Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I'd like to start a discussion that transcends emotional impact of this technology. It begins with the most basic abuses of privacy.

There are different types of privacy, there is the pysical privacy which is coveted by cultures and societies across the globe. It is the basic need to be alone in a urinal, or while engaged in sexual activity. The protection from intimate serches. Imagine the feeling of violation that is associated with unwelcomed hands pawing through your personal belongings, body parts or intimate possessions, yet our thoughts which are so much more dear than an article of clothing are now up for grabs to the highest bidder. There is the medical aspect, there is a short term report of 5% increase in cancers for exposure to this technology and the long term may very well be the cause of experiment. The unwarrented unauthorized testing on unwilling subjects.

 (I am reminded of the government funded irradaiated calcium and oatmeal experiments on orphans and mentally handicapped children to test the effects of radiation on physically healthy children which occured in many of our lifetimes, this isn't ancient history- there are many examples of united states government experimenting on citizens without knowlege or consent)

There is also the question of ethics and medical responsibility, medical privacy is being compromised and  fundamental decisions are being handled by third parties for the health and well being of citizens of this country. if the long term effects of said research have ill effects, how can we as citizens feel safe in our persons if our safety is at risk? If we experience illnesses or cancers we wouldn't have had otherwise as a result of this experiment there is the ultimate price that we pay with our live. Think momentarily on the medical and psychcological damage done, the state doesn't pay for the doctor bills,...there's a small drop in the bucket that's already overfull. The needless loss of life as people crumble under the pressure and ostricization from their community.

Think for one moment the number of people that aver that unseen people are haranging them and harrassing them, and they don't know why. They hear voices and are tageted individuals. They are permenantly labeled with a negative social stigma for physcologocial disorders and given misdianosis by unknowing health care professionals because the cause is a well protected secred. These people suffer the mental anguish not only from their attackers but also for the disbelief of their peers and their loved ones. Then they are administered drugs for said disorders that have long term effects and may impair the lives and health of the patients that wouldn't be there otherwise.

I believe that information has been illegally obtained in order to conduct the experiments. If a person's medical records were accessed without their consent, thats a violation of medical privacy. I believe PET scans were initally needed to target individuals in the early stages of experimentation. Then there's the violation of trust in medical authorities. Would anyone who has been violated in such a way, allow anyone access to their personal or medical infomation knowing it may be used to do them harm?

There is the absolute undermining of authority. The legal system is being sidestepped completely and all subjects are being denied equal protection under the law. There are laws being broken and they go unnpunished, the victims have no relief. No mediation or rememdy is provided.


There is also the potential abuse of intellectual property. In an era of information technology one would think the race to quell such a technology and regulate it would be paramount. The proclivity towards coersive bias in sensative decision making processes is evident. These people have demonstrated their lack of concern for life and liberty, no doubt exists that they would and have abuse(d) their powers. Are industrial secrets protected from unwanted intrusion and who stands to gain the most. What about political privacy, how are strategies protected and how do we know that the process is free from coersion? are (would-be) whistle blowers now subject to a lifetime of surveillance and extortion and persecurion?  


Are there safeguards inplace to assure that these individuals obey the laws themselves? Obviously not. and there is NO recourse for their arbitrary venom AND WANTON disregard for life or liberty.
The right to be left alone,...the most coveted right of all .Even tormented and abused animals have rights in this country. A dog that is continually beaten and degraded will ultimately mindlessly turn on their aggressors. At what point does a civilized intelligent individual break and we turn violently on those that would seek to crush their very spirt? The turning point happens unexpectedly and with great passion. These trangressions should not be tolerated and all peaceful resolutions should be sought before there is an explosion of public sentiment and outrage.

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One common form of attack was an urgent need to defecate,once in the bathroom the motion would begin, this would suddenly stop in mid motion and I would find myself stranded for long peroids of time,the best way to deal with this was to place a plastic bag on my hand and grab the feces and remove it. It occured to me they were doing this to make me appear to be using the bathroom for drugs. Many of my neighbours were junkies and pushers and I have a lot of video of them.
Because they attacked me and often the pushers next door would knock against the partition wall as if to falsely imply a signal had been given by them to me I took my cameras everywhere with me even to the bathroom. It was vital to show if the scum knocked the wall behind the bathroom wall that my hands were on camera and I had nothing in my mouth
Also to show I had not acted in a malicious manner by knocking on the wall then claiming the act was theirs.
From childhood I had imagery played again and again into my brain via stimulators (what many such implants are actually termed) through the optic nerves. Never allowed to sleep until 5 or 6am each morning, they prevent knowledge of this usually by removing the logical processes where I would have conveyed I did not sleep to my other family members. They did not mind if I ran panic stricken around the flat because we were all about to be incinerated by a nuclear blast, it showed I had a mental health problem. They0 persistently spoke at me when I had said I wanted to sleep,any number ofg times I said or cryed I just want to sleep they again would ask questions and keep asking. I was only 5 years of age.
The imagery was always the same type but differed slightly because I and my brother and sisters would be walking to or from one house to another. There would be a flash and a wall of flame would engulf us. Years and years of that until I was 14.
Hello Carrin I just want to thank you for what is the first time anyone in 45 years ever aknowledged and understood what I went through.

Thank you Carrin :)
In my case my mother was told I would probably not live to dawn. I know they stuck me in an incubator or oxygen tent for several months,as that kind of time passed by I think words were used in the most intentionally deceptive way to get what they regarded as consent.
To my knowledge all tissues regenerate, through my childhood I had no sense of smell. Into my 20,s I had a percentage of sense of smell.

An initial site of implantation was the sinuses.

All the stimulators have anttenas that MUST extent from the body.

In order to access them without your knowledge they will get someone behind you and use what's in you to force yopu into an unconcious state.
I tried to speak about what I was going through with the family who were also being attacked, I was badly confused when one of my sisters made the comment in a sincere manner that if anyone tried to hurt you they would have to get past us first, they would have to kill us first. I as most children was very logical and could not understand why my sister had said something she knew was not the truth. Sometime shortly after I brought the subject up again, the reply was worse than the previous reply but it did fit in from the more adult perspective. It had gotton to the. Individual level, the words used were of "would we let you be called mentally ill rather than stand by me. It was at that point they tried to put across we all have our own lives,yes I was in an unfortunate situation though rather you than them. While I can look back and see she was speaking about their futures it was not obvious to them or to me that I was being mind abused at points in the conversation so that I did not understand. Just what was said.
By the time I was five I had stopped talking to the family to the degree my mother thought I was deaf. My bro and sisters knew I was not deaf because I replied in a low muttering hateful contemptous manner. When I was brought for an hearing test the people who undertook it were apparantely controlled and tolod me I was about to be given tetanus. They had gone from being smiling friendly people to blank expressionless faces where sharp rebukes. Displays of temper,anger was not far away. After placing the headphones on one threw one or more switches and a high pitched tone was forced through my ears I took the headphones off quickly putting my hands on my ears. I had a high pitched tone in both ears which is how it stayed for almost a year. It occurred very frequently over my childhood on and off right up to date and in fact right now as I type.

It's certainly a tough story to hear from you, ben demps.  Well, you survived, and how is your family?

Goodmorning Chanath

The freaks forced us apart early on in my life,time has moved on and in the last year I too have moved on. The people who matter are the people in the same situation who feel the same way.

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