Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

After a long time hard working, we have already bring awareness of mind control abuse and torture to many people, including some lawyers.
Here are some lawyers who know about Mind Control Abuse and Torture.
If you know more other lawyers who know about Mind Control Abuse and Torture, please add their name to this list by "reply" .


(1)  Gordon P. Erspamer
 Senior Counsel,
 Morrison & Foerster LLP,
 San Francisco, California

Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. Central Intelligence Agency, et al.

 Case No. CV-09-0037-CW, U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal. 2009)

Attached is a YouTube video of Gordon Erspamer, attorney in San Francisco, who is representing veterans who have found implants. He is currently in the very difficult discovery process with the CIA and US Army regarding the program of implanting veterans and other non-consensual experimentation. He claims in this news interview that he believes these programs are on-going today.


He has also been interviewed on Coast to Coast. Here is an article that was written entitled, "Meet Gordon Erspamer, VA's Worst Nightmare"

he can be reached at:
Morrison and Foerster
425 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94105-2482

(2) Jonathan O. Wilson
Attorney at Law
Wilson Law Center LLC
PO Box 1102, Morrison, CO 80465
Fax: 303-697-1189
Mr. Jonathan O. Wilson represents Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. He has sent the following request for a congressional hearing and an inquiry on their behalf to Senator Patrick Leahy's office. Senator Leahy is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jonathan O. Wilson, Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 1102
Morrison, Colorado 80465
(720) 219-8366
Fax: (303) 697-1189

March 31, 2008
Sen. Patrick Leahy
433 Russell Senate Office Bldg
United States Senate,
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator:

I represent Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, an organization with several hundred members around the country and internationally who have reason to believe they are targeted with various non-lethal weapons. These targeted individuals suffer physical and psychological symptoms as a result of the remote manipulation. We seek your office's assistance in initiating hearings and a fact-finding congressional inquiry into the government agencies and/or private companies that are targeting citizens. Many citizens are desperate to be freed from the disturbing, intrusive and oppressive targeting.

Evidence supports the conclusion that weapons exist that could be used against individuals, based on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings, public releases by agencies, and other technologies that indicate the level of technological sophistication. The weapons are believed to be based on electromagnetism, microwaves, sonic waves, lasers and other types of directed energy, and were characterized as "psychotronic" in Rep. Dennis Kucinich's draft of House Resolution 2977, the Space Preservation Act of 2001. Furthermore, it is undeniable that government agencies have tested citizens without permission in the past; for example, the CIA's human experimentation discussed in Orlikow v. U.S., 682 F.Supp. 77 (D.D.C. 1988), secretly administered lysergic acid diethylamide discussed in United States v. Stanley, 483 U.S. 669 (1987), and military chemical experimentation as discussed in Congressional Committee Report 103-97, 103d Congress, 2d Session, S. Prt. 103-97 (Dec. 8, 1994). Lastly, the sheer numbers of people complaining of being targeted, including people with post-graduate degrees and a lifetime of achievements, and the similarities in symptoms tend to outweigh a dismissive response based on charges of anecdotal evidence or group paranoia.

Several plaintiffs or groups of plaintiffs have filed suits in the past levying similar charges of directed weaponry, but, to my knowledge, all have been dismissed due to immunity and state secret defenses, and the lack of evidence of a direct link to agencies or companies. It is difficult to legally prove targeting by psychotronic weapons when the perpetrators operate from remote, unseen locations and therefore the targeting can be dismissed as delusional. Given the wide scope of alleged targeting, there is a certain risk of sounding too conspiratorial, however, common denominators such as physical symptoms and medical reports, surveillance scenarios, harassment techniques, and more can be readily established.

Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance will gladly provide your office, and any legislator and investigator, reports from targeted individuals documenting instances of targeting, medical documentation, and recordings. This firm will provide research and investigation results upon request as well. We will diligently work with anyone willing to help. Please carefully consider convening hearings and an inquiry and collaborating with other legislators in an effort to uncover and stop this inhumane practice.

