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I believe Anthony Forwood is a fake victim website .....done by the British makes sense the British would make fake victims using Canada as the US Ti`s are more organized and would be easily check the person out and spot he was not real
C) simple his website is just a textbook JTRIG fake website website ....that Snowdon leaked

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums. Here is one illustrative list of tactics from the latest GCHQ document we’re publishing today:

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i did "check that link"   first, here's the punch line:  "A Home Office spokesperson told AFP: "Drugs such as cannabis are harmful because scientific evidence demonstrates that they are harmful."    (NOT true)


this logic seems to suggest that legally addictive lethal toxins like alcohol and tobacco are not harmful!   

cannabis cures cancer - and not just in lab rats   we don't conduct experiments on rats because the findings are completely inapplicable to 'higher' mammals     over and above the significant and well-repressed scientific fact that hemp makes petroleum products unnecessary, ganja also expands 'lateral' consciousness - this is the primary reason why the 'reefer madness' mentality has surpassed 'lombroso phrenology' revival status lately - a dependant population requires more 'habituated' thinking patterns 

both abusive substances are ideally suited - each in its way - to facilitating personally and globally destructive decision making processes (and these are culturally reinforced with maniacal violence against any sensible tolerance):

tobacco helps steady shaky nerves so shaky fingers can sign shaky pacts (often involving the same lethal industrial smoke-stacks they so symbolically de-'naturalize') - and then 'punish' themselves with a slow death of 'pleasure' 

alcohol helps one to forget all about all that, for just one more 'one day at a time', and also is very useful for helping one perform tasks of which one may be completely unaware of at the moment and forever afterwards (much like the (c.i.a.) agency 'temp' manchurian candidate who is always the last one to ever find out "whodunit")

 FULL NAME said:

"Check the link."
(efficiency drill: standard south park teacher "drugs are bad - 'kay?" lecture glossed over) 

secondly:   did you read the first comment?   apparently those old grey cells seem to be functioning well enough to make this pithy point (which happens to absolutely demolish the entire silly giggle):
Vera Narishkin 4 days ago 09:42
Interestingly enough, the percentage of the population who consumed cannabis was considerably lower 50 years ago than the percentage of the population who consumes cannabis today, whereas the percentage of the population who develops psychosis is exactly the same as the percentage of the population who developed psychosis 50 years ago. Conclusion: If this report were true, the percentage of the population developing psychosis would have increased as much as the percentage who consumes cannabis over the past 50 years, but that simply is not the case. Therefore, this (government sponsored) study and all recent studies that link psychosis to the consumption of cannabis (whatever the percentage of THC it contains) are total bunk.
Forwood is a fake. He uses a fake Facebook account, with a fake profile, including his name. These things are very significant. Those who support Forwood despite his fraudulent identity, are downing Duncan for these same claims. It's typical perp/agent tactical behavior.
The word HYPOCRITE, applies to the whole Duncan diploma debacle. We have a group of people who apply a standard that they methodically break for themselves. It is appear ant that Forwood is using a Fraudulent identity, There is no Mike LeBerge in Ottowa, and Lebowski is obviously not using his real name.

i posted my address in 'muertos', dotty    now you can try to follow up on your "I've done this before...send those who fuck up others...the fact that you are a TI means zero to me..." cowardice after you backed down on your previous demented threats    if you could produce the 'doctorate' you have consistently lied about, all this wouldn't be so very amusing   :-)  

 Reply by David ofTomorrow 3 hours ago

The word HYPOCRITE, applies to the whole Duncan diploma debacle. We have a group of people who apply a standard that they methodically break for themselves. It is appear ant that Forwood is using a Fraudulent identity, There is no Mike LeBerge in Ottowa, and Lebowski is obviously not using his real name.

re-posted from p. 1 - voluntarily modified in accordance with site standards as directed by our wise moderator teo
LaBrat said:

i notice several more unsupportable slights against the messenger of the naked emperor photo exhibition:    

this is where that "you're halfway home" comment is applicable     you have acknowledged learning the hard way that i was right about the country codes, and that you were wrong about the "fake TI website"   

you mention increased traffic based on the inaccurate and defamatory information you provided, but neglect to correct it - instead, you seem to be boasting and taking credit   forgive me if i misjudge you

like repeating duncan's diploma 'unsubstantiated self-publicized allegations', it can still be an 'error' instead of a (that long phrase - 'uspa's') if you correct, retract, and apologize for your mistake   that is what a real member would do   it is the honourable thing any gentleman would do at once    this would be a good time to break with historical tradition and be that rare big man who admits when he has been a small person   ;-)
deca said:

labrat you need to to socialise more instead of sitting in front of the internet all day

similarly self-edited (not self-censored!)   i'm glad this one required attention - the rest of it bears reminding:
LaBrat said:

you admitted you were wrong, it's NOT a "fake TI website", it's NOT in the UK as per your insanely ridiculous 'theory', and, as predicted, you did not behave like a gentleman and correct your exceptionally silly mistake -    instead, you let your 'confirmation bias' direct you to try to dig up some real dirt   good luck with THAT, fool LOL!  

