Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

We should urge government start investigating the abuse and torture of remote electromagnetic mind control technologies from cases which have strong evidences. If government start investigating few cases which have strong evidences, all victims will see the hope that their cases would be investigated soon.


My case have strong fact and evidence, we encourage all victims to collect strong facts and evidences. If you have strong facts and evidences, please leave an comments to this discussion.


The Fact and evidence of abuses and tortures of mind control technologies:

I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong

( )


Psychiatrists are crystal clear about what are organized stalking and non lethal weapons all about. Please see this report from Masters, Clinical Psychology.


What constitutes evidence of electronic harassment?

Posted by Jeremy on 6th January 2011


In this article:

•An invisible crime, committed at the speed of light

•How helpful are statements from the alleged developers or possessors of electronic harassment technology?

•When measurements are helpful, and when they’re not

•Can you prove that mind-invasive technology is being used against you, and how does that help you?

•On the utility of witnesses



To help targeted individuals complaining about electronic harassment with gathering evidence of what’s happening to them, and to demonstrate to skeptics what a difficult hurdle TI’s face, I’d like to go over what TI’s need to do to make their case in the court of public opinion, or the court of law.

An invisible crime, committed at the speed of light

When a person is shot with a gun, there are mountains of evidence left behind:


•the bullet, enabling investigators to narrow down the search for the weapon considerably;

•the entry/exit wounds;

•evidence placing the victim at a specific location when he was shot – blood droplets, footprints, and clothing fibers;

•ballistic evidence, allowing the bullet to be traced back to its source with some reliability;

•evidence left on the bullet itself – barrel markings, DNA of the suspect, and the suspect’s fingerprints (even if they’ve been wiped off1);

•a loud noise, alerting bystanders that a crime has been committed, in real time;

•and more, depending on the circumstances.

However, let’s suppose a person is attacked electromagnetically. What evidence is left behind?


•The target’s uncorroborated account of the sensations he felt.

The attack itself is completely silent and invisible. The attacker could be miles away.2 The equipment used is unknown, and effectively untraceable. There might be no visible or identifiable marks on the victim, as emerging nonlethal weapon (NLW) technologies are intended to inflict intolerable pain on a target, rather than damage him.3


How helpful are statements from the alleged developers or possessors of electronic harassment technology?


Do patents prove anything?

A patent only proves that someone is interested in developing the capabilities described in the patent. Without a working model, it doesn’t prove that the device described actually does what is claimed.


In fact, we would expect exactly the opposite; that any U.S. patents pertaining to clandestine technologies targets are complaining about would be dead ends. If they actually described working devices, they would be suppressed under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, because of national security concerns.4


Does a stated intent to develop capabilities prove anything?

Military agencies regard deception as a tool of warfare, and may arrange the publication of disinformation about future capabilities. It’s best not to read too much into statements regarding hypothesized technological developments. Occasionally, agencies like DARPA or MITRE corporation will publish requests for proposals or speculative strategies for the uses of futuristic technology. These statements may be useful for investigators who are trying to divine the shape of things to come, but aren’t useful for proving capabilities exist.


Does a statement or demonstration of capabilities prove anything?

Statements from established, credible sources about their capabilities are generally considered strong evidence. If those sources are caught lying, their credibility is undermined.


So a statement of capabilities is very useful in terms of making your case to the general public that a particular device exists and is or will soon be used. A demonstration is proof that it exists and is being used. However:


•A demonstration or credible statement of capabilities doesn’t prove that the device in question is being used against you;

•over-using references to these public statements or demonstrations may be portrayed as evidence of “obsession” on the part of a “deluded” writer.

When making your case, image is everything.


When measurements are helpful, and when they’re not

Can you measure it?

Measuring equipment that you can afford will, realistically, measure emissions in limited frequency ranges: 1 Hz to 21 Ghz is the maximum range of ‘affordable’ spectrum analyzer equipment as of 2010; RF detectors are much cheaper, but have a more limited range. This is troublesome, because at least one directed-energy weapon on the market (the Active Denial System) operates at a much higher frequency range.


For a measuring device to capture an RF signal, not only does the signal have to be in the frequency range that the device will pick up; the signal also has to be long enough in duration for the device to pick up. A military-grade implant might be picking up frequency-hopping signals of very short duration – microseconds or even nanoseconds between hops. A commercial spectrum analyzer wouldn’t be able to capture these signals.


Furthermore, an investigator has to be there with measuring equipment when the signal is being transmitted. The harassment might be turned off when the target has arranged for instruments to be present.


With obstacles like these, it’s not surprising that many TI’s don’t even try to capture measurements.


Are your measurements inaccurate or misleading?

Incorrect alignment of the measuring device, or proximity to large metal objects, can give misleading readings to unsophisticated investigators.5 Also, your detector may be deliberately set off.


