hindsight

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