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Interview with a gang stalker | Expose--

What follows on the link below is an expose on the dark side of psych-ops, presented in a 4-part video from The National Report. In this tell-all, no holes barred journalist, Janes M Agni, was given "full access," to the secrets of the perps. You'll learn why they do what they do - how they do what they do - and, more importantly-- who they do it for. [MORE:]

Jane M. Agni is a professional journalist residing in the rain-soaked city of Portland, Oregon. She has written for such fine websites as Modern Woman Digest and Civic Tribune. Her book entitled "The States Of Shame: Living As A Liberated Womyn In America" appeared on Oprah's Book Club and quickly went bestseller shortly thereafter. She's currently at work on the follow up tentatively named "Sisters Of Shame: The Why In Womyn" . Jane M. Agni now writes full-time for National Report, giving her unique perspective on the latest world events. 

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Sounds like disinformation; or he is looking for a justification.

In my case I never had to do nothing with justice, it happened to me in my 18, I was not politicized.

I've never been able to finish my studies and have never had a decent life thereby.

It just looks like destruction.

I will have soon 42...Welcome in hell !

Yes Mchristo:

The overall purpose of gang stalking is to subdue, contain, then destroy.  They have to destroy in order to minimize witnesses.  ~djg

mchristo said:

Sounds like disinformation; or he is looking for a justification.

In my case I never had to do nothing with justice, it happened to me in my 18, I was not politicized.

I've never been able to finish my studies and have never had a decent life thereby.

It just looks like destruction.

I will have soon 42...Welcome in hell !

That is a good point about "destroy". It is paramount that the secret of gang stalking is kept. When you know what is happening the more you publicise the situation the better. They want people to quietly disappear. The more noise you make the harder that is to do. I have noticed that the aware targets who seem to last longest ( that is don't go silent or crazy) are the ones who self publicise the most.

I agree Clair that they want gangstalking kept secret, and that's their game in gangstalking.  If you know what is happening and expose it, the better.  I do not agree that the purpose of gangstalking is  really to destroy and make the subject or victim disappear or be disposed of in order to minimize witness, but to harass or intimidate and torture, which is part of the system of control of the perpetrators in electronic mind control technology harassment.  Yes, the aware targets who expose or publicise the conduct or action will last longer,  or be less stalked by the recruits.

Once you know about it it becomes urgent for them to silence you one way or another. They have worked very hard to deny the existence of a practice which is almost identical to Fair Game - which is acknowledged to exist. A successful TI whistleblower would blow them out of the water. If you are going to be targeted for having a secret making sure it isn't a secret is the only protection. And then they use the other attack - speak out and they try to define you as mad - after the Soviet fashion.
Between the devil and the deep blue sea, eh?
If the harassment is really bad you simply cannot think. I have been lucky that at various times there were mitigating circumstances which reduced greatly the extent of the harassment. When I lived in a warden run hostel for international students that was difficult to infiltrate and anti social behaviour would not have been tolerated; when I worked for 20 years for Royal Mail and neither my bosses nor co-workers believed the lies; when I moved from the city to a rural town where others anti-social behaviour would make them stand out like a sore thumb. And my late husband of 20 years who was a bit of a maverick - they didn't want him to find out because he would have been an uncontrollable wild card. Everyone has a different experience. It took me more than 30 years to find out what I was experiencing was gang stalking. Exposure is their downfall. When the news gets out how many people will find out that a lifetime of bad luck/experiences was deliberate sabotage of their lives?

First and foremost, I was not targeted for having or knowing a secret.  I was targeted because I'd made a few complaints to the ministers of the gov and they were just ordinary complaints that any citizen here could also have complained about, and they were no secrets as they went to different sections or areas of other departments as procedures.  A friend of mine made more numerous complaints to the ministers of the gov than me, but was not targeted because she was not capable of taking legal action on her own or that she could do it on her own or helpless, so they did not take notice of her.  They've already done the worse in 2012 including gangstalking.  I do not get gangstalking now.  Well, with stalking or gangstalking, you could speak up and complain to the law enforcement authorities without being regarded as mad as it is really a criminal offence here, and all you need is evidence.  In regards to DEW attack, that would be hard to prove without real evidence and there is no legislation that covers that kind of technology here, and just like what you've said, they could define you as mad.  What they really want is to torture you hard for you to give up, and their hands are clean.

I agree Carrin that you cannot be quiet or silent, and let it just passes as time passes by.  You really have to bring this to the attention of the relevant humanitarian organisations and authorities, regardless they believe or not.  That is right that you are keeping a record of your issues for legal purposes.  Nothing will happen if victims will just chat up everyday with each other of their situations and everything that is going on around them, but hesitant to initiate proper actions against this technology or AI, maybe because they are affected badly .  JOhn Finch has sent on and off his complaints to the relevant authorities or International Court, and he is really taking real action.  Maybe these relevant authorities or International Court are just collating more complaints and evidences to substantiate this.

The secret I meant was gang stalking itself. So you were harassed to make you back down and when you did it stopped? That is a different situation to the UK. There are no laws against it because it is not acknowledged to exist. I was targeted for NO reason. My theory is that targets are bait for recruiting the gang stalkers. It is a con artist money making cult. I only found out it was gang stalking last year, and it started more than 30 years ago. In that time my first boyfriend was swindled out of 40k, two previous landlords lost their houses, others lost their businesses and I have been swindled out of 30k. They corrupt everything and everyone they touch. It is not about the victims - the targets - we are just a distraction. It is an enormous power and money grab. And they can't be attacking me to make me give up. I am retaliating because they are attacking me.

Yes, stalker or gangstalkers are recruited, solicited, and networked by the main perps or mastermind with the main purpose to harass and torture the targets.   Yes, they tried to stop me in 2012 because my complaint was running, but it did not stop me.  In 2013, gangstalking had stopped.  Since this year, I do not get gangstalked, but sometimes a single person or you might call stalker wanting to befriend me while I am walking in the shopping centres.  Yes, we are a distraction to them that's why we are targeted.  But others are chosen randomly as human experiment  of the mind control human experiment technology.  YOu said you are retaliating because they are attacking you.  How do you retaliate with your perps?

I mean retaliate in the sense of trying to expose the situation as opposed to not doing anything. Be careful about being friendly - this might just be another approach. Regarding Dew and mind to mind - I don't know if I have experienced this. I have experienced interference with education, getting work, interference in work, slander, noise, theft, vandalism, having perps move in next door, attempts to provoke incidents, attempts to seduce, both late husband and self, attempts to engage in illegal acts, directed conversations (about things I had only thought about), cheated of money owed, bad service, ramped up charges, "second hand" food, our families harassed, friends and work colleagues infiltrated, crowding, magically appearing queues at check outs in otherwise empty shops, being bumped in a large virtually empty shop, being followed and lately trouble sleeping. But that could be just old age.

Both gangstalking and dew attacks are extremely difficult if not impossible to prove. Ive tried with many authorities and humanitarian orgs. They want does one get evidence of either of these?? Non-TIs are much more likely to label you insane than take you seriously. Im sick of that mindset. John Finch has been contacting authorities and media over many years and even he constantly faces disbelief.

its not a straightforward battle.

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