What have you measured?

If you’ve recorded a signal that coincides with pain or distress, have you determined that a specific person is attempting to harm you?


Harm: ANSI has set standards for maximum acceptable levels of short-term microwave exposure; ionizing radiation has well-known lethal dosages; and at least one study shows a very strong correlation between long-term proximity to cell towers and certain kinds of ailments.6 If you can capture signals corresponding to the strength, duration, and radio-frequency of these harmful EM emissions, you know you’re being harmed by those emissions, and you’ll eventually be able to make a good case to the public and to a court.


If mind-invasive technology is being used, you need much more personalized evidence of harm. See my remarks in the next section.


Specific person: you have to trace the signal back to the source. You can do this with very inexpensive equipment – such as an RF detector – assuming the source isn’t adjusting his attacks in real time. Signal strength will increase with proximity to the source.


What have you gained by obtaining evidence that a specific person is attempting to harm you?

You’ve gained focus for a more thorough (and expensive) investigation by expert witnesses whose testimony will support your claim in court.


If you can prove harm, you’ll eventually have a criminal case. (Assault is illegal, whether it was performed with a microwave weapon or a baseball bat; there doesn’t have a law specifically prohibiting the use of a particular implement against you.)


Can you prove that mind control technology is being used against you, and how does that help you?

Implant detection


U.S. researchers recently demonstrated silk-based implants, with miniscule electrodes imprinted on a silk substrate that melts away, allowing for precise placement of the electrodes.7 This isn't necessarily happening to TI's, but it pays to think outside the box when considering implant architectures.

Many targets repeatedly get ‘hit’ in the same areas; some have discernible bulges under their skin suggesting the presence of foreign objects. It’s possible they have implants in those areas; it’s even possible that mind control technology requires the presence of implants.


Possible methods of detection include:


•Metal detectors or stud finders;

•An MRI reading;

•A CT scan, CAT scan, or X-ray reading.

However, just because the suspected implant or implants aren’t detected by commercial equipment, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’ve previously suggested that targets might be carrying covert taggants which enable tracking and targeting8, or the implants themselves might be microscopic.


Detection of covert taggants or implants will have to be through more indirect means. I’ll get to that in a minute.


So you’ve found an implant. What have you proved?

Unfortunately, not much. You have a foreign object in your body; it is in your possession; you have the right to disable it or remove it.


You don’t know who put it there, or how it’s affecting your body or nervous system. (However, a link between certain kinds of implants and cancer has been previously demonstrated.6.)


How likely are you to capture signals?

If hypothesized mind control signals are directed at implants in your body, they might (as discussed above in the Measurements section) be undetectable on commercial spectrum analyzers. Furthermore, the target’s harassers are unlikely to cooperate.


In my opinion, the best shot involves going after targets who are getting some form of highly frequent harassment (typically 24/7 voice-to-skull or subliminals).


It’s possible that targets getting highly frequent harassment are getting it from programmable implants – a telling sign would be that the harassment doesn’t go away when the target is inside a shielded environment, but it gets “dumber”. Programmable implants might be getting signals from the outside world only occasionally.


Will capturing signals help you?

For the sake of argument, let’s say the signals can be captured, and you manage to capture them. What’ve you got?


You’ve got a recording of an unusual signal that means nothing to the layman, or even to most civilian scientists and engineers. You have to demonstrate that this signal has an effect on you – and ideally, on others.



Having captured a mind control signal, if you can replay it and reproduce its effects on your nervous system or mind under controlled conditions, you now know that mind control technology is being used against you, and what its nature is. 

You’re ready for a more focused – and expensive – investigation.


On the utility of witnesses

In the event that you find evidence linking attacks on you to a specific location, you’re almost ready to take legal action. However, you shouldn’t expect your adversary to lie down and accept a beating from the legal system; he might challenge you in court, and even counter-sue. You need credible expert witnesses who can verify or testify that attacks against you are coming from the location in question, and that they are harming you or causing you distress.


In the event you manage to capture signals to implants in your body (or mind control signals), expert witnesses will be an essential element of your proof that clandestine technology has been used against you. You would need to reproduce the signals’ effect on you in a shielded environment, in a double-blind study9, with reliable expert witnesses who understand the experiment and what’s being claimed.


The obstacles to proving the use of electronic harassment against a target are enormous, and even understated in this article. Much of what I’ve written above will not apply if the target’s harassers do not cooperate – or worse, act to mislead the target.

From our perspective, exposing targeting operations en masse is more economical and more likely than being able to prove they’re happening to a particular person. Skeptical third parties might be able to work wonders by bringing detection equipment with them on surprise visits to targeted individuals, but for them, talk is much cheaper.

It’s been three years of overt electronic harassment for me, and much longer for others, but we’re still at an impasse.


