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major headaches--- non stop aspirin popping for days now

1:11-- forced speech right now and headache. Ive taken six aspirins since this morning, and Ive taken them non-stop for days now. They keep talking about (on the voice to skull) how they are "jealous of my facebook picture", over and over and over. My head is in a lot of pain but I dont want to go to the doctor and be told Im mentally ill again.  My brain is in a lot of pain, all over and esp on the right top side where it keeps landing, but it is all over and moves around . Also, just cooked some food and even though there is no one home, I found hair in the food-- I left the room for thirty second tops. There are several strange vans parked in front of the house. On the voice to skull, they keep talking about "Jackie Bulger and how he isnt happy with me and is jealous of my Facebook picture, and he "sleeps" in my Facebook picture"-- they keep saying this over and over and over, and like to talk about Everett, Ma all day and  night.  Also bad electronic starting last night at 12:33 am, and aso again at 8:30 am.  They keep burning my brain and skull badly, and moving my feet and burning my genital areas.  Its really bad torture. I forgot to put seasoning in my food and began eating it, another sign of cognitive problems and decline.  They repeat themselves all day and night, making statements that dont even make sense, and they dont speak proper english, either. One of their favorites is:"You would be EXACTLY right!!!!!!!!" ----it's not a recording, its actual live psychotic people repeating themselves. I'm afraid I will go to the doctor and they will tell me I "somehow" have a brain tumor or something.

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12:22 experiencing more bad electronic. It goes on all day, but gets worse at times, forced speech right now. V2k screaming and going on and on for two days about "Chelsea Clinton", of all people. I dont know why they keep referencing her. At one point, they were mentioning Hillary Clinton.  They seem more fixated on Chelsea though.  Just took MORE aspirins. I can clearly hear old italian men yelling and screaming, as if they are in a drug induced, delusional delierium.

They fly into hyper angry rages where they scream "S*** my ****!!!!" over and over. They are also moving all my limbs around. I can feel actual different parts of my skull and brain burning painfully ..... when will this end? When we are diagnosed with brain tumors? Maybe it is all a "secret experiment" but I still prefer to believe its just local lunatics with $$$$ from organized criminal groups. I just want it all to end, Im sick of being tortured horribly ..

asprin ... Ok well as I was tryin to post this it frooze so I was wondering if it would be ok to talk with you over the phone I don't think you should take anymore asprin for some reason my friends or family won't. So plz get in touch I can tell you why

Yah well, taking too much aspirin can cause your heart to beat too fast, can cause hyperventilation, can make you feel like you're hot, and can generally screw with your peripheral nerves and assorted other things.


Maybe switch to acetaminophen or naproxin, an ice bag or Tiger Balm.

It is from the electronics, I know the difference. Thx. Are you an electronics victim? Forced speech, ect?

Nobody would know the difference between the symptoms of chronic toxicity and DEW or co-existence of chronic toxicity unless they had lab tests done. Like for some recovering alcoholic TIs, they can cause that TI to drink and poison themselves with alcohol.


I believe my hearing impairment keeps me from being able to "hear" any type of microwave hearing effects, but I suspect ELF/VLF waves play a part.


In addition, I've had FBI agents at my door, following me by car, local police/sheriffs dept./state BI/JTTF follow me, harass me on the street with Terry stops, uniforms try to chat me up on the sidewalk, plain clothes making directed conversation in stores which I can stop by looking the other way so I don't 'hear' what they're mouthing..., and even in the human doctor's building where there is no vet they came with a dog just walking the hallway back and forth outside the dr. office where I was and followed me out...this was not a service dog for the handicapped. 


Where franko calls them punk thugs.....yup, tis true.


Take a stand against the cops at least. If it's not illegal where you live take pictures of them and just flip them off. I fly the bird freely, I take photos, I yell at them, I glare at them right back.


You said a cop harassed you, but you didn't say what he did. What did he do?

Same things they do to you, except they yell slurs at me and gesture at me. They get in lines in stores with me, follow me around the store, or generally linger around me all the time. Ive taped them and I take down the plates. Ive filed complaints, goes nowhere. I filed a complaint against the fire dept because one of them actually had the nerve to ring the doorbell, because I didnt go to the store at a designated time like I usually do, and she wanted to follow me. Stranger than fiction.

Yah, weird things do happen. Good you complain about stuff like that though.



I called and complained about one of the two FBI agents in particular who came to my house. The guy's a jerk.

Maybe he was trying to impress the other agent with how "in control" (obnoxious) he could be with talking to me like I'm stupid and retarded, not showing his credentials right away and not until I asked repeatedly, mocking me, not giving me his business card until I went to his car to get it from him, etc. - so I complained.


There was a third agent who was semi-irritating as well before Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumazz showed up at my house.  


Here's the good part -


I heard from someone else who got a home visit a few months later that the jerk showed up at their house with a completely different agent who did 99% of the talking, was professional, and the jerk only asked one it should be.


So you never know if your complaints are heard or taken seriously....but sometimes they are.... even if the powers that be can't or don't let you know.



It makes absolutely no sense for cops to be meeting us at every corner and harassing us, were innocent people and I in particular, live in a very high crime neighborood, possibly the highest  murder rate in the state. Crackheads abound here. I pretty much mind my own business. NO, I dont plan on living here for the rest of my life obviously! But it makes no sense for these cops to spend every waking hour trailing me, it is absurd. I have in the past called the fbi and been hung up on! I think now Im taken more seriously although I get the eerie feeling some still cant accept the forced speech is in fact a machine and not an illness. Its frustrating, they should have known this was coming, in my opinion.

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