Very truly yours,
Jonathan Wilson
Attorney for Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance

The response of the letter
Derrick Robinson Wrote:

The Senate Judiciary office has informed us that we just need a letter from at least one senator requesting a congressional hearing to begin this process. What I would recommend now is that we follow-up this letter from our lawyer with in-person visits to our local Senate offices with requests for a hearing. We should carry this letter with us, along with Rep. Jim Guest's letter and other documentation. And follow-up further after this with phone calls.

I will also write a letter to which I'd like to attach the signatures of as many TI's as possible grouped by state, so each senator can easily see who are his/her constituents. All this will also be a topic for the Saturday night podcast.

1522 W. Warm Springs Rd
Henderson, Nevada 89014
Telephone: 702-471-6777
Fax: 702-531-6777


(4) Suggestions from Mr. Bob who have good knowledge on COINTELPRO

(1) the necessary evidence for bringing a lawsuit with Universal Jurisdiction is to pursue a winning legal strategy that begins with the reopening of a COINTELPRO investigation and
(2) the appointment of an independent special counsel with subpoena powers for obtaining classified government documents that show a specific harm to a specific person by a specific federal agent.

Instructions for preparing a COINTELPRO statement


(5) Joan Farr Heffington, C.E.O.
Association for Honest Attorneys
7145 Blueberry Lane, Derby, Kansas 67037
Ph: 316.788.0901

We have read some of the dialog going on between TIs and legal counsel concerning the Bioethics Commission and wanted to offer our opinion. If this email does not reach all the TIs on your list, please forward...

From all indications, this commission is only to give the appearance that they are doing something about the illegal surveillance/ targeting of innocent people. Our research and substantial evidence shows that the targeting of innocent people (in any form, whether it's by microwave surveillance/microchips/steroid cocktail mix IVs in the hospital) is the result
of National Security Letters (NSLs) that were legalized under the Patriot Act in 2001. Anyone with connections to a Washington insider or your state governor/attorney general can have one issued against a person at any time for any reason. We have evidence to show that NSLs were delivered to hospitals three times in 2007 in the Wichita, Kansas area by CIA  operatives/Blackwater contractors stationed at McConnell Air Force Base (read Case # 3 on our website under "Supporting Documents" - one woman was killed in the hospital using the steroid cocktail mix I.V.) NSLs are also delivered to banks if they want to get into your bank account, and this also flags employers not to hire you. Our research shows that anyone who fights the system in any way has an NSL against them. When a 22-year old boy working out at McConnell was targeted with H1N1 in Oct. 2009, we pushed for a Congressional inquiry and a false lawsuit was brought against me (personally) by our state attorney general for practicing law without a license. They do not want us to keep showing people how to file their own lawsuits because they know that numerous pro se suits are the only thing that works - they overload the system. You can talk til you're blue in the face, but a lawsuit is a written
record that forces them to respond (if they don't, you win by default judgment). A guide is on our website under "How to File a Federal Suit" with TI claims similar to Case # 3. You can take it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court by mail in three easy steps. Your best evidence is an affidavit from another TI who agrees with what happened to you, because it also happened to them. We have helped people with cases in the past and attached these as evidence, and this keeps the court from dismissing it as a frivolous suit. Don't let anyone tell you this is not good evidence - it is the BEST.

If what we are telling you is wrong, they wouldn't be trying so hard to put us out of business. But a top priority right now is to pressure your Congressmen/Senators to let the Patriot Act (or relevant portions) expire on May 27. Then they can no longer issue National Security Letters against innocent people. We also need a law in place, and that is why a Congressional inquiry is needed. If enough lawsuits are threatened, this can force them to address the issue so it is covered by mainstream media, as it should be...
"The answer to world peace is to eliminate arrogance."
Once passed in 2001, section 505 of the USA PATRIOT Act greatly expanded the use of the NSL, allowing their use in scrutiny of US residents, visitors, or US citizens who are not suspects in any criminal investigation. It also granted the privilege to other federal agencies, presumably to allow the department of Homeland Security the same ability to use NSLs. In January 2007 the New York Times reported that both the Pentagon and the CIA have been issuing National Security Letters.[6] The USA PATRIOT Act reauthorization statutes passed during the 109th Congress added specific penalties for non-compliance or disclosure.




(1) Free Lawyers 

Reprieve is possible to help victims, But writing emails to them will not receive replies, So victims have to visit their offices and talk to them individually.