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FFCHS issued a newsletter that I received (kept the copy) by email.

They are raising fund for helping to buy air ticket for Walbert to go to the south (Texas or Florida) to meet

a contracted surgeon to get some undetected implants out of his body.


I don't think Walbert won any big $$ compensation or they won't need to raise fund to help him.


 Evidence of Directed Energy Weapon Assault by a Targeted Indivdual in the USA

This has just been found to be very hard to do.  I think we all feel a certain degree of multi-stalking is involved in this.  And I have recorded suspicious individuals stalking, or appearing to be stalking, by taking pictures.


I also have several interesting audio captures I have made over the years, from the police and from an Psychologist.


And am currently working on an EEG device to record my brain activity.  I believe I have THE first recorded data showing these attacks, and here it is… (and attached)



Basically what this shows is my 8 channel eeg recording my normal brain activity.  Then all of a sudden you can see all channels suddenly show this uniform but excited brain activity.  The two back of my head channels, O1 and O2, show a slightly less reaction, but this was a rain type of hit which rained directly onto the top of my head, and this eeg shows it.  As these attacks started, they were so severe I reached up and had to remove all electrodes from my head.  This same reaction cannot be duplicated by clinching your teeth or any other eye or mouth movement I have tried.


I hope we can get together and start gathering data, evidence, and bring these attacks to a stop.




From : edgargillham 

I am a retired electronic engineer.  My duties were designing and testing electronic countermeasure systems. I am intimately familiar with virtually every kind of microwave detection and measurement device. I was told that FFCHS was in the process of purchasing a spectrum analyzer, a detection device with which I have had many years experience. I would be most happy to offer assistance when and where needed.

My signal assult began in federal prison in 2000 a doctor exsplained to me how this was bening done microwave,radio and hollowgram signals.I did 15 months of 18 month sentance first time and my last time ever.I was implanted after bening released around 2001 or 2002.I saw these on a ex ray when seeing a doctor for back pain.They are three probes hooked to my spine in the middle of my back,i saw them very clear.These implants were round and about a half inch long with what looked like tiny wires running up my back toward my head.I was used as a exspearmentee on medicine also from 2008-2010 i have doctuments for this.In April 2010 i could not breath good and very weak,i preyed for God to help me and it came to me very clear(get off all medication) and i did all on my own.First time speaking out about this and i am paying dearly doing so.Please see pics after being released from hospital June 10 2010 Thanks

Peter Rosenholm

    Myself and other TIs are going to be doing a preliminary scanning across the US and maybe southern Canada as best we can. We have purchased the JM 20 Pro bug sweeping device with a range from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. As with most endeavors TIs do the JM 20 Pro is now being discontinued.

   At least three TIs have medical images to back up their scans. Implants are the only real evidence we can show as part of our targeting.

    A TI diagnosed with a mental illness was scanned, his scan was taped and his results were given. Showing this to doctors he is now getting medical scans by his doctor who is reviewing another cause for his illness. 21 states now have made it illegal to unknowingly or forcibly implant an individual. They wouldn't be making these laws if this wasn't

a real issue. Here is a link to the video of the scanned TI:


Below is a generic statement on what I need to group TIs for scannings.

I've added you to a state by state list. Do your best to find more TI's in your area and have them contact me. TIs addresses and phone number would be good so I can match TI groups better and contact them easily if I'm near them and can fit in another day. I'm going to make a map and it will become clear when enough TIs are in an area. Some times this area may be at the corners of two of more states. That is why state by state is an in complete indicator, and some states are huge. This will remain private and perps already know where we live, right.  -Peter  401-466-4921

What device can I use to record them? These people are already saying they are going because I want to use this. Thanks
cynthia said:

yes you can record and hear them
in fact up to 288 wave levels
you can record and hear
voice to skull = v2k
squad = ssss
syntel = scalar such as jeriositors, velositors named because of the velosity and spin of the energy particles

each brain wave is genetically unique like a finger print and they do it by a method called - entraining the brain waves'
a beating tone is sent through at a level not heard by the ear itself because it does not cause vibrations of the ear bones which is actually how humans hear. its like a dog whistle or subliminal tape and the brain still receives the message just in a way unfamiliar to us. they are using this same method to communicate with victims of als and those who have gone deaf.

the technology is ancient and all of these methods can be recorded with a very inexpensive digital recorder and then remove the hissing static noise and increase the sound. you will hear the conversations. they use the audio looping method that nasa uses.
i have this information in my forums here on peacepink or you can read them and numerous recorded conversations on my blog site


you're wrong.   people are using insane science

to obscure political issues.  every bit of organic matter on this planet comes from stardust.

do you have a star brain?  what about related are you to trees.

people are using bad science to make it seem as if there is no way to solve these problems.

do you see?  if people tell themselves that their brains are their enemies, the problems can never be solved.