you had the opportunity to be a big man, deca   instead, and as i say, predictably, the title of this page is unchanged, and you demonstrate what a "small person" you are here with dotty-level hypocrisy    this 'discussion' is pathetic, with nothing changed at all:  both the duncan 'allegers of as-yet unsupported claims of professional credentials' (a decade later?!) continue to ineffectually smear all who "Ask A Simple Question'

i'll go one further, deca   all you will accomplish is to direct even more traffic to anthony's site - more people will be exposed to simple truths clearly articulated and thoroughly substantiated     and more members will see that 'the emperor has no diploma - and is offering naked photos of himself instead of the phony credentials he's posted here (who knows?  maybe even a real doctorate!  dare we hope?)

the cointelpro disinfo propaganda you foolosihly continue to disseminate from perp headquarters is a dead give-away    the ted gunderson disclosures illustrate the deliberate lie in the opening sentence:

Intended effects

The intended effect of the FBI's COINTELPRO was to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize" groups that the FBI officials believed were "subversive"

"was" intended, you say    yeah, right, deca    ha ha!   what a clown you are   tell us another one, 'unenlightened public utterer of preposterously unsupportable assertions' lol!

(from p.2)

LaBrat said:

 deca 25 minutes ago

oh you only think I posted about Anthony fake website on here for members to read ?

think again I posted it all over  the internet


well, DUH!   all that means, in case you haven't been following the plot, is that a lot more people who would never have found out about your 'persistent inaccuracies' (p.a.'s), duncan's p.a.'s and ffchs-with-you 24/7!'s p.a.'s will become exposed to well-researched and written analyses of the truth these well-funded operations struggle to repress

 (just as i never would have discovered 'They Would Be Gods' without your attempted interference)

"again", the first line (the one about the giggling at the joke) is actually from me thanking you for directing my attention to that superlative book       read on, and see (again) how anthony is quoting it to remind you of the irony - and extreme-level high silliness - of what you have just threatened here to do

                Comment by Anthony Forwood on January 17, 2015 at 7:54amDelete Comment

you guys are a joke   more and more members are giggling!     and thanks again for promoting the book lo!

Yes, thanks to all these people who are against me, more than ANYBODY else, my material gets a lot of promotion without me doing anything at all!!! Hell, I'm at the top of google for searches on RD or FFCHS, thanks to their own ability to whine about it rather than properly answer to it. Not My fault! LOL!

from page 2 (no longer there, so 'deca's' exasperation germinated into expletives may seem anachronistically feral)
LaBrat said:

you don't suppose - considering that he 'neglected to authenticate' about even having a bibliography for his already published book - that it could be a fake?   will any one of these "people" come forward and tell us what year the ('fake-or-at-least-not-yet-verified-) doctor graduated?   and - do you suppose you could ask one of them about the bibliography too?   i'm actually getting really curious to see how this will all come out   will we see a diploma at long last?  golly!
deca said:

labrat I all ready know people thats been to DR Robert Duncan house see his diplomas  and  work with him regular fucking dick...

re-submitted from p. 4 and sanitized for the public comfort and security 
LaBrat said:

or you could grow a pair and address the mistakes you've made here already, thank sue for twice correcting you that you were mistaken, and fix your increasingly suspicious 'error' before you look like as big a 'disseminator of not-demonstrably necessarily un-falsehoods' ('dndnn's') as these two 'duncan harvard doctorate diploma dndnn-ers' on this contrived 'dndnn' of a blog premise

(deca admitted being 'mistaken' about his whole country code detective work clownishness)     "but I am not going to hold my breath"!   ;-)   btw as i mentioned, after your b-s treatment of dee dorsty (op cit), every time you show up here without that invisible magic diploma, you are just another  'un-enlightened public dndnn-er'!
Robert Orin Butner Jr. said:

THE COMMENT ABOUT LABRAT, QUOTE: "LABRAT IS JUST A PISS TAKEN TROLL PLAYING ON PEOPLES EMOTIONS AND PLAYING MEMBERS AGAINST EACH OTHER EITHER FOR HIS OWN SICK AMUSEMENT OR FOR A AGENDA TO DISRUPT THE FORUM ...HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BANNED MONTHS AGO" End quote. ...This could NOT be more of the truth, except additionally, he is an embarrassment on behalf of all and I will continue totally ignoring his stupidity.
[Editor's note:  as mentioned previously, "ass" in this context - particularly the counter-cultural slang expression 'jive'-ass, is in no way associated with any part of the anatomy.]

deca said:

hi stupid troll labrat ...instead of spaming slandererist  rumors about other individuals and organisation who are actually exposing what is happening and trying to help the TI community...why don`t YOU , lebowski & anthony try to do the same .....or is it easier just to  sit there all day and blame others and undermine there work...