(3) Some suggestions from France lawyerss

Summary report of Mr. Rudy (France) meeting with the lawyers in Paris

Only 3 lawyers turned up, the other 3 were held up at their offices at the last moment and briefly chatted with us on the phone.

1. They all know about the existence of various tecnological means which violate the fundamental human rights of innocent people , they know the existence of non lethal weapons and of highly sophisticated psychological pressures.

2. They do not have the slightest doubt about some governments' participation in influencing or even destroying the free will of some people.

3. They know that the exposure of such practices usually provokes sniggering and those who dare to complain are either made fun of or accused of paranoia.
Paranoia , of course, does exist and as it is characterized by an excessive mistrust of other people's acts or an excessive mistrust of power, it affects every social relationship and makes it possible to justify exclusion .

4. Utmost rigour and precision are therefore required when exposing the attacks on the victims' integrity, privacy and freedom of thought by invisible means. .
It is only by building up impeccable fact-files supported by official reports and scientific studies that public opinion worldwide can be sensitized and made aware of the problem.
It is only under these conditions of rigour and precision that the 3 lawyers present will agree to put the case for the defence.

The 3 lawyers all agreed on the following points:
Our difficulty is that we have practically no legal evidence of the attacks, so we have to make do with:
a) statistics
b) similarities in symptoms and experiences
c) similarities of torture cases
d) existence of weapons'patents
e) existence of the technology patents for the use of V2K
f) complicity of a number of psychiatrists worldwide
G) the highly probable involvement of many governments ( two lawyers referred to the example of helicopters and said that not many people can afford to maintain aircrafts. Flights are logged and the airspace they are in is recorded).
September 13, 2008
add 1 point: the 3 lawyers think that our first help should come from the parliamentarians, because they are the ones who make the laws.


Some lawyers suggestions on how to file a court case :


Some lawsuits filed by Soleilmavis

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someone deleted my previous reply!
Hell Soleilmavis:                     
I was reading this page, and I realized that hasn't been updated to a long time. and it goes back to 2009!!

the first attorney Gordon P. Erspamer, died of cancer!

(2) Jonathan O. Wilson, Not practicing and the website address, {please try it} directed to some shopping cart asking $789.00!!

1522 W. Warm Springs Rd
Henderson, Nevada 89014
Telephone: 702-471-6777  were very surprised that they name is listed on Peacepink, never heard of it!!
(5) Joan Farr Heffington, C.E.O.
Association for Honest Attorneys she is not an attorney and her website suggests to avoid any lawsuit, though she had one of her own for too long!

(1) Free Lawyers  god knows what they do, and there's no Rudy there.

I do appreciate the efforts for gathering information, but they should accurate and useful. Please update that page., By the way, I don't see the result of the lawsuit. I couldn't find any outcome for the only lawsuit with UN. I 'll appreciate the input.


thank you


Lawyer/Advocat Paola Mariani is engaged in many projects such as the Association CICAT (International Centre against the abuse of technology).

L'Avvocato Mariani Paola è impegnata in molti progetti come con l'associazione CICAT (Centro Internazionale contro l'abuso e l'abuso tecnologico).

web site , (The association was established in december 2010)

facebook :

It is an international center on the info. You can try to contact the center and see if this is serious.


as far as I am aware this has no direct association with the ICAACT that does RF scanning here

Yes Deca. :) It is my "play on words / wordplay".

  • ICAACT - International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (2012)

  • CICA-T - International Center against the abuse of Technologies (december 2010)

It is an Italian association. There are lawyers, but the website is empty after four years. :)
If do you want, you can to contact CICA-T and the lawyer Paola Mariani (dame)

I have highlighted a lawyer as in the title of the topic by SoleilMavis.

The name (acronym Cica-t) is significant. Perhaps, it is useful to test the association and forge ties.

The association is against microchip, voices to skull etc.
The President of CICAT is Sir Violet an activist against microchip mind kontrol etc. (sir - male)

He is also on the list mcmailteam.

Europe mcmailteam list: 242 Sir Violet (activist).

They are friends !!!  They are ... ... International :) Do you understund me? INTERNATIONAL!

desperate for any lawyer in the UK? not to fight the case.....just to get some ID documents/ papers would be a gr8 help....?

