Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

My name is Cole Wade Pinter of Manville NJ.

I am being pushed into homelessness, and have had both of my hips replaced due to directed energy weapons and covert drugging/poisoning.... I am 100 percent blacklisted by the government for any kind of medical help or services.... If anyone has the heart to be my friend you can call me at 908 531 2744...

My internet connection is so hacked that they prevent messages/emails/etc from going through... please call me if you are also a victim/TI

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Yes I got the email. I called about 50 of the phone numbers not even lieing, and every single one of my phone calls was forwarded to people who were perps. Either that or all the numbers are perps which I dont really believe. I am desperate still for friendship or someone in my area who understands. I am sick of being isolated.

Stephen O' Neill said:

Did you get that email I sent you with American victims phone numbers and email address's? I went through the European list and found Irish victims , you should look through it to see if there are victims from your area , plus you can phone some. I am sorry that you are doing not so great today mate. I didn't get to sleep until 7 am they harassed me all night , I am not saying that I have it worse than you or anything Iknow that your situation is worse, I am just saying.

Cole Wade Pinter said:

Stephen O'Neil, with magnetic sensors and directional RF detectors you can point the magnetic sensors or antennas at the object emmiting the radiological frequencies at you. YES you are TRACKED with a satelite so the LOCAL weapons that perps have can lock onto you with them. this is a FACT ive realised. they cooked my heart last night and I swear I am half dead today due to it. I am extremely ill today.

Cole l had the same thing happen a when l was searching for housing.....every single number l called was perping me. This is an example of how they mind control people to participate. You could almost say its posessing people. Theyve done it to my family and all my friends. This way they can keep us isolated and without help. Thats the problem you will encounter in trying to make friends. I cant have friends. Ive just accepted it now.

I was really wishing to meet some friends on here... But I see its not really working out for me here either. Ive considered leaving the country but im not sure if it will follow me or not. I went as far as to get my passport but I havent bought a plane ticket.. I am on disability so I cant really afford much. At least it would be cheaper in certain other countries. I cant afford to live on disaiblity in america and im being pushed into homelessness. If any  of you have a room for rent please let me know

Im happy to exchange messages with you Cole. I will friend you and we can private message each other. Im just wary of doing real time exchanges because the same thing always happens to me with ppl l befriend that happened to you when you were ringing the Tls.

Im sorry to hear about yoir housing predicament. Maybe another country would be more affordable for you but in my experience the targeting follows you. I live in my mums house. Without her ld be homeless but it has been difficult to live here when she perps/harasses me. Im also on disability and thankful l was able to get it but its not much to get by on. The perps want to push us into dire circumstances where we cant afford to live or breathe. Do you have any family members you can live with?

My living circumstances are very dire. Im at my mothers house and dont have my own room, i live on a enclosed front portch with one electrical outlet which puts out high emf if i plug anything into it. also heavy microwaving on my portch its destryoing my spine. i just was diagnosed with a degenerative spine disease because of it. i already had both of my hips replaced. to see evidence type cole pinter into youtube.

Oh wow lm so sorry about your spine. Thats a bad blow after having both hips replaced. I really feel for you Cole. I dont know if where your located will make a difference. They can get to you anywhere even in a cave. Im currently being diagnosed with an inflammotory condition. It looks like its rheumatoid arthritis. I feel so weak and exhausted and l keep getting infections. Its awful how these perps affect our health, give us horrible diseases and conditions. I thought the targeting itself was bad enough but when they attack your health its next level.

I hope you can figure something out. Keep us posted. God bless.

Hello All! I'm in Philadelphia for now. I too am being hammered and falsely accused in attempts to make me homeless or to kidnap me for political reasons. Please message me if you wish. Also Facebook has some wonderful TI communities.

David, I have been perped by every single person in the TI community on facebook almost. They are almost all fake. I am starting to think we were all born into experimentation and there are NOT as many Ti's as we think there are. Since you live close to me you should call me. 908 531 2744

David ofTomorrow said:

Hello All! I'm in Philadelphia for now. I too am being hammered and falsely accused in attempts to make me homeless or to kidnap me for political reasons. Please message me if you wish. Also Facebook has some wonderful TI communities.
Hi. Try Surveillance & Harassment Survivors Alliance at

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