reptiles do not have mammalian brains because they are not as evolved as mammals.

therefore:  we have mammalian brains.  and one to a person, not three.

your heart has four sections:  how many hearts do you have?  four?  or one?

lots and lots of people can use Bad Science.  for hundreds of years people insisted the earth was flat.

it is flat.  in places.  do you understand?  it's bad science, like saying "the sun sets."

the sun NEVER SETS.  the Earth revolves.  the Earth orbits a star which remains in a fixed position away from the Earth.   you can't solve modern problems using the superstitious illogic of our predecessors from previous centuries.

my evidence?   for years people have been at this problem.  it remains a deadlock.

bad logic from the activists has to do with why -- not the Omnipotence of the Illuminati.

they are not impotent. they are mortal men with human prejudices.

you do not and cannot have a reptilian brain if your blood is warm,

if you come from a female who carried you in a womb.

there is a difference between the reptile and the mammal 

and the difference the billions of years of evolutionary differentiation between mammal and reptile.

reptiles are not as evolved as humans.  look:   don't post on this thread.

David Icke is just a man.  he has produced talk of shape shifting aliens.

this slows everyone down, and prevents people from making real world problems...

when people are frightened of lizardmen -- their minds freeze up. 

Dick Cheney is a warm blooded, hair covered, cruel, insensitive, amoral and fraudulent human criminal.

the science is bad!  David Icke has the hard science of the men who put leeches on to suck out poison.

You have one brain. You do!  At least one.

It is in a mammal.

So tell me why David Icke's opinion is superior to mine?  Because it satisfies people's pessimism, people's feeling that we are all doomed and that there's nothing to do but record the bad things until death?  Because people have died who were members of this site, and this movement. People I liked, who were using bad logic to do their activism.

they fucking DIED calling themselves Targetted Individuals in a situation where the political players involved have targetted every single person on the Earth.  when everyone is targetted, the term "targetted individual" becomes null.

everyone is targetted. NWO/Illuminati seek to control the whole world, and all people, indefinitely.

"the science is bad" is an out-dated view, according to post-modern quantum physics   this bald assertion does not tally with the montauk reports of inter-dimensional experiential phenomenon   al beilek et al explain how all three of these mysteries are aspects of one reality:  mind-control, stealth/invisibility, and time-travel (even s. hawkins relents on this issue)   to help visualize it, think about 'predator' the movie    are all aspects of a common theme involving remote channeling of data for the supercomputers required to avoid a repeat of the philadelphia experiment disaster, tesla himself stated the same thing in his auto-biography   'd'jinn, genie, demon, dragon':  dragons, according to legend, are shape-shifters (multi-dimensional) mind-controllers   physics have transcended the rational objective conceit and looks to eastern philosophy to more accurately depict the 'Many Worlds View of the Universe' which is regarded as more impressionable and various than previously suspected (conceivable within western dichotomous thinking, instead of a dynamic tension of opposites) and now use models as explained in 'the dancing wu li masters' and 'the tao of physics'   thank you for sharing    peace!

Zezustech, Inc open Boot campaign give the RNM and V2K Jammer 20units for free for victims who make request. You can request RNM & V2K Jammer at

The unit packaging: box #1 contains power unit and small parts. Box Size is 15 inches x 15 inches x 9 inches

Box # 2 contains structure PVC poles. Box Size 72 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches

Box #3 contain's structure. Box Size 49 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches.

Total Weight 25 Kg

There are patents which prove devices such as v2k exist.  Maybe we could prove indirectly.  Maybe we could go en masse with our life histories and present other indirect credible evidence.  It is very unfair the Mafia can silence us and abuse us because the technology is so sophisticated and because it is so expensive to prove our case.  Also, no one believes us even when we tell the truth.  We are true victim of a horrible crime.  

How to get a free RNM jammer ? Would like to try
Zezustech , Inc said:

Zezustech, Inc open Boot campaign give the RNM and V2K Jammer 20units for free for victims who make request. You can request RNM & V2K Jammer at

The unit packaging: box #1 contains power unit and small parts. Box Size is 15 inches x 15 inches x 9 inches

Box # 2 contains structure PVC poles. Box Size 72 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches

Box #3 contain's structure. Box Size 49 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches.

Total Weight 25 Kg

How to get a free RNM jammer ? Would like to try
Zezustech , Inc said:

Zezustech, Inc open Boot campaign give the RNM and V2K Jammer 20units for free for victims who make request. You can request RNM & V2K Jammer at

The unit packaging: box #1 contains power unit and small parts. Box Size is 15 inches x 15 inches x 9 inches

Box # 2 contains structure PVC poles. Box Size 72 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches

Box #3 contain's structure. Box Size 49 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches.

Total Weight 25 Kg

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