no diploma, no respect   if you are lying, then the 'work' you are doing need to be undone   if it were slander, AF wouldn't be daring you to back up your "defamation: big talk   slander? prove it: no diploma - no proof (NOT slander)    stupid public liars trying to stupidly lie and bluff their way around their lies - in public, too ha ha ha!      you tools are slandering him!    thanks for the chuckles, knuckle-head

"what do you hope to achive ? hay ? you think if you runin Dr Robert duncan credabiltal and close FFCHS ...that some how that helps the Ti comunity ? ....... if so how ? ...and how are YOU ,lebowski and

anthony going to solve the situation ? ....come on what are your soultions ? ...."

i'd have to agree with the others that you and duncan ruined your own reputations by not either posting his 'evidence', or retracting the 'unsupported assertion' and apologizing for misleading the people he helped torture and now, as he confessed to member john allman, takes c.i.a. money to mislead us exactly like you do here just like this

"do you think spaming about tesla and some shite about space alien neurphones on peacepink  will solve our targting  ? or talking about foot prints in the snow ?  .....really"

well "really", you didn't mention that your g-s denial blog question was supposed to be rhetorical and facetious, so i introduced the witnessed evidence you had requested   as for tesla, the link was well established with his repressed inventions (the "death ray" ring any bells in your fake-tinnitus?)

LaBrat said:

well, deca, unless you find that diploma, then it looks very much like i've helped lebowski help anthony and the 'a dozen reasons why it is obvious that ffchs is a disinfo front group organized by gang-stalking perps...' author and others expose a very evil and corrupt industry preying on targets   this is why it is SO vital that we document sources, as lebwski, forwood and others do - and as you and duncan simply can't    

deca, why don't you step away from the internet for a while, find a hobby, get your kids to explain the difference between right and wrong (you DID send then to school, didn't you?) - and stop pretending damage control has any chance of working after both your covers have been blown so eyes wide open?  :-)

even 'ex'-army intel officer mckinney called his publically leaked perp confession "falling on his sword" - before asking to be taken off the mailing list: this was back when she admitted working there   get real!

sorry  deca  but not exactly accurate.   I know of 2 maybe 3 TI's who have state they have meet Forwood in person.

But that was 3 plus ? years ago n nothing recent. Word is Forwood is the type now who tends  to avoid face to face meetings.  N I'm not vetting Forwood . Far from it.  I don't trust the SOB in any shape or form.   just passing on FYI

deca said:

you Do know nobody ever meet or seen in person Anthony Forwood do Know this

pretty much like yourself ...nobody ever meet YOU in person.....YOU and Anthony are only none via the internet .....

Anthony Forwood posted his address on Peacepink and invited skeptics to see for themselves what gang-stalking is.  He became targeted after investigating certain extremely suspicious organizations which purport to assist TI's, and in all the time during which various members of these shady groups have made assorted unsupported and unspecific allegations, none have managed to uncover any errors in Anthony's evidence or reasoning. In this hostile atmosphere, it is reasonable to assume that were there any such errors, we'd have probably seen them by now.


On the other hand, some of these parties have met large numbers of people claiming to be targeted. Does this mean that they are not perps?  The logic here is beyond simply flawed. The whole 'issue' is an irrelevant diversion of focus to the messenger, intentionally designed to bury the actual message he delivers.  It's kind of like deca claiming Mr. Forwood is not really living in Canada because someone bought his book in the U.K.  In fact, it's exactly like that.

As Teo's reported failure to elicit any significant response from ICAACT for over two years demonstrates, it really is what you know, not whom. What Mr. Forwood knows and has ably demonstrated to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt has proven to be quite a thorn in the side of FFCHS, ICAACT, and other venues for deca's cant - could this be why we still do not see any retraction based on the errant point of this attack blog?


One really does have to wonder at the questionable concept of groups run by allegedly former government agencies such as NSA and the C.I.A. (known for their high recidivism rates) who are not themselves targeted - could this explain their complete lack of success or progress?  Deca himself was exposed in this Forwood article, and the quotations in it are derived from the Myron May 'mental health' disinfo blog shill Muertos posted here on Peacepink: -

It really does stretch the imagination considerably trying to imagine one person genuinely making so very many key errors so consistently all the way through the discussion - especially after he has already been corrected. Getting together and meeting TI's is how disinformation groups operate - this is a very poor standard of innocence. Does anybody have any legitimate criticisms, or is all this really just someone or others' displeasure at the fact that Mr. Forwood has so successfully exposed so many perps?

Anthony forward is not a real TI ..he`s never experienced v2k or synthetic telepathy or any electric assault/DEW on his mind or body ....hes just read other peoples claims

he also has not done anything to actually solve the situation ...all hes done is create a blog were he accuses people & groups  in the community as being perps and then spams links to his blog around ....normally by TROLLING using alias's to drum up traffic to his crappy blog ....

the end .....


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Please read the following survey which has been put on facebook and jotform and distributed amongst the public sites.Gang stalking Report No 2 and Gang stalking Report.  Follow  See the publishers one as well.  Also please follow survey to ban DEWS and save Fleet in Hampshire also includes Britain and the world.See More
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