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  • I would also state ages ago I pointed out that the Radiofrequency Radiation Docimetry Handbooks edition Nos 4 + 5 were freely available to download just plug them into your search drive.  The equations freequencies and pictographic information speaks for itself. 4 =4G 5 = 5G.  The author of 5G has removed that one and you have to apply.... I wonder why?

  • Oh no it is not a lot is burried in plain sight, the large dishes on telecom towers were huge circular flat emiters, they have taken them down now, well most of them, UK Gov's secret communication system!☺. Nb they use nano as well = smart dust works like chrystal radio sets, but tiny.  Theres much more virtually impossible for anyone to escape unless you live deep underground in a cave and never come out!

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  • I have to agree, Smart Dust is the common one used these days, Professor Klaus Schwab at the WorldvEconomic Forum actually mentioned using it!  I believe the whole human race is subject to it, ingested, injected, spread by, air, food or medicine, it is too late.

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  • I think you are right about what we are up against, its most likely nano-tech. But your writings in the link, about getting triggered when for instance kissing or eating red meat, is in my opinion even more misdirections than reffering to the above mentioned things. /Annie
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