How to stop electronic mind reading but first you have to know real physics. Which is hidden from us. Physics which we learn at school is fake.

All this universe is made of 2 thing's. Force and matter. Its the force which controls matter.each matter got electron and proton. They are south pole and North pole . They are negative and positive is a lie. Even paper rubber got magnetic field but it's so much low. You need 5000 times powerful magnet than normal. This magnet can even lavitate water. Amazing isn't it.

Fake physics tells us in schools. Electron travels in conducter. And in iti collages electron vibrates. Electron got negative chage and proton got positive charge. Despite this they can't answer.
How lighting happens.
How battery generated electricity has magnetic field.
How kinetic energy works.
They can't answer this.

Well here's the real physics.
Electron neither travels nor vibrates but it spin on its axis.
If you spin electron you got travelling magnetic field.
Electricity is nothing but travelling magnetic field and in standing postion it is magnetic field.

This travelling magnetic field is EMF. That's why it can pass through anything.

Each Electron is south pole and each proton is north. Each Electron and each proton magnetic field depends on kind of material they are.iron got too much magnetic fields and other materials got low. Like copper aluminium etc.

Both this forces north and south pole always collides at centre. In single conducter respective of their side one moves above conducter and another at centre but in opposite side of each other.

To stop this EMF we need 3 mm of magnetize iron plate wrap it in normal iron plate.after put 1 mm of paper on it and put 2 layers of copper plate. Each one separated with paper. Then give alternating cutter to it ( I mean is alternating current). One copper plate should have negative ( south) signals and other copper plate should have positive (north) signal.

This negative ( south) and positive (north) generating circuit can be buit for just rs 250.

With this real physics students will become nuclear scientist in 10th standard. This is the reason they have hidden it. To stop forces you need forces. absorption won't work with forces.
This is about mind reading harressment. who's 1st name was Death ray. 2nd name x ray camera.3rd name ultra sound mind reading.and 4th name is Covid 19. Covid 19 symptoms and death ray symptoms are same.

Here how it goes
At first they have to scan your brain which is done. Either they comes to you as a neighbour or ask your neighbour to do that. They just have to upload your brain pattern after that your completely online. they watches you physically for 10 to 15 days. just to confirm its you . Main thing is this guys used your enemies to speake to you.
your brain is online through mobile TOWER and satellite. BUT ITS NOT GOVERNMENT DOING SOMEBODY USES THIS GOVERNMENT ACCESS FOR THERE OWN PROFIT. TOWER and satellite just give them TWO CHANNELS. 1st IS your visiual images in brain and which are thoughts and what you can see through your eyes. 2nd is infrared vision of your body. These creates two channels for them. One is viewing your visiual images in which they always speakes to you.
2 nd channels watches your infrared vision of your body and decides which part of your body to be burn down. or torcher you .Second channels is been divided in 5 or 6 way. So that whichever side you turn they can target their desire parts.
Sometimes whole area or state get to much high temperature. That is TOWER And satellite experimenting to control weather.
And the one you call voice to skull in reality every one near you can here it but they denies it. money and there family's welfare stops them.
Its easy to produce ultra sound. Its sound modulation.
1st What you Need is Frequency above 550 khz and above. mostly used is 2.4 ghz. These are good radiating frequency.
2nd you Need speaker.
3rd you Need frequency below 22khz. You can t shoot 550khz and above through speaker it won't work. to shoot this radiating frequency through speaker you Need sound frequency.which is 22khz below. With this sound Tone you can make more heat or BEAM. That's why PEOPLE hearTone in this thing without sound you won't be able to do anything.
And 4th you Need is EEG SOFTWARE.
This is not ultra sound original name is xray camera. Ultra sound name is used to cover this basterd dirtyness.

How universe is made of 2 things .one is matter and other is force. Electricity is force and not electron.

I am working on to stop this.
i am trying to repel frequency by combing iron steel and copper.especially magnetized iron. So what will happen they can try any will get repel.

2nd way get iron plate. Attached multiple magnet. Each one facing each other North and North. bring both this plate close to each other so that they should repel each other
And fix it. This should act as a repulsive force.

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